Time to Start Placing More Emphasis on Bing SEO

Bing Will Soon Be a Much Bigger Piece of the Pie

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Google SEO vs Bing SEO has been a topic of discussion throughout the industry since Bing was launched. The topic got some heavy play last week at the SMX Advanced conference, and with Yahoo and Bing coming together sometime this year, online marketers are going to want to start thinking harder about incorporating Bing into their strategies if they are not already doing so.

Do you have a strategy for Bing SEO? Yahoo? Discuss here.

WebProNews spoke with Janet Driscoll Miller of Search Mojo out at SMX, who presented on this topic. As she notes, some businesses actually see better results from Bing than they do from Google, and when Yahoo starts using Bing for search, Bing’s share of the search market is going to grow dramatically (it also powers search in Facebook, let’s not forget).

Janet discusses a tool Bing has in its Webmaster tools that lets you see the types of links that point into you, and lets you look at their value, so you can go after similar links.

Bing is actually redesigning its Webmaster Tools, however. WebProNews also spoke with Bing’s Eric Gilmore about this.

The point is, Google’s Webmaster Tools have been very helpful for site-owners over the years in their conquest for better rankings. Now that Bing is growing in significance, its tools are going to be helpful as well.

Have you used Bing’s webmaster tools? Did they help your rankings? Comment here.

Time to Start Placing More Emphasis on Bing SEO
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  • http://www.aquapoxy.com Epoxy Paint

    Its always smart to keep an eye on Google’s competitor and play with them as well. This helps the business to be in position for search placement. Seattle Construction attorneys / ceramic tile woodinvillewindow replacement have big roles in the local market on Bing.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Tom Nolan

    I personally can’t wait to see what happens when Bing and Yahoo come together supposedly some time this year. It will be very interesting to see how much of a market share they’ll be able to claw off Google as a combined force as individually they’ve had a bit of a torrid time. Bit of competition is always good for innovation though so bring it on!

  • http://www.fullmedia.com Robby Monk

    I’m looking forward to the merger as well. This should be a good thing for the search world. I know that more and more of our clients are asking us about Bing, and news like this is excellent to pass along.

  • http://trinidadyfacundo.com Ariyadi

    online marketers are activity to appetite to alpha cerebration harder about accumulation Bing into their strategies.

  • SE

    I think all webmasters, marketers, everybody should unite and start promoting Bing and Yahoo and forget about big G. Big G. has turned that engine to crap and destroyed many businesses with the Mayday change. I changed my default search engine to Bing but use Yahoo as well. Amazing but they provide better results than Google. Who would ever think that!

  • http://www.goldstube24.de goldstube24

    I’m currently getting 97.75 percent traffic from Google, 1.39 percent traffic from Bing and 0.27 percent traffic from Yahoo (0.59 percent other SEs).

    As long as there aren’t major changes in those numbers, Bing and Yahoo aren’t worth the time.

    And even if those numbers should change somewhat, Bing and Yahoo first have to sort out their huge problems with click/impression fraud.

    Impressions spiking up by a factor of 37x (from 50 to 1850) are killing your best ad rankings.

    And I really doubt Google algos would allow such a sawtooth impression pattern going on for months (Google simply would stop showing your ads to the fraudster).

    So I let my click farmed competition keep ranking top space where nobody is searching for my site (and for their sites? ;).

    While competition is burning time & money battling at Bing and Yahoo, my site’s best converting keywords are ranking #1 at Google. Because I have invested my time wisely ;)

  • http://www.entertained24-7.com Guest

    This will be good for us users, as we get even better serching and service i belive.

    As for our webstore, it will be even more chances to tell all people about our service and good prices.


  • http://www.learnfluentspanish.org Ray

    I have noticed that some of my websites rank higher on Bing than they do on Yahoo and Google………and vice versa. What I don’t understand is how to optimize a website so your results are the same for them all. Where is the best place to find out which search engine gets the most searches for a particular keyword? It would appear that if your building a website for a particular niche, then you will want to optimize your site for the search engine that gets the most searches for that particular niche or keyword.

  • http://green-card-lottery-usa-usagc-org.blogspot.com USAGC

    Does anyone know how SEO for bing is different than for Google ?

  • http://www.leadenhalluk.com Eric Gourmet

    Bing is the next place I want my website to be indexed. However it seems a bit difficult to me to do a good ranking for my menswear website with a good number of pages. I have 2000 pages indexed on Yahoo and Google but only 35 on Bing. Having spend much efforts on the 2 other search engines, I will like to understand what I am missing with Bing, as I am ready to do it!
    Bing is still quite recent, and I know patience is a vertue with search engines, but I am not of the wait and see kind of man. The webmaster tools have improved since MSN but without a better knowledge of Bing rules for SEO there are not as much useful to me as they should be.

  • http://www.searchengineoptimisation.com Phil

    I have already tried that but bing seems so less popular that even first page results do not bring traffic at some times

  • Guest

    Everyone keeps saying “Start looking at Bing”.

