Tool Monitors Google’s Datacenters

    April 30, 2004

If you’re an algoholic who can’t stop watching Google’s algorithm, then there’s a good chance you watch their datacenters closely. Here’s a program that will let you monitor them from your desktop so you can quit searching the datacenters individually to see if there’s an update coming.

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New Tool Feeds Algoholic Addictions...
New Tool Feeds Algoholic Addictions…

From SEO optimization firm xseo comes Dancer, a datacenter monitor that will keep you notified of any changes. “It compares each server with the first; if different it changes the dot from red to another colour.”

You can set it to monitor the datacenters for any term as well as a site and the program will let you know the ranking every 10 minutes (do you think you can wait that long?).

According to the site, “a low competition Search Term results in the servers’ aligning more quickly, using a high competition Search Term gives a more sensitive “dance” detector.”

Read about the download here.

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