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Google Begins Video Series

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Google has kicked off a series of videos for AdSense tips at the Inside AdSense blog. This is an effort to help publishers get the most out of their AdSense accounts. After all, the better publishers make out from the program, the better the program will continue to perform for Google right?

The first video looks at ad sizes, and Google recommends them big. They suggest using the following sizes:

– 300×250 medium rectangle
– 728×90 leaderboard
– 160×600 skyscraper

Mel Ann Chan of the AdSense Australia Optimisation Team writes:

These ad units have proven in the past to deliver better results for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers favour these formats, and if you’ve receiving all ad types, you’ll find that advertisers will specifically target your sites more often. If you position your ad units well, users will be more likely to see these ad formats and find an ad that they’re interested in.

When you’re considering how to design your site, our testing has shown that displaying at least one of these ad formats on your page can increase your AdSense earnings potential. So remember, sometimes bigger is better!

Chan makes a good point with respect to design. I’ve seen many sites trying to make a buck off AdSense, and I have to wonder if they are finding any success whatsoever, because they are designed so poorly. Ad placement is an art rather than a science. I think that’s where a lot of these sites have trouble. If there were a way to just insert ads for maximum clicks, everybody would be doing it, but there isn’t. It takes some creativity and quite possibly experimentation.

I can see why Google would recommend the large sizes, because they will be more likely to catch the eye, but if they are placed poorly within the site’s design, I doubt that the size will make much of a difference.

Tips for Optimizing Your AdSense
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  • Guest

    great news



  • http://www.worldholdings.net/ Guest

    I never think about this, use the video to optimize adsense seems a good idea. Thanks for sharing. Oh yes, if your time please visit my site this www.worldholdings.net

  • http://www.seovisions.com SEO Company

    The toughest part of Adsense is understanding how the system works and the kind of traffic you ned to do to make the numbers work.

  • http://www.flipdotcom.com Dave

    I’m not sure what to believe about adsense advertising now.
    I just read an article that recommended adsense ads not be conspicuous on your web pages. It suggested your adsense ads
    should blend in with the rest of your web page content, for
    better click through rates.




    • Chris Crum

      That would still play into the design aspect. I think the blending in would probably create more accidental clicks. The bigger sizes would call attention to the ads so that people who actually want to click on them can easily spot them. Just my opinion.

  • http://integratefarm.blogspot.com Guest

    tq for sharing

  • http://freepspthemeswallpapers.com PSP

    oh thank you mister, i think i’m miss this one , its very good video


  • http://great-printable-calendars.com The printable calendar dude

    Thanks for the tips…

    I’m fascinated by the earning potential of Adsense. It comes down to numbers (visitors) and content I guess….

    So glad Google has helped so many new businesses like this…. it’s brilliant.

    I’ll keep working at it (writing articles mainly)…

    Thanks :)




  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    Thanks, Chris. I have Adsense on my safety and security web sit and I agree that Adsense can generate a nice  income should it be placed well and sized right too but very often my competitors ads are found on my adsense bar. Not necessarily something I really want.

    If you have a blog or informational site these tips are a great help but I’m not sure they’re in the best interest for a retail site.

    The extra income is great but I don’t really want to promote my competition so placement and size for me means inconspicuous and small!

  • http://www.celtnet.org.uk/recipes/ Gwydion

     Adsense is a numbers game. It’s a question of blending the ads into your site (but I agree that the ad formats given are the best) whilst driving traffic to your site. The more traffic you get the more ads they will click and the more income you will get. But it’s also about site content to you get the highest-paying ads to your site (earnings per click).

    The whole process is more of an art than a science and the only way to maximize your earnings is to test, test, test. As a webmaster of a content-based site (Celtnet Recipes) AdSense is my main (but not only) source of income.

  • http://www.ewordlookup.com Ewordlookup

    Good tips.  It proves that Big is better!

  • http://www.jointhealthreviews.com/index.html Joint Pain

    My argument is why would you give away valuable space on your site to google why not put an affiliate link instead, i can understand if your strategy if sole purpose is adsense income. Having said that the tip given is great.

  • http://www.amoils.com/warts.html Wart Removal

    It is surprising how many webmasters out there are confused as to how to effectively run good Adsense advertising.

    The key is, and always has been, to write compelling content. The second most important thing is to blend ads naturally so that the user still receives what they want. but also feels enticed to click an ad when they are searching for specific products or services.

  • http://webmarketingdesign.blogspot.com/ The Web Marketing Design Blog

    That’s great Google have made these Adsense Video Guides…They are useful for anyone involved with publishing online.

    "Knowledge is Power"!

    The Web Marketing Design Blog.

  • http://www.seochester.co.uk/search-engine-optimisation.html Optimizing Websites Chester

    I hadn’t come across these videos, thanks for the heads up. I like the way Google recommends bigger adverts lol, but like you say it comes down to the layout, design and positioning of the adverts on the website as to whether they will be successful.

  • http://www.ehomeguide.org/ Andy

    You said ‘After all, the better publishers make out from the program, the better the program will continue to perform for Google right?’ – I always think at this when i see their Optimisation guides to help webmasters.

    The better for us, the better for them.

  • http://www.vetocorp.myportal.my Vetocorp Web Design

    it seem good for advertiser.i think we need this tips for move foward.www.vetocorp.myportal.my

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    Well, many of us are struggling with ads placement and happy that Google is making videos to help us. Hopefully it will help to point the right direction where everyone can benefit with it.


  • http://www.foursquareinnovations.co.uk/ SEO marketer Leeds

    I have to confess that out of the 8 websites i have with adsense on them, the one that converts best is the one that I put the least effort into in terms of content – the material is still passable, but nothing near so good as on my other websites and blogs.  Others make much more money since they get many more visitors, but conversions are poorer.

  • http://www.tedsshoppingcart.com Shopping Cart Ted

    What amazes me is how many people:

    1) Put them below the fold, where they are much less likely to be seen, and expect them to work.

    2) Put them on sales pages, where there should be two choices: buy or leave!

  • http://prevalentco.blogspot.com EliteVillain

    The blog that earns most is the blog i put less effort on, and it has better PR than my other blogs …. this is really not making any sense for me anymore…thanks for the video =)

  • http://uk-tv-guide.com/ TV guide

    I can see almost no consistency with adsense. One day it has half the previous 4 weeks, next day twice the average. Just boggles the mind.

  • http://www.2earn-online.com Guest

    thanks for the info:)

  • http://downloadpicasasite.blogspot.com Picasa 3

    I think I have to follow his format. Thanks.

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