    And how exactly do you Optimize for Bing or Yahoo???
    Their search “algorithms” are nonsensical and not possible to properly optimize for.

    Bing is the same and MSN Search and is illogical as ever.

    • Guest

      Keep up those thoughts! Change is never good.

    • Guest

      Too funny… got to love those Russian sites that pop up too. I have noticed that even when it does bring in visitors, they don’t buy. Think I will stick with Google. Things are actually relevant there, make sense and are logical.

  • http://www.depotgo.com r4dsi

    Seattle Construction attorneys / ceramic tile woodinvillewindow replacement have big roles in the local market on Bing.

  • http://thegoldeconomy.com marco lavanna

    That’s quite interesting. I personally noticed quite a lot of traffic to my finance websites coming from BING search results and was actually looking for ways to implement BING SEO strategies, so again thanks for the post!


  • http://www.depotgo.com r4dsi

    i love bing very mucy, but what’s the different?

  • http://www.ajaykumarsingh.com Ajay Kumar Singh

    I’ve been optimizing for Bing alongwith Google since long time. I’ve seen some good result from Bing but it is no where nearto Google for bringing search traffic.

    Till Bing+Yahoo start to get more market share it is not too worthwhile to invest in Bing SEO. ROI is too low.

  • http://briarpatchgiftshop.com Joe

    I use Bing’s WM tolls all the time they have helpped a lot. I cannot wait for the merger of Yahoo and Bing. My Google analytics show me that after the merger they will account 85% of my search results and with Bing searching FaceBook may even be higher.

  • http://www.mailboxmoney.biz/ Jamison Alexander

    This is very exciting news. Hopefully, this will level out the competition some and create opportunities for those of us who are frustrated with Mr. Google.

  • http://www.filtershop.co.il/ Yair

    Cool news and great tips. thanks you WPN and Janet

  • http://www.fixpcfreeze.com Mathews

    I am very happy to hear this news. I have wished for it for a very long time. Finally this Webmaster tool is available.

  • http://houserefinancecenter.com Laura Morton

    I think that Google’s days are numbered as the number one search engine. The combination of Bing/Yahoo is very formidable. Google will have to start partnering with other companies if they want to remain competitive.
    Whatever the outcome, it is good for online publishers and internet businesses in general.

  • http://www.midlandsadviceandtraining.co.uk Karl Craig-West

    Have to admit that I’ve spent a lot of time on SEO for Google where I tend to rank fairly well. Ironically, I’ve never spent time on SEO for either Yahoo or Bing but have won more business through the web from Bing than Google and Yahoo combined.

    A timely reminder perhaps?

    Many thanks indeed.

    UK blogger and speaker

  • http://www.LogoDesignTeam.com Julia

    We have to keep eyes open and start working with Google competitors. You never know Bing+Yahoo may become bigger than Google in times to come. Google Adwords based visitors have already decreased. Our conversion rates from Bing is so much better. Bing traffic is increasing slow and steady.

  • http://www.zone4kids.com Libby

    Serious competition for Google is a good thing, but the basics work for all of them. Content, content, content.

  • http://seoreviewguide.com Jamie C

    I look forward to the merger and hopefully seeing the Bing/Yahoo combo provide some competition.

    So far getting good rankings in Bing has definitely not been resulting in better sales. They still have a long way to go to measure up to Google.

  • http://www.infogurushop.com/advertise_biz.html InfoGuruShop

    A timely discussion. Microsoft has taken what seems forever to “finally” play catch-up or let’s compete with Google on search, and I totally agree BING is now firmly on the search engine road to becoming a major global player.

    I can also understand companies who prefer “Paid Search” stating they are only interested in Google search results and traffic but what companies around the world should also consider is different search engines such as Yahoo, Google and BING can bring them “mixed”, “different” or “better” short to long-term targeted clients. Also, it is not necessarily the number of hits or traffic that is of value to all but the quality of hits and conversion of hits into loyal customer frequent sales or purchases that smart companies should prefer or desire.

    BING has definitely learned a few Google SEO strategies and tactics such as BING is choosy as who and what content it highly ranks and features. BING now understands and is setting the long-term direction of where global search engines are going and that is “real-time” fresh news, video, content, music and gaming results. So search engines will begin to beef up their algorithms to cut the fat of their search engines [numbers or dates] in favour of lean, fresh content of what’s happening now.

    This is not only a HUGE wave or turn for on-line entrepreneurs, companies, Webmasters and SEO Consultants, but it means increased work-load for all in the updating and keeping of websites now requiring hands-on team’s for fresh daily updates. The entire search and SEO world is heading for a new height where only the informed and professional will get ranked or survive.


  • http://adsurf.com.au adsurf internet marketing

    I have been putting off my focus on Binghoo but you’ve inspired me to get to it – thanks for the push, I’ll start with Bing’s webmaster tools!

