Tips For Ranking Higher On and With YouTube

Up Close with YouTube Product Manager Matt Liu at SMX

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Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 4th largest web property?  It also attracts hundreds of millions of users a month, and 15 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

A web presence with that much power really shouldn’t be ignored. At SMX West, YouTube Product Manager Matt Liu made these points, and they are good points to consider when it comes to your marketing. Liu encourages users to "Take advantage of what YouTube has to offer."

Coverage of SMX West continues at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week. Abby Johnson spoke with Liu in the following exclusive interview:

Liu was joined by The Search Agency‘s Drew Hubbard, RAMP Digital CEO Jonathan Mendez, and JC Longbottom from Performics at SMX West for the "Up Close With YouTube" session. The information in this article is a product of that session.

How Can You Improve Your Video Ranking?

The fact that YouTube is an important search engine means marketers have to strive to get their videos ranked. Some simple things that can improve your rankings include:

– An accurate and descriptive title

– Make sure your description is just that – descriptive. It should be accurate and unique, and use complete sentences.

– Descriptive keyword tags – avoid keyword stuffing

Community Opinion

Obviously YouTube is more than merely a video search engine. You might consider it a social network. It is a community. That means community opinion counts. As with any other community on the web, your best results will come if you actively participate. This means sharing videos with other members. Experiment with annotations, video responses, and thumbnails.

Other YouTube Tools At Your Disposal

Liu touched on a few other aspects of YouTube that marketers should pay attention to. One of course would be embeds or embedded videos. He says you have to make them more discoverable. The beauty of this is that it should be extremely easy to do as they can be embedded just about anywhere.

He also mentioned YouTube Insight, which is a video analytics tool they launched last year. With this, marketers can view demographics, find out where videos are posted, who posted them etc. A few months ago, they released a pretty cool feature for it called " Hot Spots," which lets you pinpoint the specific parts of the video that get viewed the most.

Finally, he talked about sponsored videos. This is simply paid search for YouTube. They started offering this in November.

What to Do and What Not to Do

JC Longbottom spoke next, and he looked at a couple of examples of what to do and what not to do. First, looked at a few super bowl ads, but focused on Pepsi’s MacGruber ad, otherwise known as the "Pepsuber" campaign. This started online as a YouTube sponsored video.

As a result of the Pepsuber ad, people searched for that word and rankings were high on YouTube and Google for it. They had a branded channel page for the campaign and made it engaging, which really pushed the ad’s success.

He then talked about a Denny’s ad for a free breakfast, which had potential, but didn’t do everything right. The Denny’s website was not prepared for the incoming traffic and crashed as a result. They should’ve created an engaging branded channel page.
Drew Hubbard of The Search Agency
 Great Tips For Maximizing Your YouTube Video Potential

Drew Hubbard, who created a channel page for SMX West 2009, had some very hepful tips:

– Use Keyword Rich Descriptions and Tags

– Include the word "Video" in your titles because people do search for it.

– Use a link for the very first thing in your descriptions.

– Make sure and utilize your thumbnails. YouTube pulls these from the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 marks. Make them count.

 – Encourage participation by enabling everything.

– use meta data

– use captions and subtitles

– use watermarks

– use google maps integration

He also says that for your purposes, Google does not recognize videos on the page, and for this reason, you need to include as much supportive content as possible. This will help your rankings. "Use every opportunity to put links on a page," he adds.

YouTube – The Game-Changer

Jonathan Mendez from RAMP Digital Jonathan Mendez took the stage next and talked about what a game-changer YouTube is becoming. He notes that even the President of the United States has a YouTube Channel. I’ll add that the Pope does too.

He says that six year from now, it wouldn’t be unheard of for YouTube to make a bid to host Monday Night Football. It seems like a crazy idea now, but he cites these numbers for the YouTube Live Event:

live stream peak: 700k views
24 hours:M 1.5 million views
48 hours: 4 million views
9 days: 11 million views
2 months: 17 million views

Monday Night Football averages 11.8 million viewers. With the line between television and online video blurring more and more as time passes, it really doesn’t seem so out of the question. Six years is a long time in a fast-moving industry like this.

In addition, Mendez says, "YouTube actually solves digital marketing’s biggest problem." Kids are often using YouTube as a search engine even before Google. He then went through a case study and the session turned into a Q&A.

Abby Johnson contributed to this report of what was a very interesting and informative session. The timeliness of the session is very relevant too. For more on using video to improve your Google rankings, read my interview with Grant Crowell of ReelSEO.

Tips For Ranking Higher On and With YouTube
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  • http://www.femalebrains.com/ femalebrains

    Doing all of this, as it seems pretty basic to do, but no luck with views, maybe my videos s***?

