Tim Tebow Booed During Yankees Game

By: Josh Wolford - April 16, 2012

When the Tim Tebow to the Jets trade was finalized, everyone knew that it was going to be tough for the former Denver Broncos quarterback to get the full support of everyone in the area. Sure, there has been plenty of Tebowmania since the announcement, but Jets fans are notoriously harsh. Just ask Mark Sanchez.

Although Tebow has proven that he can win at the NFL level, he’s not a quarterback that plays pretty football – and he makes some pretty big mistakes. If you couple that with the fact that Tebow is such a controversial figure on a personal level, you can see why New York might prove a challenge – even if Madonna does in fact show him around the city.

Apparently, the Tebow hate parade has already assembled. Multiple reports confirm that Tim Tebow was booed Sunday during a Yankees baseball game which he attended. As soon as his face hit the JumboTron and the announcer belted out his name – the boo birds came out in full swing. A few sports reporters talked about it on Twitter, and there was a little bit of a debate:

Wow – loud boos for Tim Tebow, who is finally shown on the big board. Crazy. #yankees #nyj #jets(image) 17 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Tim Tebow is at the Yankees with Dwayne Wade. When Tebow was on the jumbotron the whole crowd booed. Only in New York…(image) 17 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

They just showed Tim Tebow on the jumbotron in Yankee Stadium–huge roar, mostly cheers.Tebow looked up,realized he was on, looked sheepish.(image) 17 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@JimmyTraina Buster’s wrong. Faint cheers, mostly boos.(image) 17 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

They just showed Tebow on the big board. There was a mixed reaction. #SanchezFamilyisHere?(image) 17 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

At least D-wade (who he was sitting with) saw some disapproval as well.

The AP later confirmed the booing. I guess it all depends on where you were sitting, right?

Although you can’t hear any boos in this video, the announcers do discuss the chilly reception:

I guess someone should tell him New York’s a tough city, kid. But I’m pretty sure that Tebow is getting pretty good at deflecting criticism – even if it comes when he’s just trying to enjoy a baseball game.

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  • http://yahoo Gary

    Just shows lack of class of most of the N.Y. fans. I hope Sanchez is a flop again this year and Tebow has to save their bacon. Sanchez should be booed. he is the most over rated Q.B. in the league. He will never improve. Just another also ran.

    • Ryan

      Amen Brotha!

    • nick

      so booing an overhyped media whore is classless. but its ok to hope that sanchez flops even though he works his ass off and wins playoff games.

      • Dan J

        Sanchez is the media whore. The media just seems to fixate on Tebow.

    • e

      $anchez i$ not overrated you are hating becau$e you wi$h your chri$tian boy came back to the $orry a$$ denver donckey dick$. Im far from being a jet$ fan im $tating the obviou$. The donckey$ are $tupid for paying all that bread for tebow ju$t to overpay manning they are de$perate to win $o they are doing whatever they can to win but we all know manning i$ not the an$wer and for $ure elway i$ far from the an$wer.

    • forrest

      Its unfortunate that tebow was traded to new york…nyc is the absolute cesspool of the country and the broncos will be sorry they made the manning deal..

    • george autofill

      anytime you try to display your religious beliefs you deserve to get a negative responce from people

      of other beliefs

  • http://yahoo Gary

    should boo sanchez. That guy is a joke.

  • John Thompson

    Here’s a thought, maybe he and Wade were booed because the fans are Giants’ fans and Knicks’ fans. Maybe it has nothing to do with anything else. When did being Christian and celibate become “controversial”?

    • Teresa Neal

      I’m sure you’re right….. but there’s no “story” in that.

    • Cupcake

      Since when has football become a religious [Christian] sport? Tebow should stop walking around with a cross on his back and start playing.

      • Russ

        Amen! LOL

      • bill

        When was it said that it is or that you cant be religous and express your beliefs in professional sports. He didnt do it for the attention, you and the media gave it to him. He doesnt do it for the publicity obviously because its all negative. He stands for something and it makes you feel insecure so you attack him. He does it out of respect for his God. Why dont you let him do what he has the right to do and stop walking around trying to burn christianity. Sounds like you have a personal problem.

      • Roadster

        What about guys who do silly dances after a TD? What is that psychopath Michael Vick doing on any field? Why is thanking God more controversial? To me, it says more about football fans than this genuinely nice guy. I’ve been to New York and I’ve got to say, the people there are the rudest in all of the country. It is true.

  • steve

    Are we supposed to care?

    • Tom

      You are in a class like New Yorker’s..NONE

  • http://yahoo.com Maryann Abene

    How dear you boo my Tebow, this man is trying to make it in New York and that’s the welcome we give him. Ashame on you! I know we can be rudeless but get him a chance.

