Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce; Another Woman Involved?

    June 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are officially calling it quits after just five years of marriage and the conception of (apparently) the most adorable, fascinating chid on the planet.

It actually seems like much longer than five years ago that Tom jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch like a maniac and declared his love for Katie, who is several years his junior. Their relationship was a tabloid editor’s dream, and has been fodder for them ever since.

The couple haven’t been seen out together much recently, and Katie reportedly didn’t attend any of the “Rock Of Ages” premieres with her husband. The details on the divorce are scarce at the moment, but obviously they had a prenup. Katie’s attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, said that, of course, her first concern is Suri.

“Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest,” he confirmed.

While everyone is staying tight-lipped about the situation, Tom was spotted recently in Iceland–where he’s shooting a film, “Oblivion”–with an unidentified woman. Rumors are flying that she could be the reason for the split.

Image credit: TMZ

Whatever the reason, let’s hope Cruise doesn’t go as crazy during the divorce as he did during their courtship.

  • carol h.

    Evidently Cruise gave her the best five years of his life. This guy has had three tries to stay married. He has not been able to do it. I bet he never will. Anyone married that often just does not have what it takes for an ongoing, monogamous relationship.

    With Kidman, he kissed her good bye one morning and minutes later someone served her with divorce papers. Some class this guy has. It is said her shock was considerable. Anyone getting involved with a three time loser, should not be surprised when it happens to her.

  • Laurie

    Guess that says alot for Scientology doesn’t it?

  • julia

    Another woman? Are you kidding?

    I’d wager that she’s simply tired of his controlling, narcissistic nature. He’s domineering, and greatly overestimates his own intelligence, and talent.

    Why wouldn’t she leave?

    Time will tell if she chooses better next time.
    I wish her the best. He’s a short, bad tempered, silly a**.

    • http://yahoo sharon

      how do you know this, do you know him personally or are you judging him based on the tabloids, did you go to church today?

      • Molly

        Ya lost me at the church question…

  • Kaylee

    I wondered how long she would stay with this little terrible man.
    The girls in his life had a life and that is as low as any man
    can be. Each person has a life to love, make their mind on what they
    want and what they should do. All these girls were good to good for him

  • Phyllis Ferris

    Now we know why she wants sole custody of Suri. She wants total control over how that child is raised

    • Molly

      Of course she does. All parents do! Duh. Especially when the other decisionmaker is crazy.

      • Phyllis Ferris

        Duh, Duh, All good mothers do. There are plenty of the others in this world. She wants her away from Scientology.Katie is frightened to death of both Tom and his religion. She was smart to do it the way she did.

  • http://yahoo.com ellie

    they seem like faux marriages to me–but what am i missing could it be he prefers men?

  • Karen

    The photo’s of the smiling Cruise and Beckham family’s having a nice night out have not seen print in about 2 years. In fact in the last 2 years you often see Suri with Mom in Florida or New York but very seldom is Dad in the picture. Katie lost her smile a long time ago. When they married every picture of them she had a smile that would lite up the world. No more. When Oprah came to visit him in Colorado, Katie was out with the kids? She appeared for about 60 seconds before the shoot wrapped. Did he forget to tell her Oprah was coming? Did he not want her to share his interview? Does he require his Spouse disappear while he gives an interview? No, there’s been something wrong for a long time! And interestingly Nicole lost her smile to while she was married to him. She got it back! Katie will have it back to. The best to her and her child. He will go on making the same mistakes as he has in all his marriages. There’s a reason these women aren’t happy with Mr. Cruise, and proprably it’s the same reason for all of them!

  • David

    The man is without a moral conscience. And — he is a Scientologist. Do the math.

  • http://webpronews.com t_ballcajun

    Me thinks Mr Cruise is gay. He and Travolta might be bopping bolognas (together).