Tony Dungy: Is He Being Interviewed by The Lions?


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Apparently, former coach for the Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tony Dungy, is on his way to Detroit, but it's for what you may think. As soon as word got out that Dungy was making the trip, many believed that he was interviewing for the Lions' head coaching position, but he quickly shot that down.

In a text message Dungy said the trip wasn't related to football, however some folks are still skeptical. And why? Because just last week the 58-year old said if he did go back to coaching, it would be for the Detroit Lions. Currently, Dungy is a football commentator for NBC's "Football Night in America."

"That's the job I would want," he said, referring to the Lions coaching job. "I think they're closest to the Super Bowl. You look for a franchise quarterback in this day and age, you want to have a passing game because this game is all about passing, and you want people who can rush the passer and protect the lead. Detroit's got all that."

In addition, Dungy said that he's often called to do consultation for a few NFL teams, and during the consultation meetings, he's immediately asked if he'd be interested in a coaching job, but he quickly turns it down. But he said the Lions coaching job would be the one he'd choose for a number of reasons, and he said that he likes team owner Bill Ford.

Dungy said he'd play coach for Ford because he doesn't seem to meddle with the day-to-day coaching decisions, which most coaches can't stand. "He's not gonna come in and tell you to play this guy, cut this guy, draft this guy. It's a perfect situation. If I was ever coming back it would be for that job." Plus, Dungy said he really likes the NFC North division. "They've got everything they need, and the division, eight wins won the division this year, so you're in the right division."

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