    • Chris Crum

      Don’t be too hard on yourself :) It might be time to re-evaluate them though if they’re not working.

    • http://www.thesearchagency.com Drew Hubbard

      As simple as the tips are, the vast majority of people (including many marketers) don’t do any of this stuff.

      Another tip that I left of out the presentation (for the sake of time) is posting your own video as a response to another popular video. Have you tried this yet? It can be a great way to piggyback on the success of another video.

      And as Chris said, don’t be hard on yourself. But it is true that the content needs to be good. Only truly compelling content goes viral (most of the time).

      • http://www.YouTube.com/GuitarThenAndNow Susan Grisanti Guitarist

        Yes but I think you are only partly right~ I’m coining a new phrase ‘the CommuniZation of Media’ which I think is what we’re experiencing with videos & blogging on the web i.e…the wanna bees with not much talent but Lots of Geeky internet savvy will rise higher & the Real Talents without as much Geeky internet savvy will fall in the ranks no matter how good their product is….I’m sure this is the case because I have lived it first hand here in West Texas…in 1994 I was one of two or three leading people in my field here & everyone here came to me for advice….with the advent of the web it’s a whole new ball game & it’s taken me almost 15 to catch up to the technology game, about 40 hours added to my week the last several years….Real Talents who aren’t willing to do this or hire someone to do it are simply lost in the shuffle…thus the ‘CommuniZation of Media’ I’d sure like to know what everyone thinks about this

    • http://www.SusanGrisanti.com susan

      Maybe you need to subscribe to more YouTube Channels, the more Channels you subscribe to, the more people will look at your page & watch your vids~ the problem there is that YouTube only allows you to subscribe to about 10 Channels at a time, so I got around that problem by creating 10 unique YouTube accounts, & adding & favoriting all my new vids to all of my accounts, it’s time consuming but it works

  • http://www.YouTube.com/GuitarThenAndNow Susan Grisanti Guitarist

    Here’s a cool & fun way to boost your exposure~ find as many vids as you can that are having 1 million or more viewings, which means people will be leaving comments every few minutes, watch the vid & post a comment there, when the next person comes in to watch they might click on you link & see your page….I’ve gotten many hits that way, & it’s fun to do….

  • Guest

    i will try youtube to boost in our site, i hope we can get more impressions. Does anybody know where to find a good video maker.
    Dont forget to visit out site. Barnbid Dot com
    please let me know

  • http://www.acomputerportal.com/videos_to_watch_video_publishing.html Video Links & Tools CLICK HERE

    Nothing new!!! Except that YouTube the 2nd largest Search engine :)

    (Mmm, don’t say who No.1 is; OK we know it’s Google but why not say it, are they trying to hide something ??? )

  • http://www.techknowl.com techknowl

    Thanks for these tips to improve Youtube video rankings .Another one I found is to do a blog post the video that is to be promoted .

    • http://www.baliranadivillas.com adi krisnayana

      Interesting but it’s possible for travel and hospitality industry ?

  • http://www.youtube.com/mooersrealty Andy Mooers

    For real estate brokers, ideal vehicle to promote property but even more important the area. Have done local 4th of july celebrations, state fairs, soap box derby races, what a Maine winter storm looks like and a ton of sport videos, musicals etc to give flavor of little town of 6700. Video lets little David compete with Goliaths. Thanks for reading this..check out the real estate site www.mooersrealty.com too! Thanks again.

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    My company is about to launch a Youtube video.I will let you know how it goes…..www.cashcowauction.net

  • http://www.clydesight.com Sam

    I enjoyed the article and practice the tips regularaly. Although nothing I have has gone viral, in the past year I have collected 84 subscribers to my tape recorder restoration videos, and get comments. It IS important to view other videos and make comments, a great way to make friends and collect visitors. YouTube videos also get posted in Google very quickly, an added boost.

    I think YouTube is a great source, I’ve seen so many great vids there and have made good contacts and gotten customers.

    The keywords are very important, and one tip you left out is that keywords MUST be in the video description as well. Don’t stuff them, but put them where they logically belong. For example, if a “tag” or keyword is “shoes”, in your video description, be sure and mention “shoes” at least twice. That will also help people find you.

    Thanks for a nice article!

  • http://www.Indianwildlifeclub.com Susan Sharma

    Youtube must start sharing ad income from content with the content owners in a proportionate way -in proportion to the views may be?

  • http://www.homesteadusers.com Jordy3738

    I love Youtube and I have gained a lot of traffic by posting links in the more info section of the ones that I have uploaded.

