Sued By Anna Nicole Smith’s Mom

By: Mike Sachoff - April 24, 2008

Anna Nicole Smith’s mother Virgie Arthur is suing online celebrity news site along with a number of other media outlets alleging she was defamed.

Arthur alleges in a lawsuit filed in Texas state court on Monday that Smith’s lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern and others created a fictitious story that she was the mother of her stepbrother’s child to try and hurt her chances of getting custody of granddaughter Dannielynn.

“Their goal was simple and straightforward — to ‘destroy’ anyone that was opposed to Howard K. Stern or his interest," the lawsuit said.

Defendants named in the lawsuit include TMZ managing editor, Harvey Levin, Smith’s companion, Howard K. Stern and his sister Bonnie Stern, and television journalist Art Harris, who runs The Bald Truth Blog and three Texas bloggers.

The lawsuit stems from a story titled “Virgie Has Son with Her Stepbrother” that was published last April on

TMZ has not commented on the lawsuit. Lyndal Harrington one of the bloggers named in the suit said, “I’ve expressed how hard it has been for me to find an attorney to stand up for my First Amendment rights,” according to the Houston Chronicle. "This is to intimidate us to stop writing."

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  • yougotit

    I guess Virgie couldn’t get any money off or from Anna Nicole Smith when she was a live, so I guess she is trying to cash in on her dead daughters fame and name!

    • NoodleMonkey


  • Guest

    Virgie needs to let it go she is too freakin obsested of the baby and
    the money she doesn’t give a damn about her grandchild she only
    cares about herself and getting money out of something!

    Dannielynn, is with her father and Larry is doing a magnificent job
    raising her there are times he lets Dannielynn be photographed
    but I have seen quit a few pictures were he is covering her face
    from being photographed so I think he is doing a wonderful job
    and is a loving and carring father!