Tim Tebow Still Receiving Flak From NFL Peers

    May 30, 2014
    Brian Powell
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When one discusses the biggest flops in the history of the NFL, several names consistently rise to the top: Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, and Tim Couch. The common theme amongst this group, you ask? All three were highly touted quarterbacks with remarkable college careers and abysmal professional stints.

And, after being selected as the 25th pick in the 2010 NFL draft by the Denver Broncos and lasting only 3 seasons in the NFL, Tim Tebow’s name may join that list anytime soon.

At the time of his selection, many thought Tebow would be the quarterback which would redefine offensive and defensive schemes of football. Known for his toughness and running ability, Tebow had specific packages built around his dynamism. As the old saying goes, though, the proof is in the pudding. Unfortunately, Tebow was tapioca at best.

Because of his poor performance versus the media sensation which surrounded his short professional career, many people still use Tebow as the brunt of their jokes. Case in point: New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan had the (mis)fortune of coaching Tebow during his 2012 campaign. From the beginning, it was obvious Ryan wanted nothing to do with Tebow, and the stats show. During his time with the Jets, Tebow played in 12 games but only attempted 8 passes for 39 yards. His running stats were a bit better, but nothing to laud over: 32 carries and 102 yards with 0 touchdowns.

It was these numbers and his personal experience with the former Florida Gator which led Rex Ryan to lambaste Tebow during his recent conversation concerning the Jets’s newly-acquired wide receiver, Eric Decker.

When asked if Decker was worth the money the Jets paid for him and if he would be able to put up similar numbers playing with second-year quarterback Geno Smith, Ryan tried to put the situation into perspective:

“He did catch eight touchdown passes when [Tim] Tebow was the quarterback. Hey, that’s pretty impressive.”

Whether the statement is more of an attempt to put-down Tebow or boost Decker is still to be debated. However, Ryan is not the only one guilty of perpetuating the continuance of Tebow’s legacy despite the fact that he no longer plays the game.

Much attention has been given to Tebow, lately, through the use of comparisons.

The Browns have taken a unique approach to their rookie camp this season due to the precedent set by Tebow during his rookie campaign. When Cleveland selected Johnny Manziel in this year’s NFL draft, they knew they were embracing a media firestorm. Instead of letting the circus come to town, the Browns decided to take the bull by the horns and banned the media from the rookie camp – all in an attempt to avoid the Tebow phenomenon.

Tebow’s personal life also left its own impact on the NFL. The craze “Tewbowing” first started as a parody of Tebow’s touchdown gesture, in which he would get down on one knee and recreate an act of prayer. Tebow’s intense Christian beliefs led many to publicly criticize the quarterback, stating that he should not be using his platform by which to proselytize.

This year, the first openly-gay college football player was selected in the NFL draft – Missouri’s Michael Sam. Since revealing his sexuality, many have come to the support of Sam, praising him for his courage. Tebow fans, however, like to point out the double-standard of free speech in the NFL, citing the fact that while Tebow was criticized for his outward Christian actions, Sam is being bolstered and supported.

What people are seemingly failing to realize is this: As long as people keep talking about Tebow, Tebow will continue to exist. If one would rather not hear news about the man, or derive comparisons to his brief, lackluster career, perhaps the collective mind should just erase his entry by forgetting him.

And, if society cannot accomplish that one simple task on its own, Tebow’s new stint with the already defunct SEC Network will do the trick just fine.

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  • King_Solomon1


    • J.O.

      @King_S 1…When and with whom? Perhaps in the CFL or the Arena league. (NO NEED TO shout!!!)

    • wth49

      Is that what they call “The Second Coming”?

      • Zach Cage

        I am no Tebow fan, and have criticized him heavily. He is not a good QB, he doesn’t have QB skills and he just doesn’t get how to pass that ball consistently. I can’t and couldn’t stand that guy as a QB. However, it is a double standard when you criticize his beliefs and freedom of speech, but are more than happy to cheer about someone’s sexuality. It is comments like yours that proves that this is very much one sided. I do not care about religious beliefs, or religion or what people’s faiths are. I do care about people’s freedom to believe whatever they want without being putdown, or ridiculed. It is asinine, condescending and downright immature, just like King_Solomon1’s comment. Just to be clear, I based my judgment of Tebow on his skill, not his faith, if I didn’t that would like basing my judgement on someone’s sexuality, not their skill. Not logical.

