Top 15 Things You Loved to Talk About in 2009

The Most Discussed WebProNews Stories of the Year

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Just as we did at the end of 2008, we have gone back through our entire archive for the year 2009 and picked out the articles that received the most conversation from our readers. As we approach the new year, we thought it would be fun to go back and reflect on some of the things that got people talking in the one that’s wrapping up.

Note: Please keep in mind that some of the articles are a bit outdated now as new developments have occurred throughout the year.


1. eBay Wants its Sellers Back

This article received the most commentary by far from WebProNews readers out of every article we produced this year.

2. Top 10 Frustrations for eBay Sellers

Another article on a related subject was also discussed frequently.

3. Does DMOZ Still Have a Place in Search?

Indicating that DMOZ is still definitely a topic worthy of discussion, DMOZ’s value was debated thoroughly in the comments on this article.

4. Do You Respect DMOZ After 11 Years?

DMOZ was also a hot topic after the company had its 11th birthday. It was quite interesting to find out what people thought after 11 years of the directory’s existence.

5. eBay Competitor Bonanzle Continues Big-Time Growth

As was made clear in a number of eBay articles we ran, a lot of users of that site were not very happy. Competitors took advantage. This was a look at the success of one competitor in particular.

6. House Says Bloggers Don’t Count As Journalists

The bloggers vs. journalists debate is always a hot one. Of course when the government gets involved with that debate, some heavy commentary will ensue.

7. Apple Fans Respond To The "Droid Does" Advertising Campaign

Apple fans love to talk. So do Apple haters. That point was very clear in the comments we received on this article.

8. Netbooks: Moving in Right Next Door to Useless

Mike ruffled some feathers with his criticism of the Netbook phenomenon. Although he certainly had plenty who agreed with his views.

9. Can eBay Win Back Sellers with a Shift in Focus?

eBay sparked some interest yet again when it announced its focus on the "secondary market".

10. eBay Unleashes Changes Galore for Sellers

Any time eBay makes changes that affect sellers, you can pretty much guarantee that people are going to talk.

11. Is MySpace Toast?

MySpace’s future is discussed as Facebook takes over as the dominant social network.

12. Google: Page Speed May Become a Ranking Factor in 2010

Google’s Matt Cutts dropped a hint that page speed may be considered as a ranking factor by the search engine soon. Some think this is a great idea, others think it’s horrible.

13. The AP’s Desperate Attempt To Outlaw Search Engine Links

A discussion about the Associated Press and fair use of content.

14. Murdoch On Blocking Search Engines: "I Think We Will"

News Corp. CEO Murdoch said some interesting things about how it plans to distribute its content in the future. This is still a hot topic.

15. Shocker: Facebookers Not Happy With Redesign

I’m sure you recall the big Facebook redesign. A lot of people are still bitter about it.

Looking back at some of these articles, it’s hard to believe they’ve all come from just this year. It’s amazing how much has happened in search, e-commerce, and social media. The rate at which everything changes and evolves is really quite astounding. I guess that can be attributed to the real-time nature in which we consume information now, and the sheer amount of content that is poured onto the web every minute of every day.

To get an idea of what I mean, just go to any of our tag pages and look back through our coverage of any given topic. Go to the Google tag, for example, and look at the enormous amount of things Google has been a part of this year alone.

Share your thoughts about 2009 here…

Top 15 Things You Loved to Talk About in 2009
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  • http://twitter.com/LisaMKerrDesign Lisa Kerr

    You asked, “Was this article interesting?” and I am responding, yes, it is. Thank you, it was very informative–I like to see a synopsis of trends gathered for a good amount of time, such as a year, or a decade. Good Job. Articles like this gather information, present it, and make it useful for others that like to take a look back and even consider what the trend may turn out to be,
    as in– it can be useful for quasi-predictions. Thanks again.

  • Makx

    Very good idea to summarize 2009 discussions!

  • http://www.controldatainc/com agency collection

    DMOZ?? I tried to get on it for over 2 years, is there anyone who actually answers e-mails?

  • dmdm

    Dmoz needs more and more volunteers. Human do it better.

  • http://www.xoteria.com Louis

    The internet has become a mainstay phenomenon because it is an even playing field for all users all over the world and all businesses as well, large and small. ATT, Comcast, Verizon and their mogul ilk aim to change that to suit their interest with tricks such as DNS blocking and “high road/low road” depending on Trump like corporate kickbacks. That is an urgent issue for everyone who uses any form of telecommunications.

  • Www.gamesruleonline.webs.com

    How do you put download things for screenmates on your site

  • http://www.barrywheeler.ca Barry Wheeler

    I think this list is pretty much spot on as to what the buzz is throughout the industry.

  • http://spartanseo.com Seattle SEO

    Surprised Google Caffeine didn’t make this list considering that it’s Google first major update in since Big Daddy in 2005/2006.

  • http://www.nickysb2b.com nickysb2b

    I think one of the more important areas of conversation this year will be SM and how they can apply to business branding

  • http://www.CompuNerds.Net Robert Hosken

    The big hit in 2010 will be “cloud computing,” and Google Chrome OS will wrap up 2010 in the fall by sucking millions of people into its “cloud.” The trend is clear: more and more apps are being written to run on servers, asking you, the user, to place your files on a distant remote server farm. Just trust them, they’ll keep your personal info safe and secure, “only you will know the 256-bit encrypted password” (but it’s gotta be kept somewhere on their server farm).

    Remember when tricky Dick Nixon said – “Trust me”? NOT! Remember the Google motto – “do no evil”? NOT! This is la-la land, do go there, do not collect $200, do not drink the Kool-Aid! See our latest e-newsletter at http://www.CompuNerds.Net/CNN-News/

  • http://www.fosteronlinemoney.com Den

    I loved your post Top 10 Frustrations for eBay Sellers and articles on Dmoz very much. and its nice to see a compilation of my favorites once again in this page. Thanks for publishing it in short n sweet way

  • http://www.Kratom-world.com Kratom

    Love em all.

  • http://www.businesslearning4life.com Justice

    I would like to see more information on List Building, Boosting Sales & Attracting more customers for beginners.

  • http://www.controldatanic.com collection

    I had forgotten about ebay wanting its sellers back, lol .

  • http://www.simplebloggertutorials.com/ Blogger Tutorials

    Google’s Matt Cutts dropped a hint that page speed may be considered as a ranking factor by the search engine soon.

    If it do really happen, then we have to forget the styles and remove the widgets! Now that’s serious!

  • http://thepilatesbiz thepilatesbiz

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