Titanfall's Multiplayer Mode Previewed at Gamescom


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It's important to keep objectivity when doing these reports, but after watching that 4-plus minutes of Titanfall footage, it's hard not to get excited and throw the detached writer approach directly out of the window. Obviously, you don't want to come across as a fanboy or worse, a paid reviewer who's opinion can be bought and sold; but sometimes, what you're seeing looks so good, it's hard not to jump to conclusions about a game that hasn't even been released yet. After showing off their new trailer at Gamescom, the already high hype meter for Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall looks like it's skyrocketing.

Add me into the group of believers in what's coming in early 2014.

While rooted in the FPS Deathmatch presentation, Titanfall looks to be offering so much more. There is, of course, the ability to control mechs, or titans, and judging by the preview, these can either be piloted, ridden, or used as a supporting teammate. As for the action, well, it looks pretty damn intense. From the looks of it, multiplayer games will be full of mechs and armored players going against each other in balls out fashion. I, and judging by the YouTube comments, many others are excited about what we're seeing from Respawn Entertainment. Here's one that captures the mood quite well:

Benjamin Careggio
This will be the best game of the decade hands down better than halo better than call of duty easily

While that remains to be seen, Benjamin's sentiment is shared by many who have watched this particular preview. Titanfall will be out on Xbox One and PC in 2014.

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