        • Neil Klein

          The thing is Zach, his sexuality is actually tangible that Christianity discriminates against. Christianity, well, it’s all fairy-tales and mythology, no different than any other religion. Tebow had no skill and his religion didn’t change that, no matter how hard you prayed.

          • Brian Clements

            Neil, If Tebow was Muslim, would you tell him that his religion is all fairy-tales and mythology?

          • Todd H

            And, Neil, no matter how many times YOU want to say that Tim Tebow “has no skill” it’s NOT going to make it true. Tim Tebow has lots of skill. He didn’t win a Heisman, a National Championsship, or help lead the losing Broncos out of an abyss and into the playoffs by having no skills. Hate on Tim all you like, but give the lame “he has no skills” argument a rest. He didn’t get to be a 1st round NFL draft pic by being skill-less.

          • RobFromLoveland

            No doubt Tim has skills. However, he lacks the ability to deliver the football quickly and accurately on a consistent basis, which is required of a successful NFL quarterback. Using an unconventional offense, a lot of luck, and a very weak division, the Broncos made the playoffs with Tebow at quarterback. That doesn’t make him an individual star.

          • Jason Furst

            Of course not, Rob, no quarterback is an “individual star” as football is a team sport. Having said that, that same Bronco team was not winning enough to make the playoffs with other quarterbacks for years. “Tebow-mania” and “Tebow Time” and dare I say the term “Tebowing” did make Tim Tebow an “individual star” in his own right, but it spread way beyond football. You say Tim Tebow “lacks the ability to deliver the football quickly and accurately on a consistent basis” as if, as a professional who is arguably one of the hardest workers on ANY team, could never improve with time. Tim had 1 — count ’em O-N-E season as a starter, and look where it lead the team he was QB of. One can only imagine what some seasoning and experience — the same season and experience mind you that is awarded MANY lesser accomplished QBs in the NFL — might have lead to. Sadly, we may never know. I pray that somehow, some way, Tim will be in just the right place at precisely the right time in which someone in a position of power is forced to roll the dice and give Tim another try — and when that happen, Tim will FINALLY be vindicated and have the last laugh because “Tebow Time: The Reboot” will be one for the record books.

          • RobFromLoveland

            You might be interested in actually looking at the record. During 2006-2009 the Broncos had a total record of 32-32, using mostly Jay Cutler at QB. In 2010 they had a record of 4-10 with Kyle Orton and Tebow. In 2011 it was 8-8 with Orton and Tebow. In the Broncos’ division winning season of 2011, 8-8 record, Tebow completed 46.5% of his passes and had a QB rating of 72.9. Sorry, Mr. Furst, but those are not numbers that get players to the top. The Broncos spent a lot of time and money trying to improve Tebow’s mechanics, his view of the field, and his decision-making, but Tim felt he knew more than the coaches and experts working with him, and resisted significant changes. Tebow had four seasons to establish himself, and no NFL team has any interest in him as a quarterback. All of these are facts. Your opinions differ, but they are just that, your opinions.

          • john

            Denver beat Pittsburg in OT with Tebow at QB and got to the AFC finals – anybody else at QB and it would have been considered a great season – don’t forget that Tim took over from Orten and I believe they were 1 and 4 at the time – Tim must have done some things right to get Denver into the playoffs – he was given no chance to play at New York

          • Jesse

            Neil, It still amazes me that people like you will continue to proliferate information about Tebow’s QB skills (or lack thereof in your opinion) without actually opening a Stat website and doing some homework to see if what the masses keep spewing is true.

            Find out for yourself how his stats compare to some of the best to ever play the game through their first 16 games.


            The numbers show that he ranks among the best through 16. Hate all you want, but at least have the guts to call It hate and stop hiding behind the myth that he is not a QB…I wonder what you would have said about Elway, Fouts, Namath, or Bradshaw…They all Ranked WAY below Tebow through their first 16 games. And for those who don’t think stats tell the whole story, They are right. Tebow has more heart and passion than ANY QB you will be watching next season.
            But hey, maybe if he put up a self promotion website, sold rainbow bibles, broke a few rules selling underground autographs and memorabilia and got caught with a hooker, a team might pick him up before the season starts.
            You never can tell.

          • Bad2daBone

            Neil, saying “Tebow had no skill” makes you look like an utter fool or just plain blind. You don’t win a Heisman having “no skill”. You don’t win National Championships having “no skill”. They don’t draft QBs in the first round of the NFL when they have “no skill”. QBs with “no skill” don’t lead their teams to the playoffs, much less win in them and get to within 2 games of a super bowl. QBs with “no skill” don’t hold NFL playoff records. I could go on, but why bother…Haters gonna hate!

