Peer Review Results

    July 3, 2003

What did DevWebPro readers have to say about Read on to find out. You’ll find some great tips for your own site, including tips on navigation – some written by professional Web designers.

Reorganize Navigation
Sorry, but your navigation drove me nuts.
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Emphasize What’s Important
My first impression of is it is an attempt to be like,, and other dot.coms. The only people that are concerned with whether a business has a physical location are those that have an interest in being touchy-feely. The general population realize that what they want are great prices.
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Simplify Navigation
The overall site design loaded quickly, and the aesthetics of the site weren’t too bad. The only comments I have are:
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Consistent Linking
Kevin needs to have his links consistent on each and every page. On some of the pages his categories are not there. I had to back page a long while to get back to it.
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Reorganize For Clarity
You may need rename or rearrange things a bit. For instance
– Logon item in top menu could have been called Login
– Sales item in top menu could have appeared before Shopping Cart
– Shopping Cart should not be first.
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Reorganize Links To Grab Attention
On the whole I think the site is laid out well, is functional and simple, however there are a few niggles that I have about it. The site loads nice and quickly and only needs a few minor changes.
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Needs An Identity
First and foremost the box called categories changed size on load up nearly causing me to jump out of the page.
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Marketing Needs Work
The initial format is fine, but I found the marketing aspects of the site lacking.
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Fix Confusing Elements
I have been reading DevPro for a while and saw some of these page reviews, and thought I’d like to get my sites in there for review at some stage, but decided I’d better do some reviews .. tit for tat and all that.
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Retool Navigation
On first glance, and during the initial loading of the site, (approx 1 minute) the “left column” overlaps onto the main body of the page, which was a little disconcerting for about a minute or so (Looking at the site through a 56Kbs modem connection) but then pops into place with no overlaps once fully loaded. That was a relief! Once all the java is loaded moving around your site is pretty quick.
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Assorted Short Comments
Short comments on sites are also welcome, so long as they’re on topic. You can read them here.
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Peer reviewers volunteer their time and effort to help other site owners with their websites. Please take time to visit this reviewer’s site and say that you think what they’re doing is valuable to the web business community. If you’d like your site reviewed, send an email to