Tish Cyrus Taught Miley How to Stick That Tongue Out

    October 9, 2013
    Emily Greene
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Miley Cyrus may have gotten the singing gene from her daddy Billy Ray, but she got her signature tongue-out-pose from her momma.

After performing on Today Monday morning, Miley and her mom Tish took a photo together, and Tish was the one with her tongue sticking out.

It’s a which came first, the chicken or the egg, situation. Did Tish teach Miley how to stick her tongue out, or did Miley teach Tish? I’m going with the latter.

It’s been a Miley-heavy past few days, with her documentary, Miley: The Movement airing on MTV on both Wednesday, October 2 and Thursday, October 3. Then the “We Can’t Stop” singer hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live. Cyrus was then interviewed and performed on Today on Monday, promoting her new album Bangerz, which was released on Tuesday, October 8.

Since Miley’s VMA performance, she has been criticized by so many, some worried where her parents were during this time.

Tish asked and answered that question herself during the MTV documentary, “Anyone that’s ever said, ‘Where’s her mother?’ Right beside her—through good, through bad, through arguments, through crying, through I don’t care what—right there.”

No matter what Miley has been doing lately, her mom is still proud of her. And Tish has taken to her Twitter to let everyone know just how proud she is of Miley.

Miley further explains her relationship with her mom in the documentary, saying, “My mom is my homie. If I win, she wins. Not because she’s my manager — because she’s my mom.”

During her interview with Matt Lauer on Monday, Miley shared her relationship with her parents, “My parents have always just been about being really who you are and figuring that out. What’s good about that is, I trust them a lot. I can go to them about pretty much anything. A lot of kids have to hide things from their parents and I don’t have to because my parents are just accepting.” She added, “That’s what real love is. It’s unconditional, and unconditional means that it doesn’t depend on what you’re doing. That means they love you no matter what, and that’s what parents are supposed to do.”

You can watch Miley perform her most recent single, “Wrecking Ball,” on Today in the video below.

[Image via Tish Cyrus’ official Twitter account.]

  • http://gravatar.com/catw1958 Cathy Stanfill

    Sticking your tongue out is not something to be proud of!! Most moms teach you something you can be proud of. Guess you cant expect much more from her though!

    • @Cathy

      Says the woman who probably bought her daughter a ton of Hannah Montana things. Where were you when Miley was Hannah? After all, you knew that was an act too? Didn’t you? It is Hollywood you know.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Zarria

    Cool parents

    • bakerlady01

      Cool parents? Not in my book. Disfunctional family IMO. They are ALL trash.

  • People It Is Not the End of the World

    America, it is not the end of the world. Such outrage over Miley Cyrus. Where the hell is the outrage over the government being shutdown or the 12 years of useless wars we have been fighting or the fact our troops are not home or the fact our drones kill many innocent men, women, and children.

    Madonna did this. Britney did this. Miley is doing this. After Miley, there will be another person doing this.

    Focus people. Focus on the important things.

    • Petal

      If we want real news, we go to BBC, or Al-Jazeera or something intelligent – this crap is what passes for news in America now. We are getting dumber by the nanosecond.

  • People Blame Miley

    People blame Miley for leading their children astray. The reality is that poor parenting leads kids astray. Parents have much more of an impact than celebrities do.

    Parents are delusional about their kids anyway. They still think the high school kids of today are like those of the 1950’s or 1980’s. Heck even the 1990’s. Yet, the reality is that they are nothing like them. Not even close.

  • Petal

    Part of parenting is sticking by your children. Acting like one of the children yourself is rarely a good idea – regard the Lohans, for instance. A little less chitchat from any of the Cyruses would be a welcome rest.

  • daniel covert

    so miley really did go to the slut hall of fame ran by mom and dad and miley came out with honors

  • Kay Jones

    I am very tired of hearing and seeing Miley. My daughter enjoyed watching her show but really right now I cannot see much talent at all. Her dressing or a lack there of, her singing, the hair cut and the performance teddy bears yet provocative gyrating – I just believe when you have talent you do not need all of that. As a therapist, it seems to me that she is “stuck” in a developmental phase. She wants so badly to make sure the world knowns she is an adult woman but the teddy bears clearly show she is not quite done – she is betwixt. I feel so sorry for her because she needs help and does and that does not seem likely. I am really, really tired of hearing about her. Instead of her momanger stating how proud she is perhaps she can parent her seeing that she is not even legally old enough to drink yet she wants the world to know she does it all. How sad. Please let it go people so that maybe she will too. Oh, these Disney child stars – scary!

  • J Chaen

    Author wrote: “Did Tish teach Miley how to stick her tongue out, or did Miley teach Tish? I’m going with the latter.” Which is bizarre since the author did no research, and the article is completely lacking facts, especially in light of the article’s title “Tish Cyrus Taught Miley How to Stick That Tongue Out.” It sounds silly to debate, but any person clicking the title would naturally assume the subject and supporting facts were indeed about Miley’s behavior of sticking out her tongue which maybe two sentences comment and contradict the title. Her gimmicky “tongue posing” that has received a lot of attention, even to the point that Miley said she had swore off continuing to do it any longer. The tongue pose isn’t a “cute” little gimmick many are led to believe, rather the person who convinced her to begin performing it had less than honorable motives. Without going into all of the details about it, it would be easiest to sum up for the author and readers that her “tongue posing” is a well know pose in a certain business with in the industry and many call it the “money shot.” You can interpret that as you will. I believe Tish is attempting to “tongue pose” in every photo op, likely to detract from the “adult” purpose and simulated act, and by Tish performing it, she will take the heath from all of those “tongue wagging” lines in most articles since the VMA’s and she will make it look harmless an silly which is a far cry from those displays and what they actually represent. I know a couple of journalists who have tried to set the record straight without causing anyone to become ill, and many readers who are hysterically laughing at the media and it’s readers who know the meaning, unsurprisingly many men.

  • Paul DeCroix

    Of course she did. When her kids ends up at the morgue in a few months maybe mom will look back on her bad parenting skills.

  • Rick

    So mommy made her a slut?