          • BarMitzfa’d

            We get is, Neil, you’re a religious hating moron. Tim Tebow probably has more skill (not to mention class and success) in his dirty jock strap then you could muster up in an entire lifetime. Tim’s many accomplishments and accolades both on and off the field are well documented. What have YOU accomplished in your miserable life?

          • Zach Cage

            This is what I am talking about. You calling Neil a moron because he is against religion. Even if he did hate it, why do you let it affect you in such a way you have to hate him in return? Neil shouldn’t hate Tebow because of his religious beliefs, and no one should hate Neil because he doesn’t have any. That is why we live in a free country. To believe whatever we want and not be ridiculed and judged by it. Tim Tebow had many accomplishments. yet, they do not translate well int he NFL, do they? That is why he is not playing in the NFL. He lacks skill. It is that simple.

          • Zach Cage

            Christianity doesn’t discriminate. PEOPLE using it do. You are discriminating Tebow based on religious faith. I could care less if he believed in God, Zeus, AI, or the Football Gods. I base my judgment on his skills. Tebow can Pray to anything on that field (and MANY football players have prayer before a game), I care about how he plays the game, and he cannot play it well. Yes, he did great in college, but the NFL is not college. Different beast. And yes, to those below, he was given many chances, and he didn’t pick up, we have people who are professionals who have been in the league longer than you and Tebow combined, they know talent when they see it. If Tebow became consistent, and could really improve on his passing and accuracy and stability, I will be the first one to praise his and tell him to go out there and kick ass. And he can kick all the ass he wants while praying and tebowing, I just care about him playing well.

    • Neil Klein

      Be back from where, he never went anywhere. That includes going nowhere in the NFL.

      • Justin Furst

        Not true, hater Neil. Tim Tebow holds records in the NFL. Tim Tebow has more success in the NFL with only one starting season under his belt than probably a dozen or so other QBs currently starting in the NFL have never, and probably will never, have in their entire career. People like yourself can negate Tebow’s talent, but they will never be able to take away the 2011 football season in which he managed to captivate the entire country.

        • King_Solomon1


          • David

            Absolutely, and Tebow only throwing 3 interceptions in 10 games left them in good field position even if they had to punt. Orton was throwing a lot of picks. Orton had 7 INTs in the first 4.5 games of 2011.

  • CharleyN19

    Why would anyone worry about anything that Ryan has to say? After all, how many NFL coaches have tattoos on their leg of their quarterback??? That is just not right.

  • Geri Paeth

    I really hope & pray for Tim. I can only imagine how devastated he must be, because he obviously has some talent. I think the media contributed highly to his present situation. I really hope that some coach somewhere will see him for what he really is & give him a legitimate chance, taking some time with him.Keep your chin up Tim

    • Nigel B

      Geri, I hope and pray for Tim every single day. I truly believe that all that is happening to him now is happening for a reason. God works in strange and mysterious ways. No way will he foresake Tim Tebow. You watch, when we all least expect it, Tim will come roaring back into the NFL. Just wait…

  • hendrix1fan1

    Tebow doesn’t have any more NFL “peers” than I do as neither of us play in the NFL.

  • jdondet

    He comes off the bench during the season and gets Denver into the playoffs. His reward traded to team that is going no where and then out of the NFL. I say leave the man alone.

    You helped to kill his chances Mr. Sportswriter. Must you always kick a man when he is down? Then again this guy/sportswriter/pajama boy probably played soccer as a kid because football was too tough, enough said.

    • Zach Cage

      Tebow didn’t get them in the playoffs, the kicker did. Broncos won like 4 games just from field goal points because of Prater. Where is the love for Prater? Tebow didn’t win 4 of those games, long distance kicks did.

      • David

        Prater was awesome. How many games did Orton 4-12 get Prater in a position to win? See how it works? In the Chicago game they wouldn’t have needed the 2 fifty plus yard field goals if Thomas hadn’t missed that perfectly thrown TD pass early in the game. It’s a team sport.

        • Zach Cage

          Tebow didn’t get Prater in position to win. Prater hit some crazy far field goals. Not as far as the one from last year, but still far. If Tebow would have done his job better, he would have had them closer. it is a team sport, which is why it is irritating to hear Tebow did this. He didn’t his teammates did. Defense and field goal kicker. Prater was amazing that last half of the season. He won for games, as he was the one to be relied on at the last play…just him and the ball.

