‘Tis The Season for Google Mobile Tips

    December 3, 2008
    Chris Crum

As Doug talked about the other day, Google is counting down the days until January 01, 2009. They’re doing so by providing tips for various Google products. Google Mobile has its own countdown providing a tip a day specifically for using it until the New Year as well.

Google Mobile Countdown

So far tips have centered on:

– Comparison shopping
– Voice search, and
– Live sports scores

As Doug noted, these tips are obviously a ploy to get people to use their products, but even still, you may pick up some valuable ones that you will find yourself using and making your life more convenient in the future. There’s a good chance you’re already using Google anyway, so it might be helpful to get yourself acquainted with more mobile features for the search engine.

"Many of you may know that we recently launched Google Mobile App for the iPhone with voice search," says Lawrence Chan, Product Marketing Manager for the Google Mobile Team. "However, did you know that you can tap the green highlighted text in the search bar to see alternative predictions of what you’ve spoken? If the voice recognition for a query is close but not perfect, try tapping this text to see if your desired query is in the list. If it is, then just tap the list item to see your search results."

These are the kinds of tips you can expect for the rest of the month. You can keep up with the mobile tips here. If you want to see the general Google tips countdown, go here.