Tim Tebow: Questions Circulate About His Future

    October 21, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Ever since Tim Tebow graciously thanked the New England Patriots for his involvement with the team (he was released on August 31, 2013, after signing on to the job just two months earlier on June 11, 2013) rumors have swirled about where Tim will end up next. Tebowmania continues to dominate the headlines.

From the University of Florida Gators to the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets to the stint with the New England Patriots, (phew) where will the well-known, beloved football player end up for the next phase of his career? Michael Silver, who explains himself as “I cover the NFL like a Snuggie for, well… The Man” has recently reported that Tim Tebow is presently being considered by the Rams.

Tim Tebow’s immediate path is uncertain for the moment, but his devoted fan base and enthusiasm translates into both continued media coverage and increasing popularity among his supporters. Tim Tebow took to Twitter to highlight his “lifelong dream” to continue as a quarterback for the NFL.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy of Steve Evans]
  • Gary

    WHEN…WHEN…WHEN are we ALL going to get sick of this guy? He’s a scripture-spewing fraud, cashing in on what a mediocre player he is. He might have all the talent and ability in the world, but he has nothing going on between the ears…dumber than a bag of hammers.

    • Joseph Sams

      Gee,Gary…IF Tebow is “dumber than a bag of hammers,” he’s STILL SMARTER than you as he’s played in the NFL,took a MEDIOCRE Bronco team to the playoffs,WON a playoff game and has made plenty of MONEY.Not too shabby for someone who you say “has nothing going on between his ears.”Time for you to pull your head out of rectal defilade!SCHMUCK!!

      • Catfish Jimmy

        Another thing to remember is that Tebow and the Broncos were out classed by a Patriots team that went to the Super Bowl that year. No shame in that.

        • williams

          I just don’t understand why people dislike him so. The way the NFL is now. You are better off. Football players don’t live to get in their 60’s to often.

          • Rene

            Someone long ago warned, let me paraphrase : “The world will always dislike their opposite.”

    • Justin Furst

      Gary, it appears that YOU, sir are the M-O-R-O-N around here. For your information, Tim Tebow is one of the only Heisman trophy winners in recent memory to also be awarded many accolades in academics. http://www.floridatoday.com/content/blogs/gators/2009/12/tebow-wins-college-footballs-top.shtml

      You revealed your bigoted bias by reverting to calling Tim Tebow a “scripture spewing fraud”. I have no doubt that Tim Tebow has more success in his pinky finger than you’ve managed to muster your entire lifetime.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/ Joe Peerson

    I fully believe Tim Tebow is sincere in his profession of faith and that his character is as nearly flawless as anyone’s character can be in the world he inhabits. I am very happy for him and sincerely hope that he realizes his ambitions. Everyone should take a step back and realize that we all have flaws and public perception is largely all anyone knows of him. No one really knows Tim Tebow but he has not beat up a girlfriend, gotten arrested for accidentally shooting himself with an illegally concealed weapon, been arrested for DUI or flushed his life down the cocaine toilet. His character is a shining example and he may just be the knight on the white horse.

  • Jeramiah

    This guy needs a job in the NFL he deserves it. I hope he finds a team.

    • Steve

      I know better Christians than him and they suck at QB too. Do they deserve to play in the NFL?

      • Les

        You say you know better Christians, obviously you are not one of them. Christians don’t believe that one is better than another, for one thing, and secondly, the way you spew hatred is definitely not Christian. Tebow may or may not be a great potential quarterback, but then, unlike most, he hasn’t received the transitional training from the college level to the professional level. Even the Pros admit his game would greatly improve with a good QB coach. And for those who say he doesn’t have talent, remember he’s one of the very few to have won the Heisman before reaching his senior year of college. That alone proves he has talent, it simply needs to be honed

  • Andres

    Tebow, the doubters will always be there but then more than half of them do not know what they are talking about. You will prevail because the power that is behind you is greater than all the negative press in this world. Your faith will guide to bigger and better things.

    • Justin Furst

      I don’t think in the history of the NFL has such a bizarre situation occurred in which a fine young man like Tim Tebow, who has always won more games than he loses, is an amazing leader and role model, loved by his teammates, and a thrill to watch is literally shunned by every team in the NFL. Teams are signing Matt Leinert, Brady Quinn, and even David Garrard, while Tim Tebow doesn’t even get a try-out. It’s insanity on steroids…WTF!?!?!?!?! Has the NFL gone stark raving coo-koo?

      • Rene

        The world will always not like someone their opposite.

      • Steve

        Because they are BETTER quarterbacks!

      • Robert1967

        Tim Tebow doesn’t even get a try-out. It’s insanity on steroids…WTF!?!?!?!?! Has the NFL gone stark raving coo-koo?—have you seen the new rules and bs they doing? why would you think anyone is smart enough to sign him?

    • Rene

      Tim would like to continue to aim for NFL QB role. But he wouldn’t care if he does not get it. He’s “complete” (Gerry Mcguire’s expression) with his love affair with his God.

      • Steve

        So he needs to go play in a church league. NFL is not his future.

        • Rene

          He can do that. ask him

  • El Pachuco

    Question: who has wond more play-off games in the last 3 years – Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning? Answer: Tim Tebow

    • Mike

      The fact that you just said that is laughable

      • Justin Furst

        Who holds more Denver Bronco Playoff PASSING records — Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning? That would be Tim Tebow.

        • Bjoe

          Who is currently employed in the NFL. That would be Peyton Manning

          • williams


    • Steve

      Teblow won nothing! The TEAM did! Do not forget how lousy he played prior to that. If he had potential, he would have been signed by now. When will you people learn that just because he is a good guy doesn’t mean he is a good QB. He is currently playing at his ability level.

  • Steve Hershberger

    Tim Tebow is a Steve Young potential quarterback. The problem: he needs the right quarterback coach to get him there. I think Jacksonville is foolish not to sign him, but the ownership would need to invest in a good quarterback coach.

    • Bjoe

      What are you smoking? Tim Tebow couldn’t hold Steve Young’s jock strap!

  • Blake nuzzo

    he needs to train with a good quarterback coach he has the ability skills and desire to become a NFL QUATERBACK SO NEVER COUNT Tim out we will; see him in the NFL to become a star quarterback !!!

  • williams

    For some reason they will not give Southern Guys a chance. Tebow took the team he was on to the play offs and they let him go. I see they have not returned. Go overseas you should be playing Football.