          • David

            It was a great effort by all and the team played above all expectations. Cinderella season. If they didn’t struggle we wouldn’t watch.

  • Denny Yeary

    Tebow has big shoulders and as the old saying goes….at least they’re talking about him to keep him and his faith out before the media and public….Tim must be smiling $$$$$$

  • Aaron

    Rex Ryan is a joke of a coach. He didn’t sign Tebow for his talent. We all know he isn’t a great quarterback, Rex signed him for his popularity and ticket sales. Call a Spade a Spade.

    • Todd H

      Aaron “we all know” no such thing. Don’t speak for anyone but yourself. Tim Tebow is a WINNER and he’ll WIN again

      • Aaron

        I’m not bashing Tim Tebow, I’m just speaking the obvious. He isn’t the greatest QB to play the game. I’m not saying he is terrible. Tim has a great attitude, and he stands by his faith which is something you don’t see now a days. Just saying he was used to get tickets to sell for the Jets.

  • wth49

    He has more time to kneel in prayer this way.

  • kenny

    man all u stiffs out there leave the man alone.jets coach u need 2 be looking after your job or 2 years from now people will be saying what a sorry coach he is.what have u done lately lose u suck bigtime.somebody make sure he gets my comments.

  • kenny

    I want 2 post my words rex ryan sucks monkey balls

  • http://cogitarus.wordpress.com/ ★✩★ David ★✩★

    To compare Tebow with Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, and Tim Couch is completely unfair. Tebow was bounced around from team to team, never given a fair shake and treated like a freak for his values by a circus media. I think the pressure was a bit much — and he handled it with class, not lunatic parties, drugs, drinking and girls under each arm.

    We praise Michael Sam for being gay (as if it is honorable) but mocked Tim Tebow for being a good wholesome Christian man. Sick!

    Does Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell or Tim Couch hold any NFL records? Did they get their team — in miraculous style into the playoffs?

    Tim Tebow was the first player to have four completions of 30 yards or more in one quarter of a playoff game in the modern era (since 1960) and the first in any NFL game since Warren Moon in 1990. I think that is saying something.

    In the playoffs, no QB since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970 had ever completed three 50+ yard passes in a game. Pretty impressive!

    On only 10 completions, Tebow averaged 15.6 yards per attempt (against a stud Pittsburgh Defense) one of the highest totals in recent NFL history. Do the math, Tebow averaged 31.6 yards per completion, which is the highest amount in NFL postseason history. He is the only QB in the Super Bowl Era to ever throw for 300 yards on only 10 attempts.

    Hey, 3.16 isn’t that what he had scribbled under his eyes during his college years. What was it John 3:16 or something?

    God bless Tim Tebow!

  • newsongs

    If Tebow was suppose (as the article says) redefine offensive and defensive schemes, why was Denver’s coach questioned even for drafting him. Seems like the one thing in common is people love to write articles with Tebow’s name in them because he is so popular. Sad to mention Ryan Leaf and Tim in same paragraph. He never got a chance to get in the groove in NY.

  • d.g.

    Brian Powell who the f*** are you? never heard your name before probably never will again who are you to judge tim tebow? you are the dirt under his shoes loser!

  • na

    Tebow is banned from the NFL because of MONEY …. BIG MONEY.

  • http://batman-news.com Jim

    Powell you are an idiot….
    Tiebow was NEVER given a objective chance. Why, because of writers like you.

  • james perrino

    You can come out and announce that you’re a big Flaming Fag that likes to be sodomized and the media will love you!!! but if you pray before and during a game you’re treated like the enemy.. what a whore country we live in

    • Todd H

      James, please stop fantasizing on these pages.

    • jasper’s Straight

      Excuuuuuse me?!?!? You homophobic jerk! First off, NOBODY (certainly not Michael Sam) came out and said they are “A flaming fag who likes to be sodomized”. Get yourself a clue, and stop your dirty little mind in its tracks.

  • Todd H

    Tebow will have the last laugh on all of this nonsense. Tim will return to the NFL in glorious fashion when we all least expect it. Bank on it! God works in strange and mysterious ways.

