Toddler: Heroin Found By Daycare Workers In Coat

    March 12, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Of all the things a daycare worker was expecting to find in a toddler’s jacket, heroin was quite possibly the last thing.

On Monday things took a turn for the unexpected after an employee at a child care center in Patterson, New Jersey found an astonishing 48 packets of heroin in a toddler’s coat.

Paterson Police Lieutenant Bert Ribeiro said the startled individual soon after called the police. After a bit of investigating, it was determined by law enforcement officials that the father had brought the two-year-old to the daycare center.

The boy’s father has since been identified as Phillip Young. The 27-year-old was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

According to police, there is no indication that the child was ever aware that there were drugs in his jacket. It’s fortunate that the young child managed to avoid taking the drugs and causing himself potentially fatal harm.

The toddler’s father is currently being held on $85,000 bail.

As unfortunate as this case is, it’s not the only known incident of drugs being found in a situation that could have jeopardized children.

In January of this year, two different McDonald’s employees were busted using Happy Meals as a means of getting heroin to customers. One woman, Shania Dennis, had even instructed her customers to get the drugs by asking for a toy. Imagine the surprise on a parent’s face if they unintentionally found themselves purchasing smack when all they really wanted was the latest Mattel toy for their kid.

What’s especially startling about the incidents being around children or items sold to children is that there is a lethal batch of heroin being sold in the area. Nearly a dozen people have been reported to have died due to the mixture of drugs.

In the case of the heroin found on the toddler at the New Jersey daycare, it is not yet known if the batch has any connection to the dangerous fentanyl-laced heroin that has been sold in the region.

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  • Chuck the chuck

    Anyone surprised? Really? Check the six o’clock news for about three days and you will see it is typical with these people. Shootings, stabbings, fighting, robbery, drugs, drunk, loud, brash, macho bull scat, bad to da bone mu fu! Racist? Nah, that is your way of diverting the truth. I can see and I see it all the time.

    • sean

      You are such a fool, heroin use is up 90% in the white community so get off your high horse your race is not better, not to mention all the red neck cocaine you guys love on a regular basis.

  • Susan Brereton

    Hey junkies– You want to kill yourselves! Go ahead & do it! The world’s a better place without you in it! But don’t whine that you want us to legalize your drug addiction or pay for your rehab!! Anybody caught breaking the law (stealing/pimping/endangering a child), while under drug influence or acting to maintain a drug habit, should get the maximum possible sentence. No mercy! We know white kids are junkies just like black kids & hispanics! You’re all a bunch of losers! If you bother the rest of society with your stupidity, I say bring the hammer down hard!

  • 2eREP

    Now wait a minute! This “Father” looks like a perfectly innocent guy. Have the police checked to see if this kid scored the horse on his own and was in fact taking it to day care to sell to his classmates?