Tina Fey’s Daughter Makes Cameo On “30 Rock”

By: Amanda Crum - November 30, 2012

There have been a few spot-on casting choices in film and on t.v. when it comes to younger versions of adult actors–the kids in “Half Baked” spring to mind–but few have been so perfect as when “30 Rock” decided to let Tina Fey’s daughter Alice play a young, eye-rolling version of Liz Lemon in a flashback sequence.

Though it’s brief, it’s also perfectly adorable and more than believable; one could almost believe the producers actually found a time machine and scouted out a 6-year old Tina Fey for the role.

Check out the video here.


Amanda Crum

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  • Jake and the Fatman

    Holy crap that’s an ugly looking little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://webpronews.com tim flaherty

    Tina Fey is a what the what??…frikking GENIUS!! I luv this funny/creative woman….Amy & Tina are soooo, uncanny together.

  • Rachel

    Oh dear, she’s ugly. I thought she might be more attractive being a little girl and such.

  • http://yahoo suzanne mckenna

    How can you people be so mean?? She is not ugly! What is wrong with you?

  • gary

    thats an ugly kid!!

  • Libby

    For you kind people saying her daughter is ugly, please step back and rethink the purpose of your comments.

    Also she’s actually adorable. It’s called make up and wardrobe, people. http://babbletest.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/picture-112.png