    • susan

      amen to that!

  • Umbro89

    What is wrong with people in New York? Here’s a guy who arrived in town via a job transfer, always seems to do the right thing, is friendly, forgiving, gracious, and oh, btw, a great athlete. I would be embarrassed to be a New Yorker today! What is wrong with these people????

    • BAMF

      You should probably work on your basic english and grammar before you start criticizing other people. They were right to boo him. He is completely stupid and has been misled by ‘God.’

      • tbar

        Oh, please bamf…get over yourself

      • Tom

        New York NO CLASS so what’s new there…T just laugh it off and remember YOU ARE GETTING THEIR MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT the twits.

      • wth

        So do you….the word “English” which is a proper noun should be capitalized. By the way, you should follow your advice to Umbro89. I normally don’t respond to comments but I just hate people who think they’re better than anyone else!

    • J Hawk


      You are almost totally right. You demonstrate your ignorance, however, by implying that New York is inhabited by “people”

    • Sherri

      As a New Yorker myself, I can’t stress enough how utterly embarrassing and classless most NY Yankee fans are. Not surprising, par for the course.

  • Donald Sprague

    This is a surprise? The place was probably crawling with New York Giants fans!!

    • anth x


  • bob schultz

    new york was not the most congenial choice for Tebow. The city is loaded with Jewish atheists, protestant agnostics, and I would be surprised if there have been many virgins there since Jesus’ mom left the scene.

  • slacker

    Tebow: good guy. seriously. what a guy.

  • http://yahoo j. Richards

    Not much class for New York.

  • john beagel

    i think they were booing pee wee herman who was sitting in front of tebow!

  • L.J. Kirkland

    No surprise New Yorkers are the poorist excuse, for a fan in U.S.A.

    • paat weston

      Unless you’re good enough to rate a tickertape parade. Then, they’re the greatest fans in the world.

  • Steve

    Is it possible they were booing Dwayne Wade?

    • Chuckles

      Not just possible but highly likely…and the author along with the other sensationalist reporters chiming in here trying to make a story as if they’re the paparazzi on Britney Spears should maybe try sports reporting rather than sensationalizing a situation so that they have something to talk about. Otherwise they should talk to the Enquirer about a job. Frauds!



  • Jeff Cody

    There may have been some boos but there were as many claps. I would say the response was rather mild either way. Whoever came up with that title was doing what hustlers in the media so often do: if not outright lying, then grossly exagerating, merely to promote oneself and make money without having to actually produce anything.

  • Chuckles

    Seriously!?! Everyone involved with this article is a fraud! Josh Wolford, Art Stapleton, Michael Fabiano, Buster Olney, and Andrew Marchand have just lost all credibility! You people are trying to make a story out of Tim Tebow when there obviously wasn’t one. The crowd is obviously booing Dwayne Wade being shown on the big screen. If you pay any attention at to sports news or even the video that you attached to the article you would know that Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat had recently defeated the NEW YORK Knicks! Of course the crowd at Yankee stadium is going to boo when Dwayne Wade is put on the screen. They’re largely Knicks fans too!

  • Chris Ryan

    Josh, you are either clueless in understanding the New York scene or you are just trying to create controversy where you know none exists. Any New York Jet would get a mixed reaction at a Yankees game (where I’d bet the larger percentage of fans also happen to be Giants fans). It has everything to do with the split loyalties to the Jets vs. the Giants and probably has little or nothing to do with Tebow individually.

  • Jose

    Can you really assume that? He was sitting next to Dwayne Wade who just helped beat the Knicks earlier that day, as the video comments. Who’s to say that they weren’t booing at D. Wade?

  • Ryan

    Come on New York, at least let the guy make a mistake before you guys start acting the ass! It’s been a crazy ride for the Jets and Tebow just might be the answer…who knows? But at least give him a chance….geez! Typical New Yorkers!!!

  • Becca

    That’s those damn yankees for ya.

  • Becca

    That’s those damn yankees for ya. He needs to come back to the South :)

  • David Sutton

    Wow you’re all wrong. He is unwelcome around the world. Everyone hates his pathetic need for recognition, and justification in how bad he is at a game he played well at 2 or 3 years ago. I’m so sick of the baby trophy system in college, I wanna puke on Fabiano and Olney’s sugar coated B.S.

    • http://att.net sara wolfe

      David,dear,Tim does not thrive on recognition–because of his accomplishments he is thrust into the public view as well for his great love of God. Oh, that more would love God to the point of obedience-like Tim–much of our social problems would cease to exist. May one day you will know and believe this truth.

      • Tom

        Puke is probably what you do best dear!

      • susan

        That’s the best comment I have heard. Thank the Lord for people like Tim in sports. We need more of them. Tim if you should read this God Bless You, and stay strong.

