Tips On Choosing Your Domain Name

    November 18, 2003

Your domain name comes long way with you and your online success. So follow these tips to make yourself comfortable with domain name selection.

1.Make it simple and easily memorable:

Your domain name can contain up to 63 characters.But confine yourself with a maximum of 15 characters.Long names are difficult to remember and type.Long the name more will be the mistakes in typing the domain names.

2.Should reflect your business or product:

Suppose your product name is ‘hotproduct’.Then you can keep different domain names like

– Anything you like…

With this type of names anybody can guess what your product will be before they come to your site.
Some real sites that comes under this category are:


3.If possible always stick on to ‘.com’ extention:

‘’ is always better than ‘’ or ‘’.

‘.com’ is preferred because-

– Most people inclined to type ‘.com’ than any other existing TLDs.

– Easy to remember.

– Even in email addresses you will come accross more ‘.com’s than other TLDs.

4.Avoid few words in your domain names:

Try to avoid the following words-

– and
– is
– for
– the
– at
– with

These words tend to clutter the domain name.Instead of lines and lines, you can make them short with a hyphen(-), if you want.

Instead of ‘’, you can keep ‘’.

5.Let your domain name reflects your brand:

If you already own a physical company with a particular name that sell your product, then you can name your domain after it.

If you publish books and your company name is ‘smith publications’, then it would enhance your credibility if you keep your domain name like ‘’.

Some big companies that named their websites after their product are:


6.Instant generation of traffic:

Most people will type the keyword in their browsers and put a ‘.com’ to it and press ENTER.Because of this nature of internet users, almost all the single words in the dictionary are registered long back.

Even this happens to me once.When I typed ‘’ in the browser and hit the ENTER, the website opened with that name. Instead of searching in search engines, few people type with this guessing.This brings the site instant unexpected traffic.

7.Try to keep hyphen(-) for clarity:

See the name of this website.’webmasters-central’ is easy to read than ‘webmasterscentral’.By keeping these hyphens also gives more domain names with the same words.

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