Tiny ‘Alien’ Skeleton Debunked by DNA Evidence

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Tiny ‘Alien’ Skeleton Debunked by DNA Evidence
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A tiny humanoid skeleton found in Chile’s Atacama Desert has been hailed by UFO conspiracists for years as proof of extraterrestrial life. Now, actual science has proven that the skeleton, as with all currently known life, originated on Earth.

According to a LiveScience report, researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine have used DNA testing on the fossilized skeleton. Despite the figure being only 6 inches long, the testing revealed that it comes from a human who was 6 to 8 years old when they died.

The researchers have not yet determined what deformities may have led to the obviously strange skeletal figure. The age of the skeleton has also not yet been determined, though the current estimate is that the person it belonged to died “at least a few decades ago.”

The tiny skeleton is featured prominently in a new documentary by noted UFO conspiracist Steven Greer, titled Sirius.

Judging from the movie’s trailer, Greer isn’t too interested in proving that extraterrestrials exist – he takes that as a given. Instead, he seeks to expose a purported conspiracy of corporate interests and oil conglomerates to keep alien technology a secret

Tiny ‘Alien’ Skeleton Debunked by DNA Evidence
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  • Debbie

    someone hushed this story up,,,

  • K-Dub

    Fiddle-dee-dee, ‘taint no alien. ’tis a Leprechaun and someone got his gold pot. Poor lad.

  • http://yahoo.com fewox

    what if…..we were an aliens summer school science project that went wrong ?????

  • https://www.facebook.com/seriouslysirius2013 Mark Williams

    Try reading the actual scientist’s reports from the Sirius Disclosure website. The Atacama humanoid has DNA that is a 91% match for human DNA. The other 9% is UNKNOWN (at this time). A chimpanzee has about a 96% match with humans.

    All that can truly be said from a scientific standpoint is that they don’t know. More research is needed. So to say it has been “debunked” is a bit disingenuous.

  • Delphius

    The answers are always right in front of us, the real trick is knowing how to look at it in the right way, and ask the CORRECT QUESTIONS… When one asks the correct questions, then you can get the correct answers…. If you keep asking the wrong questions, then you will keep getting the wrong answers… THINK ABOUT IT… Delphius

  • Damnmyeyes

    What!?!…but the History Channel (where the truth is history) has these wildly coiffed experts with strange accents who disagree…

  • Ezra

    -Okay for all the people who are trying to take god out of everything. The problem is people believe what they want Yahweh give us all free will to believe what we want. The great thing is that we are here and we do have a purpose to think that in our own understand we can say that we don’t have a higher power over all things is unthinkable.

    It sad to think that there are people who waste their time trying to convenience other people to question their faith when they don’t have faith in anything. Their has always been people who believe in different things. I want someone to explain how we were created ? if Yahweh didn’t do it who did ? No on can answer, people insist in believing in little green men. In god i trust not in my own strength.

    • Dennis

      Anyone who thinks that is human needs their head checked!

      10 ribs? Humans have 12.

      No evidence at all for 9 inch tall humanoids in the fossil record.

    • MW

      I would like to know that if the creation of life is explained, will the person who makes multiple grammar and spelling mistakes really understand it?

    • http://yahoo rick

      To Ezra, I am a jew who knows much about the torah. GOD is not real in the literal sense, ask any Rabbi and they will tell you; besides that , GOD is just one hebrew tribes experiance and explanation for things unseen or unknown. Please do more extensive research on matters that you fully dont understand… you sound ignorant.

    • Michael

      Wow, people still believe in the imaginary guy up there? OMG!! We are doomed. Hopefully there will be a day where our civilization will look upon all religion including its “God” invention as nothing more than a primitive type of thinking. Why do we feel like we need to worship something, why do we think that we are always below something or some being or entity, its because we don’t know whats out there, we don’t have the answers to simple questions and how the universe works and where we came from, so we make up all these things to feel better about ourselves and try to make sense of it. We are a typical primitive civilization. That is the truth. Look at the civilization thousands of years ago they wrote on stones about beings that have come to earth and taught them astrology, math, agriculture, language, science… The Summerians knew about our solar system and detailed info of all planets almost 5 thousand years ago. How did they know that, who informed them. But of course we choose to believe the Abraham story about him going in the mountains ALONE, talking to “God” saying that there is one God and no other Gods should be worshiped. Remember there was a time also that human beings on earth believed in many Gods and we make fun of them now, in the near future people then will make fun of us for believing in our 1 God, and say wow those people at that time were so misinformed and primitive. Slowly science and knowledge will take over religion/superstitious ideas as our knowledge the universe grows, well at least I hope for our civilization’s sake.