    Here’s what really bugs me though, people steal the content and the video and post them on their websites that are specifically designed to make money from PPC or affiliate products.

    This is not right. I slave over making the video and writing the content and then some lazy webmaster steals both and makes money off of my hard work.

    It’ pathetic the way people abuse a good thing.

    Other than not having enough Youtube Police, i love Youtube.

    • http://www.melaleuca.org/about.aspx Melaleuca

      Hi Jordy, make sure to watermark your videos in a way that it would be difficult for someone to remove it without hurting the video quality. That way, no matter what the videos are used for, you’re still promoting your brand or URL.

  • http://www.artistworldentertainmentgroup.com Staff

    We have posted several stories about our web site contest to see what kind of hard working webmasters there is out there, and so far NONE!.. So I agree with the statement that was just made about the Lazy Webmasters out there not wanting to work. All they had to do was drive 5,000 new members to our site to win that contest, and we got emails asking for a percentage of the traffic that was driven there. I suppose some people can’t read contest rules huh?.

    Thanks Lee

  • http://inderabisnis.com edho

    Thanks for the information. I will try it to increase my website rank.

  • http://www.21stsoft.com seo company

    If you’re not doing video marketing then today is the day to start, at least to look into it.

    Thanks for the article…

  • http://www.elevatingshoes.com Skye

    I add our products on You tube video. That is very good for our company. Many people view the video every day.

    This is my video on You Tube:


  • http://youtubemastery.net Steve Pohlit

    Great article and advice. I try to think of what is naturally interesting and attractive. Every time I cut corners on title, description, tags and engaging the community I am targeting, the audience votes – they don’t show up.

    Steve Pohlit

  • http://www.the-best-hot-sauce.com Jon

    I also use youtube to promote my videos. I noticed that some videos have two word keywords and I was wondering how people do that since you can only seperate keywords with a space. Here is an example if you were using the keyword hot sauce it would be hot by itself and sauce by itself instead of just hot sauce. When you put in keywords you can only put a space between them unlike meta tags that use a comma.

  • http://www.businessplanmaster.com Jon Johnson the Business Plan Guy

    I’m in the midst of uploading 60+ videos for our business. Not only is my mind numbing, but I am really beginning to wonder if somewhere along the way the whole world doesn’t just freak out on info overload. Thanks for the reminders on the keywords. Using KWs in UTube is tricky. They don’t always “hold”, even with quotes.

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    Popularity of the Youtube Video does matters?

  • http://www.glasgowlesbians.co.uk GlasgowLesbian

    Does anyone else feel like the answers are staring you in the face but you cannot see the wood for the trees.

    I cant believe I never thought to include the word “video” I will now though! :)

  • http://internetmlmunderground.com Network Marketing Training Video

    Thanks for tips on ranking better in youtube.

  • http://www.the7figurementors.com MLM Marketing Training

    Use the word video in your video title…what a great tip!
    Makes perfect sense but I never thought of doing that.
    I’ll be trying that for sure to see what kinds of results
    it brings.


  • http://www.socialtrafficprofit.com Mike Brockman

    You’ve provided some valuable information on this page.
    I like the idea of including the word ‘video’ in the title. Not too sure though about using a link as the very first thing people will see in the description… Has this proven to work better than including the link at the end of description?
    I also like the clip introducing sponsored videos. It was a very good, brief overview of how to get more traffic using Youtube PPC.
    Thanks for the great info.

  • http://www.sophiesnell.co.uk rob and sophie snell

    This has changed my priorities for getting new websites listed on search engines – I had Yahoo and MSN as my 2nd and 3rd priorities, and not doing anything about YouTube at all (!).
    Sophie Snell is a UK professional storyteller (www.sophiesnell.co.uk) which is a business which should be ideally suited to video, so we’ll get a well-tagged clip on YouTube and see what happens…

  • http://www.bestbeautyinfo.com Sitham

    Congratulations to youtube, but it’s still very early days though. Video sharing has only really entered the public consciousness over the past year, and there’s still copyright and compensation issues to be worked through.

  • http://www.BrandiReilly.com Guest

    Thanks for all the great YouTube tips! Video is here to stay the trick is to creatively incorporate it into your business.

  • http://www.BeijingDiscoveryTours.com Beijing Tours

    This article has some very useful information, but it just makes it even more frustrating that I cannot use YouTube at all here in China – it has been blocked for more than a month now!

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  • http://www.fenrir-inc.com/us/sleipnir Damien Golding

    Interesting help for a beginner like me, but would like to know a little more about how to pick the correct search terms. How are the rankings determined? I posted a video but it appears very low, there must be reasons, any help would be much appreciated.

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