Tom Cruise Star Wars Cameo Rumor Blows Up Web

    June 25, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Star Wars fans are a rabid bunch. Say what you want about Trekkies, with their in-depth commitment to and knowledge of all things Vulcan. Learning to speak Klingon is one level of nuts. Getting into a fight with Doctor Who fans is a much more visceral thing.

Now, pair that with the polarizing effects of Tom Cruise. Rumor has been floating around for days that Tom Cruise is in talks with J.J. Abrams for a cameo in Star Wars: Episode VII.

The whole thing seems to have launched when Cruise and Abrams met for dinner. Put that against the backdrop of Harrison Ford’s recent on-set injury, and the tweets nearly wrote themselves by the time the check came to the table.

Cruise and Abrams have been friends ever since Abrams directed Cruise in Mission: Impossible III. Their prior relationship only fanned the flames of fan flaming.

Scientology jokes were not far behind.

But everyone can now relax. A rep for Cruise has told ET Canada that the rumor is “pure fiction”.

He was a little short to be a storm trooper, anyway.

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  • ColorMePurple

    Thank you to the people with a brain who decided Tom Cruise in a Star Wars movie would be a disaster. I don’t know if anyone else agrees or not, but Cruise has not been a popular choice for theatre goers for several years now. Rumors of him basically holding Katie hostage the last few years of their marriage turned a lot of people off of him. For me, he lost his appeal when his ego became as big as the budgets to his films. I have not watched a TC movie since Jerry Maguire and I don’t plan to watch one in the future, either.

  • http://umbraxenu.no-ip.biz/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page RMycroft

    During the Star Trek reboot in 2007, Cruise’s PR people planted the rumour that he was going to play Captain Pike, and then denied the rumor as “pure fiction”.

    Rise. Repeat.

    I guess when your big budget action film gets beat by a chick-flick, you have work to keep the buzz going.