Tom Guiry, Star of "The Sandlot," Headbutts Cop


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You’re killing me, Tom Guiry. By which, I mean “you’re killing me, Smalls.”

For anyone not around for the 1993 baseball classic “The Sandlot,” that intro might ring hollow. But for those of us who associate any feeling of guilt or dread with the loss of a Babe Ruth-autographed baseball, it will be worth knowing that Tom Guiry, a.k.a. Scotty Smalls, just got picked up for head-butting a cop. After being ushered out of a United Airlines plane at Bush International Airport for being too drunk to fly, Guiry apparently head-butted the officer handling him.

I guess once you’ve faced down “the Beast,” a pesky airport cop isn’t so scary.

This may all be a bit obscure for those who haven’t come to know and love the film with which Guiry is most associated (for what it’s worth, he was also in “Black Hawk Down,” “Mystic River,” and nearly every iteration of Law and Order). “The Sandlot” was a film about a kid named Scotty Smalls trying to find his place in his neighborhood sandlot baseball game. His new stepfather was a memorabilia collector who possessed a Babe Ruth-autographed baseball. One day, Smalls’ buddies are short a ball and Smalls brought the Ruth ball into play. The ball was promptly homered into the yard of a vicious dog, and the rest of the film centered on a bunch of kids trying to steal the priceless artifact from “the Beast.” If you’ve ever been confused by hearing someone say the word “forever” in three distinct, drawn-out syllables (i.e., for-ev-er), you can credit “The Sandlot,” because once something goes into the Beast’s yard, it’s gone for-ev-er.

It took James Earl Jones to get the Ruth ball out of trouble. Maybe he can find a way to bail out Scotty Smalls one more time.