Top 10 Photo/Video Categories on Twitter

    September 1, 2009
    Chris Crum

The numbers show that Twitterers sent out less Tweets in August, but there is still plenty of Tweeting going around. In fact, Twitter has even surpassed MySpace in the UK, in terms of visits.

"Twitter is estimated to have between 35-45 million users worldwide that access the site on a daily basis to share their life as it happens," a representative for Yfrog tells WebProNews.

Yfrog is of course, a service that lets Twitterers share videos and photos on the social network. Today they have released a top ten list of the types of media most commonly shared on Twitter. They say this is a good way to gain insight into the Twitter Universe.


Yfrog’s Top 10 Twitter Photo and Video Topics

1. Faces, people and self portraits
2. Food
3. Whereabouts (restaurants, beaches, stuck in traffic, etc.
4. Tattoos and body art
5. Cars
6. Beer and cocktails
7. Pets
8. Babies and children
9. Live event: concert, game
10. Video games and iPhone screengrabs

I suppose one could think of this in a similar sense as they would Twitter’s trending topics. Those are specific topics that are "hot" on Twitter, and these are kind of a reflection about what people are sharing on a more personal level.

Of course, Yfrog has its own list of search trends as well, that provides image/video posts from people on hot topics.