  • http://NationalShowTickets.com David

    I like Google and we get traffic from the top 3 but Bing is showing more progress for us and Yahoo a well. Google gets us traffic but there are times when both Bing and Yahoo surpass them in sending us organic traffic. The most important issue I believe is keeping your pages search engine happy and not falling for scams and games to try to get to the top, improve quality links back to you as it will work for all the search engines for the long-haul.


  • http://www.5movers.com Jason

    When are Yahoo and Bing really planning to do this? How can I plan ahead and be ready to take advantage?

  • http://www.pearl-scan.co.uk Guest

    Its good to mix it up but Bing’s searches are so random and rankings can go from position 10 to position 100 in a week for no reason like our site http://www.pearl-scan.co.uk. I still think their searches are not as reliable and accurate as Google’s and that is the main idea isn’t it?

  • http://hubpages.com/hub/medicareandmedicaidservices MedicareAndMedicaidServices

    Wonder why does Bing need to join hands with Yahoo – Bing is better at everything – relevant listings, classification, conversions, quality visits.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • http://www.farpointalliance.com Allen Jordan

    If Bing can successfully compete with Google by obtaining a Bing/Yahoo combined market share of 40-50%, I believe this could lead to more SEO Transparency. That is, both (Google and Bing) would provide better insight into strategies for search engine positioning. This would be necessary to ensure that SEO efforts would focus on their search engine. A better (easier) placement model would ensure their search engine is used – not just by SEO professionals (e.g. Add my URL), which leads to more reliable listings, increased searches and market share increases.

  • http://www.siskiyouwebdesign.com Siskiyou Web Design

    Great points made in the video about SEO with Bing and Google, but the video embedded from this post only works with Internet Explorer and not Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera. Anyway, the video is well worth the view, thanks Chris!

  • http://rapidpos.com Jim McMillen

    Looks like Bing is coming up in the world. Not sure they will ever truly compete with Google but it will be interesting to see who things turn out over time.

  • Alan

    buy wow gold go to www.igamei.com

  • http://www.thisisfreelance.com Oli

    I have tried the bing webmaster tools on my site, since it the backlink quality measurement interested me.

    However since every backlink to my site was measured 5/5, and every page on my site was measured 5/5, I was left feeling a little disappointed.

    • http://www.searchengineoptimisation.com Phil

      I agree that Bing Webmaster tools are not much useful which also drive its user base away from Bing Search Engine

  • http://www.searchengineoptimisation.com Phil

    Its good but i think Bing need to be more practical with its relations with user through its Bing tools….now they are not useful as google providing many facilities to webmasters

  • http://www.site-booster.com/blog/ Online Marketing Blog

    I don’t think Bing’s search share is so high in the market that it would be worth using it at least for all the niches on the web. My question is why should we bother once Google is almost dominating the search market?

  • http://shareonu.com Roy Ph-Jacobs

    Months ago I tried Bing Webmaster Tool, and this month my site in Google PR still 0/10, but at the Bing and Yahoo into 2.
    Thanks to Bing Webmaster Tool.

  • http://www.gol2you.com Roy Ph-Jacobs

    For now, Google Webmaster tool in my opinion still the best and most complete. But it must be because Bing Webmaster Tool is new early stage.
    For everyday use, I still use Google Webmaster Tools to improve the performance of my website and blog, while still using the Bing Webmaster Tool as an additional facility only.

  • http://www.guarantorloansonline.co.uk Guarantor Loans

    I registered for Bing’s webmaster tools today – I must say, it has some way to go before it meets google’s version. Nice to see MS doing some more things in this arena though, thumbs up!

  • http://www.simplyclicks.com Simply Clicks

    Bing is very valuable for well structured new websites. It responds well to good urls and title tags, with a more immediate response to new links. I have sites with 15% share of website visitors coming from Bing. Yahoo will add another 5%. Making Bing a serious competitor.

  • http://www.chotrul.com/ Colchester SEO

    I’d certainly agree that Bing is easier to rank in for a lot of sites than Google is. If you don’t have a powerful domain it seems like you can gain a better position easier with good on-page optimisation, keyword friendly URL structure, etc.

  • http://briarpatchgiftshop.com Joe

    According to my briarpatchgiftshop.com Bing and Yahoo results on google analytics when the merger between Bing and Yahoo happens they will carry about 40% of search results and with the inclusion of FaceBook this number should go to 50%. This is going to be good for everyone on the web. Competition is always good, but for webmasters a little tricky doing SEO, Bing and Yahoo are a little less strick in some areas but i always enjoy 100% indexing with Bing and Yahoo and about 80% with google. The new FaceBook store front App is bound to help in overall results.

  • http://amryouseff.blogspot.com real estate diploma

    personally i see the competition for google ad not for yahoo , bing

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  • http://www.webdesign-kent.co.uk Kent SEO Company

    I find it really interesting that Bing has “Copied” the google results for certain searches, but i believe this is not done very often as many of our have vastly different rankings accross all the search engines

  • http://www.selfserveloans.co.uk. Simon

    You’ve got to say that the MS development environment is the best there is; sooner or later I suspect that this will rival webmaster tools…..

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