Top 10 Facebook Apps

    August 1, 2007

OK, the TechCrunch interns tell us about their top 10 favorite Facebook applications. Now, since the interns are 20-somethings I expected that I’d have a different take on what we needed and so I talked through it on my channel.

Here’s the TechCrunch Intern’s apps:

1. iLike (music app).

2. Graffiti (way to draw little lame cartoons on your Facebook profile).

3. Where I’ve Been (a way to brag to your friends that you’ve been to more countries than they have).

4. Zoho Online Office (a way to share Zoho’s apps with your friends).

5. Fantasy Stock Exchange (fun game, I wonder which stocks they are picking).

6. Flickr Photos.

7. Honesty Box. (A way to send anonymous messages. I already have comments on my blog for that reason.)

8. files. Useful way to share files.

9. Superpoke. A serious 40 something wouldn’t be caught dead pinching, hugging, tickling his friends.

10. Friend match. 40 somethings don’t need more friends.

11. Bonus: TechCrunch.

My favorite Facebook apps:

1. Google Reader Shared Items. This is way more useful for those who read a lot of feeds. Plus it shows you who has the most popular blog posts in the past few hours.

2. Twitter/Pownce/Jaiku apps. Pick the one you’re on. That lets your Facebook readers keep up with you, no matter where you post.

3. The video application. Lets you send video messages to all your friends from your computer’s webcam.

4. You see it here on this post (if you’re reading on my blog — lots of feed readers strip it out). But you also see the same thing on Facebook. You can chat with people live there on that app too.

5. BlogTips. If you’re looking to blog better, use this app.

6. Upcoming Calendar app. Come on, don’t 20-somethings have to keep track of all the events that are coming their way?

7. Blog Friends. Don’t the interns have any friends with blogs? This is how you track them.

8. WordPress. If you blog on WordPress or, this is the app for you. Shows your posts AND your comments. I thought every 20-something had a WordPress blog?

9. This isn’t important to everyone (who here other than Chris Pirillo has a streaming video show). But I included it here cause I have to wonder about a 20 something who isn’t into streaming video. Don’t you guys watch

10. SkypeMe. Lets you use Skype to call me.

11. FaceReviews. It’s a Website that reviews Facebook applications.

12. iLike. Hey, at least we matched up on that one and the Zoho one (although I don’t have any Zoho stuff I want to share publicly yet).

What do you think? Which Facebook apps are you using, if you’re on Facebook?

I don’t add any of the silly ones, so don’t tell me about the Ninja app or anything like that.