Toon Boom Studio V3 Showcased at MIFA 2005

    June 6, 2005

Toon Boom Animation announced today Toon Boom Studio V3 will be showcased at MIFA 2005, in Annecy, France. A Pre-Launch Special at $ 299.99 US is now offered to order Toon Boom Studio V3 before it is available and take advantage of a significant discount.

Toon Boom Studio V3 enables users to build animations the easy way — select artworks from existing libraries and animate using motion paths. Its features facilitate and simplify the creation of cartoon animation projects:

* The New Free Transform tool enables users to apply any combinations of scaling, rotation, skewing to animate faster

* Users can also add text for effective communication in web presentations, comic strips and more

* Automated lip sync tools allow fast sound track synchronization

* Improved sound scrubbing enables accurate adjustments to the lip synchronization

* Users can animate with key frames and use interpolation to create animation faster

* The library enables users to save drawings, animation cycles and motions for reuse

* The time line makes it easy to organize layers, set the timing and attach motion paths to elements

* Cell-swapping and templates add even more speed to cartoon creation

* Users can easily create dollys, trucks, zooms, and other eye-catching camera moves, with the 3D space and camera

Toon Boom Studio V3 brings significant improvements to animation keyframing, asset reuse and lip synchronization — empowering artists to make better animations. In addition, this latest release offers a simplified user interface with Drawing and Sceneplanning modes unified into one single mode.

Until V3 is officially released, customers will receive a license key for Toon Boom Studio V2.5 so that they can download and use the software right away. When V3 is released, customers will receive a new license key to download the version they ordered. All orders that require shipping will be done only when the Toon Boom Studio V3 documentation and back-up CD are ready to be shipped in July.

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