  • Vamp

    Skeleton 6 inches belongs to a Human 6-8 yrs old who died decades ago?!?!?! First of all Aliens are are hard to come by, but these measurements + age of a Human does not exist unless they bones were boiled or something like the shrunken heads…. crazy story!

  • Indred Cold

    DEBUNKED????? Horrible choice of words. Nothing about this story proves anything 100%. Nothing has been debunked at all. So it has human DNA. That leads to even more puzzling questions. Debunked does not mean that one weak answer leads to hundreds of other questions.Debunked means “case closed.” This case is far from closed.

  • Jeff

    Yay! More misinformation to disuade regular people from looking into the matter themselves. READ PEOPLE, got questions? Then discover the answers for YOURSELF and dont be duped my mainstream Media, who rarely ever divulge the complete TRUTH to the masses.

    • sean

      Coouple questions for the believers in Alienism (Yeah, it pretty much fits the definition of religion(. I hear the aliens gave us the material velcro. If so, were they just messn with us? I mean, that material wears out so quickly and lost its fashion appeal in the 1980s. Also, why are they mutilating the poor cattle? What did the cows do to them? And, why are they always obducting poor white trailer trash, probing them up the arse and then dumping them back on earth. What are they learning with these anal probes or is it an alien sexual fetish? Again, I have NO idea whether life exists or not, but if they are out there, given all the sneaking around, cattle mutilating/animal abuse and the perverse anal probes, I must conclude they are NOT friendly. My guess (seriously) is that if they are there, they don’t like us and they don’t hate us, they in fact don’t care about us at all. At any rate, if I see one I would, if possible, kill it.

  • Rotating Cube

    “Try reading the actual scientist’s reports from the Sirius Disclosure website. The Atacama humanoid has DNA that is a 91% match for human DNA. The other 9% is UNKNOWN (at this time). A chimpanzee has about a 96% match with humans.

    All that can truly be said from a scientific standpoint is that they don’t know. More research is needed. So to say it has been “debunked” is a bit disingenuous.”


    Calling it “debunked” is an insult, frankly. There’s nothing “debunked” about it. Sorry Sean Patterson, your article just isn’t very good. In fact, it only promotes the easy answer of saying its human, when in reality if you knew ANYTHING at all about the actual subject of UFOs you would understand that a more likely explanation is that it is part human and part extraterrestrial- or maybe even an extraterrestrial who shares similar DNA and is related to humans, just like a chimpanzee as stated. Considering that there have been other skeletons just like this found in Russia, Mexico, etc, it is VERY unlikely that it is some sort of coincidental freak of nature that survived and metabolized for 6-8 years as so many arrogant and uninformed skeptics claim.

    Also Greer doesn’t need to prove that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet, there is an incredible amount of evidence that already suggests that they are if you are willing to open your eyes- maybe even watch a documentary on the subject such as the one mentioned and many others available for free.

    People. Do some research for yourself, don’t be a fool and read articles like this that you see on news sites like Yahoo, CBS, and the mainstream media. Lets face it, the truth just isn’t their interest, sorry folks, THATS the truth.

    • Joe

      @Rotating Cube…You are 100% correct…and if the Governments of the world would ever come clean and tell the truth about aliens and ufo’s, I think even us believers would be shocked to learn the whole truth. It wont happen until they land on the whitehouse lawn. Until then, the government will continue to cover it up and hide it from everyone.

      • groovey

        We already have an alien in the white house; just pretending to be human, and even cozying up to homosexuals to get more support.

        • http://WebProNews Scott

          He is actually gay! We can not have a homosexual president, never mind a Gay black president. He was chosen awhile ago, the cover up began a long time ago.
          The government manipulated his uprising and recreated his past and present. Michelle Obama referred to herself as a single mother in an interview. The government is covering up the fact that the president is a gay black man. Artificial insemination, changing birth records, it’s all a cover up.

      • T.M.

        I say forget the gov’t regarding this topic. We don’t need them for this, we the people are many… the gov’t the few. We have the Sirius disclosure project to thank for getting this info out:) with all the social media available to us I strongly feel there isnt anything we can’t collaborate and disclose. Other country govt’s disclosed most of their info, our incompetent and arrogant U.S. gov’t is not on board w/ it for fear of security and loss of power.

  • eric


    • Joe

      @eric…Read Rotating Cubes reply and then think about it for a while. Maybe you’ll get it, and maybe you wont.

