Tim Tebow Booed During Yankees Game

News first breaks on Twitter, later confirmed

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When the Tim Tebow to the Jets trade was finalized, everyone knew that it was going to be tough for the former Denver Broncos quarterback to get the full support of everyone in the area. Sure, there has been plenty of Tebowmania since the announcement, but Jets fans are notoriously harsh. Just ask Mark Sanchez.

Although Tebow has proven that he can win at the NFL level, he’s not a quarterback that plays pretty football – and he makes some pretty big mistakes. If you couple that with the fact that Tebow is such a controversial figure on a personal level, you can see why New York might prove a challenge – even if Madonna does in fact show him around the city.

Apparently, the Tebow hate parade has already assembled. Multiple reports confirm that Tim Tebow was booed Sunday during a Yankees baseball game which he attended. As soon as his face hit the JumboTron and the announcer belted out his name – the boo birds came out in full swing. A few sports reporters talked about it on Twitter, and there was a little bit of a debate:

Wow – loud boos for Tim Tebow, who is finally shown on the big board. Crazy. #yankees #nyj #jets(image) 17 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Tim Tebow is at the Yankees with Dwayne Wade. When Tebow was on the jumbotron the whole crowd booed. Only in New York…(image) 17 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

They just showed Tim Tebow on the jumbotron in Yankee Stadium–huge roar, mostly cheers.Tebow looked up,realized he was on, looked sheepish.(image) 17 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@JimmyTraina Buster’s wrong. Faint cheers, mostly boos.(image) 17 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

They just showed Tebow on the big board. There was a mixed reaction. #SanchezFamilyisHere?(image) 17 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

At least D-wade (who he was sitting with) saw some disapproval as well.

The AP later confirmed the booing. I guess it all depends on where you were sitting, right?

Although you can’t hear any boos in this video, the announcers do discuss the chilly reception:

I guess someone should tell him New York’s a tough city, kid. But I’m pretty sure that Tebow is getting pretty good at deflecting criticism – even if it comes when he’s just trying to enjoy a baseball game.

Tim Tebow Booed During Yankees Game
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  • don

    the fans were booing Wade

  • don

    sure they were booing Wade!

  • Tebow is an average back-up

    Tebow is an average back-up quarterback who gets way to much publicity.

  • http://yahoo Karen H

    I am sure he took it like the gentleman he is in a classy way…..unlike New Yorkers who showed what little class they have. It is embarrassing that they would act that way. The Jets have gained a lot of fans coming into this year because of Tebow… that means money for the team….I know that I personally changed teams because of him….and while I will cheer him on….I doubt I will buy any Jets merchandise to fill the pockets of a state that is so rude and ignorant to manners.

  • Ty

    I live in upstate NY and am a diehard Patriots fan and Miami Hurricanes fan, but overall a fan of football. I’ve never been a fan of Tebow’s quarterback skills in college or the NFL, but find myself cheering for him nonetheless unless he’s playing my beloved Patriots. I’ve never met him personally, but I do like how he carries himself as a person. His dedication to God is admirable. He is a true role model for today’s youth, and I commend him and wish him eve greater success.

  • Ursus Magnus

    New York SUCKS. New Yorkers are SCUM.

  • wayne

    they are just JEALOUS that you are sincere and a man of the lord and you give respect to others and YOU, are still single. I would not be surprised if the ones who booed you, are UNhappily married or going thru a nasty divorce…good for them!

  • jeff

    Im a Knicks fan, that was for talking to Wade.

  • ja webbis

    of course NY is classless and their sporting fans are bottom of the barrel (Philly comes up short again!) but the booing of Tebow isnt so much about him as it is this idea of the perfect “god-loving christian”. If you want to believe in a myth thats your right. It doesnt entitle you to assume that the huge majority of the rest of the people on earth agree with you or need your advice, example or permission to live their lives as they wish.

  • Emily

    I am a big fan of the Yankees. But this is COOL!

  • Dave

    People obviously don’t understand the divide in sports teams in NYC. It’s fairly telling based on the comments and the article itself. In general, but not always, Yankees fans are Giants fans. Mets fans usually swing the way of the Jets. I’m not entirely sure why it is this way, but it is true about 70% of the time. Hence, it is not surprising that a Jet (Tebow) and an ass clown (Wade, who just beat up on the Knicks) gets booed by a bunch of pro Giant fans. This isn’t a thing about NY not liking Tebow. It’s more about a bunch of Giant fans, who hate the Jets, not liking Tebow.

  • Megan

    Who ever booed Tim Tebow dosent know who God is because this man shows that he is proad and a religious man he is and he gives honor to God not man. He really loves Jesus if more of us was like Tebow the whole world would be full of Christians. I’m proud of Tim Tebow.

  • Christine

    This just shows ALL that “some” people truly need to do their “own” soul-searching.. It’s apparent that these narow-minded topics covered in the media, certainly do not address the true issues We ALL face that truly concern Us ALL and OUR Futures!!!!!!! Tim Teebow IS one to be admired in soooo many ways! So REALLY, before U start to “Boo” or talk some “Un-TRUTHS” about someone else, do Us ALL a favor AND “Look at URSLF in the mirror”…. and if U still feel the same way about whatever/whomever it is afterwards- “GO back to that mirror, ’cause U apparently aren’t done yet!!”
    GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!!

  • mary coleman

    Just confirmed what I already knew: New Yorkers are nasty and vile.

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