  • Michael Callinan

    I dont care what they say. Oh he is not talented enough or hes does not throw the ball the right way. He does not have qb skills. blah, blah, blah. Tell that to all the teams he beat including the steelers when he crushed them in the playoffs. Tell it to the Jets when he led a come back on them to win the game and tell it to the dolphins who thought it was all over before he made a comeback on them. He has a winning record as a qb in the league. Bottom line is he got thrown out for his christian belief. It does not surprise me though. Everyone is excited about Michael Sams a Gay guy in the nfl but not tebow who serves the lord JESUS CHRIST. Thats right lets root for the gays instead. Im boycotting the nfl. I bet all the st.louis players are going to get rammed alright.

  • RobFromLoveland

    Tim who?

    • rob

      He has more class than anyone who has posted that’s all you need to know

  • jack

    Tim Tebow is a hypocrite and sinner. Matthew 6 5-6.

    • Jake Bassett

      We are ALL sinners you moron.

  • kingfish

    ok I have been hearing things about this tebow guy from both sides and decided to see who is tell the truth about this man,is he a bad qb or has he been been blacked balled because of his fame and or religion.so I looked in to internet for some imformation on him and his stats (1) .he was the S.E.C.all time leader in passing efficiency 170.8 (2)completion percentage 67.1 3-passing T.D. to interceptions 5.5 to 1 (3)rushing yards for QB 2947 (4)rushing TDs 57 5-total tds responsible for145 (5)In the ncaa 1 record book tebow is ranked 2nd in career passing efficieney.(6)3rd in yds per attempt 9.33(7)8th in career rushing TDs(7)and owns the record for most consective game where he threw for at least 1 td and ran for 1 td.Then I went back to see how some of our great OBs did in their 1st yr. and found it to be very interesting.DONMEN MACNABB qb rating 49.1 tebows 47.5 MIKE VICK qb rating 44.2 tebows 47.5 DAN FOUTS qb rating 44.8 tebows 47.5 ELI MANNY qb rating 48.2 tebows 47.5 JOE NAMATH qb rating 48.2 tebows 47.5 DREW BELDSO qb rating 47.9 tebows 47.5 TERRY BRADSHAW qb rating 38.1 tebows 47.5 JIM PLUMKETT qb rating 48.2 tebows 47.5 JOHN ELWAYS qb rating 46.5 tebows 47.5. also on this note took time to compare elways 1st season to tebows I find that Elway had a better defense ranked 21 and tebows was ranked 22nd.elway ran for 150 yds and tebow ran for 600.elway threw for 24 tds and tebow 18.elway ran for 3 tds,tebow for 16.elway had last quarter come backs of 0 tebow had 5.one other thing that tebow didn’t have that all the others had was to start the preseason off as their #1 qb and had practice with the starting unit before the season began which is a huge advantage over what tebow had to over come.then I went to internet to find some games that he played in and whated to parts of them and found one thing that they all shared and it was the defense never hardly ever sat down to rest they were up looking to see what tebow was doing on the field.i have only menorys of one other ob that played like that but not to the degree of tebows play and that was frantarkenton.ABOUT what rex said of tebow classless as one of the games I what was where tebow played the jets and at the end where tebow ran for the game winning td.rex new what they needed to look out for and had his defense set up to take the run away from tebow but they could not stop him and Denver won the game.i think rex is still mad about htat and his decession not to start him over mark was his way of getting back at him and as for the qb they have now,well u go look at his 1st yr stats and they are way,way below tebows.so heres what I decided on.their is something that has happene to a young man that was and isn’t fair for what ever the reason it may be but the facts and figures don’lie,he has won high school state champion ships,college ,and NFL Divisions.If I owned a team he would be my starting QB .

  • David

    Can Tim Tebow throw?
    In his first 16 games, Tom Brady threw 18 TDs. Tim Tebow also threw 18 TDs and he did it with 110 fewer pass attempts. Can Brady throw? Tebow was more productive throwing and he ran for 14 scores.
    In 2001,
    Brady had 18 passing TDs in 483 attempts with 13 interceptions in his first 16 games and 1 rushing TD
    In 2010/2011
    Tebow had 18 passing TDs in 373 attempts with 9 interceptions and 10 rushing TDS, 2 two point conversions and rushed for 923 yards in his first 16. Tebow also scored 1 more passing TD and 3 rushing TDs in situational plays in 2010.
    Tebow was more productive at scoring, total offensive yards, passing, interceptions and rushing than Tom Brady when the Pats won the superbowl in 2001. Brady didn’t score more than Tebow until his 8th year in the NFL.