    • unarrogantlyminded

      how arrogant is it to think that out of all the universes out there, this one small planet is the ONLY planet that has some form of human life on it? I mean really? Plus, if this planet is a newer planet compared to those in other universes and galaxies, then it is entirely possible that another human-type life form has developed the technology needed to space travel and thus making it possible for “aliens” to be out there….. so it isn’t just sci-fi, it could be real. Or, what we call “aliens” could just be people from another dimension similar to ours, with slight differences. Then you would have inter-dimensional travel, not space travel, which would be easier to do. There are possibilities out there that people don’t want to consider because then it would mean that maybe other things that they believe aren’t true either or maybe they don’t want to believe it because they don’t want to be made fun of or they would feel ridiculous letting people know they think such things are possible. But it is possible that there are other worlds similar to ours that run on a parallel course to ours, and you can travel between them if you know how…..some people have actually opened doorways into another dimension and seen people in that dimension. So discount something simply because that’s what you’ve been taught to do. Think about the possibilities and open your mind!

  • http://nil William J. Doyle

    Without a doubt some Ancient Builders were at work on Earth out at Ballbeck Lebanon long before the Romans built that Temple out there on top of the massive structures there, Hundred thousand pound stones
    were not put there by Humankind. Same deal in South America at the Peru/Bolivia Border a few miles from
    Machu Pishu (sp?) overlooking the Urabamba River. I have been there and seen this myself in both sites in the 1960’s and again in early 1970’s.

    We have not met Dr. Greer but we do know about his Honest Work. Dr. Greer is a Medical Doctor and not given to Fantasy.

    We badly need many more good men to come out from behind their Microscopes to Investigate all of this.

    As for Dr. Greer’s Energy From The Vacuum Claims we can most definitely assure all of you that out at AVRO (outside of Toronto Canada) and at Designex Limited in Toronto circa 1949-1962 under Operation
    Paperclip Project Silverbug, Electromagnetic Gravitic Flight was Pioneered by T. T. Brown and the Designex Crowd which was the Exclusive Research and Development Arm of AVRO.

    See: Online Store within the Tom Bearden Website for (see next line below)


    Yahoo is under the control of the Obsolete Oil Paradigm. Sorry Yahoo, this Anti-Greer attack is fake news Propaganda, plain and fancy!


    Bill Doyle

  • art rhetoric

    Tiny skeleton debunked because ‘Sean Patterson’ says so.
    Everything he posted was already on the DNA report. No news here.
    A Cloud is 100% water.
    A Watermelon is 90% water….so By his reasoning a watermelon is ‘debunked’ because the percentage is in the 90’s ?

  • Randy Benson

    Nobody in their right mind would of thought it was from an Extraterrestrial race! For gods sake, stop the stupid kiddie UFO and alien abduction and visitation crap, folks! Are there aliens on earth? Sure, illegal aliens from other countries, etc… Are there UFO’s? Sure, experimental craft created by military, and industries… and not with ET help (LOL) or from reverse engineered ET crafts (LOL)…

    • rod

      there are alien dumb ass and also sea monster if you believed in god and read the bible you will know and they call earth the fucked up planet. they just ride on the ufo not actually land and they dropped one alien on there name Michael jackson

    • JustGlase

      Someone get this guy a joint and let him stretch his mind. Your to narrow minded.

    • Beverly

      What is so much more crazier than believing there is a Big Guy in the Sky?

    • T.M.

      Randy, I think you are now the minority as well as the Gov’t regarding CE5 and religion.

  • Samantha

    Im confused…a 6 year old child was only 6 inches long ? wtf????

  • Stan

    Well, there are two ways to look at it…

    The Atacama humanoid has DNA that is a 91% match for human DNA.
    Humans have 91% matching DNA to the Atacama humanoid DNA.

    Very different feeling when you switch it around…always amazed at how ethnocentric humans can be… especially Americans.

    Size makes perfect sense…if you have the technology to travel interstellar, why not bio-engineer travelers down to a manageable size – smaller craft (less energy needed), along with less food & water, etc.

    I’m just wondering if they have to take their shoes off before leaving their home planet!! 😉

    • Deegaf

      Love your comment sir

    • Deegaf

      Love your comment sir!

  • http://yahoo Jason

    I want to know why in this day and age the gov. feels like they have to lie to the public?

    • http://yahoo Elissa San Giovanni

      because people believe them?

  • Jake

    %91 is not human. If you saw someone, with only %91 percent human genes, you would run from it. You most certainly wouldnt think it was human.To give you an idea….. Monkeys are %96 percent human. So %91 is slightly less human like than an APE. 0-o

    Sean Patterson knows how to grab headlines, but he doesnt know shi* about DNA.

    • http://yahoo Elissa San Giovanni


  • Clayton

    De-bunked? Just because there is human dna doesn’t mean it’s human…part of the whole aliens on earth thing is that they supposedly are inter-breeding with us. You’re trying to tell me this 6 INCH SKELETON is that of a 6 to 8 YEAR OLD HUMAN??? Suuure it is, okay, riiiight. Nothing strange there, oh no…

    • Pablo Mariani

      Yes Sr., we’re just missing one minor detail here and there to explain couple of “abnormalities”, that’s all… it is human, don’t worry we are alone in the universe. now people, go back to real life. DEBUNKED! :Þ

  • philip tryon

    You don’t seem very groovy to me.

