TiVo To Offer Downloadable Programming

    August 12, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

For all you TiVo lovers out there, the company has inked a deal with the Independent Film Channel to transmit programs to set-top boxes via broadband Internet connections. Even cooler, subscribers can download shows even before they’re scheduled to air.

Currently, this is a trial program applying to only a select group of volunteer customers. The trial will begin next week.

“Content on demand has long been a holy grail for Internet and cable companies as they try to create the next generation of television. No one yet has found a way to overcome key technological hurdles, such as finding a speedy way to pump two-hour movies through broadband, or convince Hollywood that it can profit from Internet broadcasts,” says AP tech writer, Greg Sandoval.

The move is another indicator of the future blending of TV and Internet. Recent studies show that simultaneous TV viewing and Internet surfing is on a significant upswing as broadband becomes more prominent in the US.

Recent figures have indicated that broadband Internet users are watching 2 fewer hours of TV a week than those without. Universal McCann reported in January that simultaneous TV viewing and Internet use jumped from 174 simultaneous minutes per week in 2001 to an average of 300 simultaneous minutes per week in 2004.

If the test is successful and connections capable enough, we will likely see an increase in this type of offering.