Tony Stewart Grieving Death Of Kevin Ward, Investigation Continues

    August 25, 2014
    Val Powell
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Race car driver Tony Stewart is reportedly grieving for the death of fellow racer Kevin Ward Jr., the young man he hit with his sprint car as Ward walked onto the track after a wreck. The accident happened on August 9 at a sprint-car race event in Canandaigua Motorsports Park in upstate New York.

Since the accident, Stewart has missed three NASCAR races, with Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) giving the statement that his grief over Ward’s death is proving too much for him to race. Although the Ontario County (New York) Sheriff’s Department, which is investigating the case, stated earlier that no facts have surfaced that could give probable cause for criminal charges, the investigation has yet to conclude whether Stewart was at fault or it was an accident.

Meanwhile, Greg Zipadelli, vice president of competition at SHR, is overseeing the team for Stewart’s No. 14 entry at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, along with SHR’s No. 4 of Kevin Harvick, the No. 10 of Danica Patrick and the No. 41 of Kurt Busch. Zipadelli is holding the team together and not sure when Stewart will be back behind the wheel.

“We do the best we can with what we’ve got right now. We’ll keep praying, keep our fingers crossed that we get the boss back sooner rather than later,” Zipadelli said.

Driver Jeff Burton filled in for Stewart in the first two races after the accident, and Regan Smith drove during the race at Watkins Glen over the last weekend. According to Zipadelli, Burton has been a big help to the team as they’ve been dealing with the consequences of Stewart’s accident in the last few weeks.

“This team needed that, somebody that would be there for them and work through these tough times,” said Zipadelli of Burton.

  • Justin

    Regan Smith filled in the first race at Watkins Glen….Jeff Burton drove the last 2.

  • toddbook

    So many people are quick to judge Tony Stewart and say he tried to hit Ward or “buzz” by him. That look at the video and make some ridiculous assumption about which way he turned the wheels or revved the engine. He has been known to be a “hothead” so that leads to murder? Ward Jr was obviously a “hothead” does that mean he was going to try and murder Stewart. I don’t mean any disrespect to Kevin Ward Jr or his family, it’s a real tragedy but people need to hold off on murder accusations.

    • Sensibleguy

      Nobody is saying “murder”. The question is “was he at fault?”

      If some person driving the streets were texting, paying no attention to the road, and subsequently ran over someone, are they at fault? Murder and at fault or not the same thing.

      • Maggie Eckard

        No comparison, this was a dirt track in a sprint car. Totally different from a nascar track or street driving. A tragic accident, nothing more.

      • toddbook

        You may be not saying “murder” but plenty of people are.

        As Maggie Eckard said. “No Comparison”. “Was he at fault”? That’s the question. It is unclear despite all of the so called “experts” that can give a definitive answer from the few seconds on video.

        It’s certainly not like “driving the streets” texting. This is a dirt race track with many vehicles all over the track at high speeds. One driver decided to get out of his vehicle and stomp angrily to the middle of the track to confront a driver he thought wiped him out. He was then almost hit by one car then took another step towards the middle before what happened next. Some say he was hit, others say he jumped onto the wing of Stewart’s car. Stewart was certainly not “texting”. The question is “when” and “if” he saw Ward Jr, who was wearing mostly black and a black helmet on a low lit track at night.

        The video to me shows no definite proof of anything proving it was intentional or that Stewart was at fault in any way. There may be other evidence to prove otherwise but calling this anything but a tragic accident without more proof is irresponsible.

    • dcaseng .

      If there is anyone being quick to judge it is YOU. You are automatically defending him in SPITE of the obvious revving of the engine and the fact that he was the ONLY car to turn TOWARDS Ward.
      You are also completely ignoring Stewart’s history of being short tempered and confrontational. Ward is the most responsible for going that far out onto the track, but Stewart’s wannabe tough guy act has finally caught up with him.
      I’m sure he’s going to get off, but it’s pretty clear he didn’t make ANY attempt to avoid this incident. I believe he made a split second decision to “scare Ward and lost control of the car. That’s NEGLIGENT homicide.
      I’m sure he’s really sorry about it now, but he is historically someone who looks for confrontations.

      • Maggie Eckard

        Are you crazy? You know nothing about dirt track racing obviously. Yes it was a tragic accident but your comments show ignorance. Before condeming someone, get all the facts. You werent there. When Earnhardt Sr was killed on track, was it Ken Schreders fault or Morgan Shepards fault for putting him into the wall and killing him? No, it was an accident. Get your facts bud.

      • etch

        well you would be wrong. probably not the first time either

      • toddbook

        Apparently you don’t comprehend very well.

        I didn’t make any assumptions of innocence or guilt for either. I didn’t defend Stewart in the least. I said people need to hold off on murder accusations. There is no absolute proof of innocence or guilt on Stewart’s part on that video. You are the one making the judgements.

        Ignoring “short tempered”, not at all. I clearly stated that because Stewart has been “known” to be a “hothead” does not mean he is a murderer. Ward Jr. certainly proved in that video he is a “hothead” does that mean he was capable of murder? No. As it doesn’t mean Stewart is capable of murder either.

        If there is some actual proof ( not your assumptions ) that Stewart had intended to scare or harm Ward Jr., he should be held accountable. I am saying people need to hold off on judging either way until the investigation is over. Sorry you can’t understand that.

      • Unique Graphics

        Watch the video Stewart did not swerve towards him his car went right on impact as Ward was struck by his tire. I dont believe there is a race car driver out there that would intentional harm any other driver. This is a dangerous sport. They all sign a waver at every race at every track.

    • Maggie Eckard

      Absolutely correct toddbook

  • Don

    dcaseng, You’re an idiot! Nothing more than a pathetic little person who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Now go out and drink some more.