  • Sara

    So, is this proof of gnomes or fairies? 6-8 years old and only 6″? WOW!

  • T.M.

    Good to see Dr. Greer finally getting some mainstream press (for what it’s worth). Nothing is truely “debunked’ here, most “comments” from the more informed people prove it. Nay sayers have nothing tangible to disprove, and viewing most of the comments, more people than ever seem to think ‘something else’ is here, visiting. How humans go from wagons in 1880 to space within 80 years, yet going on 110+ years we are still stuck at fossil fuels???; there is definately an energy cleptocracy! I am not 100% sure we are being visited, nevertheless, I am keeping my mind open!

  • Seth Himura

    i believe that this article is false; I mean seriously its not impossible, as i quote myself, “You can’t spell impossible without possible.”

  • rev happjack

    I loved the responses,, better than the actual article! Folks, the GOVERNMENTS of THE WORLD are, desperately SEARCHING for another Goldilocks Planet,,, Which would support Water, thereby Life as WE KNOW IT… They know that Global Warming is the prelude to! GET THE HELL OFF THIS ROCK. Aliens don’t want this Planet.. Its going to be consumed by the Sun,,, shortly before it goes SUPER NOVA! Have you bought your ticket… Off this Rock, YET?

  • shock armstrong

    oh please! this is so ridiculous.

  • Darrell

    I accept it as being scientifically debunked. Really have no reason to doubt them. Yet on the other hand when they say hey, we know for sure this is human, but um, we kinda don’t know why or how this is, it makes me pause. I don’t buy into huge conspiracy theories and wear no tinfoil hats. That doesn’t mean I don’t question. I am suspicious enough I would ask who financed the research, and if it was unbiased. For those who are sure there is a cover up, there may well be. For those who say anyone claiming it is an alien must be on drugs, they may not be. Until there are more facts and both sides have had free opportunity to examine the evidence I withhold judgement. Fact is I never even heard of this story before this, so not too worried. I have lived this long without knowing, and I am pretty sure even if it turns out alien, it doesn’t mean I get to live forever, lol.

    • T.M.

      The research is oversought by Dr. Greer of The Sirius Project, funded by the general public donations that follow the Disclosure Project. Even Dr. Greer is NOT claiming with 100% certainty it is ‘alien’, however stories of strange eyewitness accounts/happenings in the area for many years seem to support the theory.

  • Sapa

    This is important because there have been finds of other human types that are various sizes and this to me is indication of the fractal nature of reality. It doesn’t matter where this Tom Thumb comes from. The “others” have always been with us. From the earliest cave paintings they are recorded. What is needed is not to decide whether they are from here or elsewhere but to recognise that they have a presence. Our literature, myths, art, religions are full of them and yet we are in denial. That’s the crazy thing imo.

  • Neil

    Maybe, just maybe, a human had sex with an animal of some sort and it actually gave birth to some kind of cross breed? Just an idea.

  • Elj

    uh so where is this dna evidence that debunked it ? lol all this is saying is “Okay, we did it. Bye.” What a horribly written article…

  • Rich

    I watched the documentary and personally I’m a skeptic. But these headlines don’t really add up with the full story. The tiny “alien” lived to be 6-8 years old at this size and if this is true that it’s human then we’ll have to rewrite the books on dwarfism as we know it. More to it, the Stanford scientist said the skeleton bone shape wasn’t deformed which from his opinion didnt seem like dwarfism at all, and it was missing two ribs… again without any deformity.

    Very strange case. The researcher at Stanford was at the end of his interview reluctant to express his full opinions because only a couple of the strands of DNA were classified as human, the rest was unknown.

  • Terri

    We are not alone FACT – religion or science this universe like others is too infinite for “humans alone” no religion says humans are the only beings so why assume we are!

  • Olrik

    All of you are missing the main point: WE are a race of giants who have occupied the planet and forced the original little inhabitants into hiding…

  • ravi

    Who are you kidding mr sean patterson?
    The sirius team is providing solid evidence is this case,going through every expected and needed procedure with the cooperation of many wellrespected scientists!
    The learning Curve obviously made its way around you my friend,
    and all you stay behind with is the abillity to get hits on your article only because you MISLEAD and MISINFORM your readers.
    I wonder what your scientific approach is if you have any besides your own narrowed view on this matter?

  • Tom

    In your article you wrote:

    “Now, actual science has proven that the skeleton, as with all currently known life, originated on Earth.”

    May I ask what “actual science” has proven this? I find that hard to believe since we don’t even know how life originated in the first place. There are theories about the origins of life, but when we are talking about something that happened billions of years ago, proof is out of the question.

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