Tina Turner: No Stroke, Oprah Winfrey Confirms

    February 16, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Tina Turner didn’t suffer a stroke recently as many media outlets reported late last week. Oprah Winfrey has even chimed in saying the rumors are false. She and Turner are long time friends and she would certainly know if the singer with the long, gorgeous legs had been that seriously ill. Instead she is happy, fairly healthy–it seems she was ill–and living in Switzerland.

Oprah turned 60 years old very recently and she is living life to the max as well. She was all too happy to share regarding the rumors of Tina Turner’s stroke that the What’s Love Got to Do With It singer even sent her a red rose to celebrate her big day.

Absolutely no one is going to refute what Oprah says. If the woman claims there was no stroke–then Tina Turner didn’t have one. Oprah made sure everyone got their facts straight by sending out a tweet to all of her many followers.

Oprah traveled to Switzerland this past summer to share in her dear friend’s joy as Turner wed her long time boyfriend–at the age of 73. It was there that Oprah experienced that horrid incident of obvious racism where the store clerk assumed because she was black that she couldn’t afford the purse she asked to see.

Not one to raise a rude ruckus, Winfrey simply left the store without buying the handbag, saying later she didn’t want to see the clerk receive the high commission she would have earned had she bought it.

“There’s two different ways to handle it,” Oprah later said. “I could’ve had the whole blow-up thing…but [racism] still exists, of course it does.”

So Oprah didn’t get her fancy bag–turns out it cost $38,000–and Tina Turner didn’t have a stroke. For the moment at least it sounds like all is well with both of these lovely ladies.

And to celebrate the fact that Turner only had the flu, take a couple of minutes to watch her in action during one of her performances. The woman’s talent is incomparable–and be sure to check out those legs.

Image via YouTube

  • tootsie

    OMG!!! could this article be any more patronizing…talk about a slobbering love affair with blacks…

  • Mimi Snooks

    I would not believe one word out of Oprah’s mouth just another bigot!

    • ANNE

      Oh come on!! With a name like Mimi, I would of guessed you to be a more loving and accepting soul!!!

      • Cheshire C.

        Hee Hee! I like your response, Anne.

    • JMac

      Sounds like somebody has had quite a large glass of Hater-ade and vodka this morning.

    • pandora eve

      How the hell is Oprah a bigot Mimi???? I don’t really care either way, but I just couldn’t resist to comment. This is the woman that for years, pandered to upper middle class white women, even giving them millions of dollars worth of studio swag–including brand new cars just for being in her book clubs. This woman has bought more gifts for white women like yourself than she EVER did for poor black kids (which was a criticism that dogged her entire career)—and no black woman owes a white woman ANYTHING!!! She even set up a scholarship for poor white kids of the Appalachian to go to college. Well, my wife’s family could’ve used that college fund back in the 90’s…if this makes a person a bigot, then I pray for more.

    • Dave Smith

      Actually your comment is considered bigotry! Get educated and a life!

  • Bob Stanley

    A $35 thousand purse? Really. No matter how much money you have, there is no excuse for throwing money away.

    • JMac

      Agreed…now scale your annual salary to Oprah’s, and determine what level you shouldn’t be throwing away… That’s right, no more Big Macs for you, Bob.

      • Bob Stanley

        I agree. I work hard for my money, I don’t throw it away. I would have rather her give that money to breast cancer survivors, AIDS research, or the ASPCA.

        • JMac

          …and I’m sure she does that, too…throwing it away is a matter of perception, based on how much you have to spend…perhaps you could focus on how much she gives to others vs. what she buys for herself. I’m sure, by percentage, she gives a lot more than most of us.

        • pandora eve

          Bob, it is not your place to tell her how you ‘would have rather’ she give her money…..LOL! Are you kidding me?!?! And how much money do YOU give to charities? Billionaires give an average of 10% of their entire net worth to charities—which could be more than 200 million annually. What more should she do? Or any other billionaire for that matter—they could give away their entire fortune and the world would still be the same. What percentage of your measly paycheck do you spend on others? If you earn say, 60K, and drive a Mercedes or BMW (even an entry level one could cost you 34K plus expensive maintenance), YOU have thrown away more of your money than she ever could. And the middle classes are the number one customers of luxury cars—keep that in mind. I am well off, and I also owe no one anything, but I give anyway–but it is NOT my obligation as my family never asked for a damned thing from anyone ever.

  • Cat27

    Since when is Oprah Tina Turners official spokesperson? I’m sure Ms. Turner has people closer to her who would be happy to speak for her, or better yet, she could speak for herself. She is an icon, so public concern is to be expected but for Oprah to jump in the middle is just…………….lame.

  • Saswatc12

    Wishing Mrs. Tina all the best.

  • Gram Reeper

    Oprah’s NOT a doctor! But she did stay at a Holiday Inn Express!!!!!

  • Mahala1963

    I wouldn’t believe a WORD that Oprah says. Afterall, she is one of the RICHEST/RACIST women from the U.S. When Oprah was interviewed at the African school, and asked if a POOR WHITE girl could enter into that school, her RESPONSE, was ** I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE WHITE RACE**, now that was only SEEN/HEARD on the t.v. NEWS once. So, she even used her MONEY to quell what she really FEELS. Oprah was so elated about the OPENING of that school, that she FORGOT to be the good ole LIAR/*JUDAS* that she is.. And for one more tidbit, I don’t think Tina Turner is that HARD UP to even consider oprah as an acquaintance and surely NOT a friend.. A FRIEND is someone that is truthful, and dependable, and LOYAL, and oprah is only LOYAL to herself.. even Stedman is someone that has the BRAINS to not be married to her… It would COST too much for a DIVORCE from her after 72 days if it even lasted that long.

