Tom Westman Wins Survivor

    May 15, 2005

Tom Westman, the 41 year old grey haired firefighter from Brooklyn won this years Survivor in what appears to be a blow out.

Tonight on CBS Survivor host Jeff Probst only had to read five votes with four of them going to Tom Westman. It was apparent based on the producers of the shows quest for drama that second place finisher Katie Gallagher only received one vote. Based on the handwriting, that one vote came from Coby Archa, this years openly gay Survivor.

Tom and Katy reached the simi finals by standing at the stunning end of a challenge that also featured Ian Rosenberger. The challeng was simple … the three Survivor contestants had to stand on a small piece of wood in the middle of a wood pole that was placed in the ocean. The three were standing about 5 feet above the water. Katy relented and jumped in the sea after several hours into the challenge.

Then it got interesting… On the eleventh hour Ian made a deal to lose the game with Tom. If Tom promised to vote him off and keep Katy he would jump in the water. Tom quickly agreed. Ian’s motive was to restore his integrity that he felt he lost on the previous Survivor episode.

One wonders if Ian forgot that this was a game for a million dollars!

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