Tips For Startups Can Apply To Any Business

    December 27, 2007

If you’ve ever trained a newbie, you know that there’s a lot of routine stuff you’ll sigh your way through.  Questions or comments may bring up entirely new ideas, however, and it’s for this reason that many businesses, whether they’re new or old, can learn from tips for startups.

Alex Iskold of ReadWriteWeb and AdaptiveBlue put together 36 pieces of advice, and some seem rock-solid.  The legal and financial information, in particular, is intelligent and might be hard to find elsewhere.Tips For Startups Can Apply To Any Business

Other tips you’ll have to think through for yourself.  Iskold writes, "Launch at DEMO . . . DEMO is a great venue because its sole focus is to launch companies.  Despite the fact that you will be one of over sixty participants, you will be given the stage and attention."  He also suggests not releasing anything on a Monday or Friday, since both can be quiet news days.

Robert Scoble takes issue with the DEMO tip due to the sharing-of-attention matter.  For the same reason, Mondays and Fridays might not be so bad – if no one else is doing anything, your product could get that much more attention.

Consider the pros and cons, then, but among Iskold’s 36 tips (and Scoble’s commentary), there are almost sure to be a few things that will be good for your business.  And one thing on which they both (implicitly or otherwise) agree: it’s a good idea to keep a company blog.