    • JMac

      You and Mimi must be drinking from the same glass…enjoy it!

      • Mahala1963

        I HEARD/WATCHED the interview… and working at a sheriff’s department, one sees and HEARS alot of stuff that the normal citizens DON’T hear. Like I said, oprah was all excited and let her GUARD DOWN, and spoke from the heart… inotherwords her GUT FEELING…I had never expected that response, and since then, I DISLIKE oprah with a real PASSION.. She is a *JUDAS* in disguise.

      • Mahala1963

        JMac, maybe it is called a good bottle of *Truth WINE*. Sometimes our perception can be MISCONSTRUED, and when we hear something like what Oprah said, It just SHOCKS us. I do know, that after that interview, no matter what news channel I went to, there was NOTHING about the school anymore. So, $$$$$$$$ can HIDE the truth at ANY cost… Mimi, well, people like JMac, just seem to NOT want to face the reality that people we THOUGHT were good folks, are just real PRO’S at being FAKE.mAC made the comment of GIVING to others, well, when Oprah gave those cars out, it was from the DEALERSHIP/MANUFACTURER, not her. If she gives ANY of the big items, it isn’t from her it is the SPONSOR. Oprah wouldn’t need any TAX write offs either. So, CAN that theory.

        • Dave Smith

          Go spread your hate some place where it’s appreciated like a Fox News post!

          • Mahala1963

            This isn’t HATE at all. That is what alot of people do, when they can’t ACCEPT the facts. They label it just like you are, because they are just too DUMB/STUPID to face the reality of life… Hey douchbag, why don’t you get the reporter that interviewedd Oprah, if you think you are such a SMART ASS… OR you are just an ASS with a BIG MOUTH, and can’t FACE the truth,

    • pandora eve

      She has never said that…..EVER! Just another jealous poor white woman that has been either rejected by a black dude or is an underachiever begging for Title IX preferential treatment, while screaming foul when other disenfranchised groups treated far worse receives a leg up in the corporate world. Because after all, it is DIFFERENT when YOU all need welfare, or when you all receive preferential treatment for being in the protected FEMALE class. YOU are the largest benefactor of affirmative action, AND THERE IS NO CLOSE SECOND TO WHITE FEMALES. As a white male, I can’t even begin to think about firing one of you, as I will be sued–the difference between you suing me and a Mexican suing me??? WHITE WOMEN ALWAYS WIN MILLIONS, while the others don’t. The school you are referencing was in AFRICA where white minority rule ripped the very soul out of these kids….it was a rich black woman trying to rectify the evils of Apartheid regimes in that entire south/central African region, and no white girls would have ever wanted to go to that school as they already owned all the private schools for WHITES ONLY. That is about as silly as claiming white girls in 1945 Arkansas would’ve have wanted to go to a colored school. LOLOLOLOL! GTFOOH!!!

  • ccrider

    who would buy a 38,000 purse? Just plain stupid, would rather give
    the money to a homeless person on the street

    • pandora eve

      But if you were affluent like me, you would NEVER give money to homeless people on the streets….get off it. Most of them are only going to turn around and buy drugs or under aged prostitutes. Idiot, you just wasted your money far worse than buying the purse. LOL!

  • Annie Nadal

    What is wrong w/some of you people???
    We all know Oprah is not a Dr. she doesn’t claim to be…she’s a bigot???
    Throwing away $35,000. on a purse? It’s her money to spend how she chooses.
    Yes Tina has her own spoke-person…but we haven’t heard from her yet.
    She is my all-time favorite performer so I am happy to hear she has not had a stroke.
    How judgmental of some of you commenters!
    On RAFA’s website we call you “the Haters”.
    Thanks Oprah for the good word.

  • Carlton White

    yeah racism still exists; the world will never be perfect. people judge each other by socioeconomic status also. upper income blacks or african americans (whatever the label now) not all want to be associated with lower income blacks. and every negative incident between blacks and whites is not racist per se.
    if a so called white person for example disagrees with a policy of the president there are many who label them racist and this is not the case in all instances. albeit race can be a factor the biggest issue is differing political philosophies.
    it is always easy to label something as racist. people need to realize that the world is what it is. hopeful people can learn to basically treat one another with mutual respect. however, not every one is going to love every one else and this has nothing to do with race.

  • Dave Smith

    You know people the subject of this post is about Tina not Oprah..,get a life!

  • Mahala1963

    Pandora, I HEARD Oprah say it LIVE. So, if you can’t accept it, then you are one hellova American, or a real DEEP racist. She spent millions of dollars on that school, and that is why alot of my friends were excited to see, what she was offering some of those kids that NEEDED a good school, Some people like yourself, are really DEEP down RACISTS, but when I say I WATCHED/HEARD her being interviewed by what sounded like a reporter with an Austrailian accent, I thought, I waited for this GRAND OPENING, and was extremely excited… Then, came the ANSWER that Oprah gave to that reporter. You like alot of people, CAN’T or WON’T accept anything from anyone, cuz you don’t have the INTENSTINAL FORTITUDE when it is right in front of you…. CAN’T accept CHANGE, either.same ole same ole.