  • http://yahoo sjm

    seriouslly..they could have been booing the bat boy!.. i dont think Tim look ‘sheepish” either.acually quite HOT…i dont think he even noticed anyone else.. geesch..why make everything such a big freakin deal about everything, people?!?!

  • nestor

    go ahead boo him harder.he will interpret this as a message from god and play harder,better and maybe just maybe the jets will win a super
    bowl again…amen

  • http://yahoo sjm

    seriously! they could have been BOOING the BAT BOY! I dont think Tim even noticed let along looked sheepish! Why make such a big feakin deal about everything people?!?! and NYC fans are you really that rude? or just act like 8 year olds? geesh

  • Lain DaPipe

    Is booing a gay man considered a hate crime?

  • Nathaniel Clanahan

    HAHAHAHA. I would have booed as loud as possible. The Jets have to be the dumbest team in football.

  • http://Facebook Peter Boucher

    Tim Tebow is now in the land of Catholicism and not Christianity. Is it a surprise that New Yorkers are booing him with his Christianity Ritual before each game ? I’m sure he’ll go down real big with the Irish Catholics in The Big Apple

    • Chuckles

      I think Wikipedia could solve a lot of you problems!

      • Chuckles


      • Tom

        Uh Catholics are supposed to be Christian last time I checked, just NEW YORKER’S ARE Classless.

    • http://none Rog

      Pete: You talk about ritualizm. The entire Catholic Church is built around ritualizm. Read the Bible for yourself and find the truth and this truth will set you free. You would clearly see that salvation comes only through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is no one who can forgive your sins except Jesus Christ, no other man, prist or Pope.
      Praise God for the “Born Again Catholics.”
      All the “hail Mary’s” and penetence in the world is going to do you any good. Also, if you read the Bible for yourself, you will also find there is no such place as pergatory. IT’s Heaven or hell, you make the choice.

      • susan

        Amen rog!!!

  • http://none Rog

    Isn’t it strange? Athletes are either loved or hated. Yet, they are the ones who made the team, and your still watching from the stands or in your living room guzzling booze.
    I wonder, if all the critics used their energy to encourage not only Mr. Tebow, but their teaam, how would it affect the success of the team? Criticizem given with the right attitude can be good, but if you use it to tear down an athlete, or another person it is bad. Bad for the athlete, the team, and even for you. It shows a persons ignorance. I’m not a Jets fan, but if I were, I’d be screaming “GO JETS.”
    In all actuallliy. I really don’t think Mr. Tebow gives a hoot how some fans feel about him. The rest of us respect him as a person and as a quarteback who could take this team to the “Big Dance,” providing the team will work with him. As you know a quaterback is really only good as his offensive line and of course recievers who can catch the ball. Give Mr. Tebow a break!

  • jack perreault

    What would you expect in a city filled with heathens.

  • Tony

    Tim Tebow is great for sports and I personally wish him all the best!!

    Tony Esposito

    • e

      You mu$t be from denver tebow i$ the overrated quarterback who play$ that bull$hit i love god act watch tmz and they $how him with two bitche$ talking about he wa$ preaching the lord$ belief$ in the motel room we all know what he wa$ doing which i$ fine by me ju$t dont act like $omething that you are not he i$ a fake and he wa$ on the new$ becau$e to$h.o made fun of him which cau$ed everyone to join the “Tebowing” fa$e it wa$ to make fun of him the donckey$ fan$ need hope $o that i$ why they follow whoever i$ being overrated at the time

  • Anthony

    Yankee fans = Giants fans….. Giants fans do not like the Jets or their players… End of story…

  • Ronald Lutterman

    Just another reason to NOT visit NY (dont love it)

  • Granny

    Is this how we teach children good sportsmanship? How many kids were in this crowd??

  • CapnTeach

    typically classless … the city of New York has roughly as much deceny as a standard issue field latrine … Tebow will have to get used to playing in front of a crowd whose average IQ is approximately 45 and that despise everything and everyone that isn’t one of their inbred own … He will, though!

  • tbar

    hey, their yankee fans

  • Peter Duckett

    Maybe they booed because, I don’t know, Tebow sucks.

    • Jeremy


  • Jennifer

    Really?? Who cares if NY booes Tebow? Hes a Bible believing Christian and stands up for Jesus Christ…and has shown time and time again he walks the walk and has nothing but class. I bet if some wild looking freak like lady gaga was there, the NY fans would have went crazy for it. Keep shining Tim….”If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

  • JoeNY

    New York Giants played at Yankee Stadium for decades so most Yankee fans are Giants fans. They might be Eli Manning at Yankee Stadium

  • Jeremy

    I was not a Tim Tebow fan when he went to the NFL. I thought he wasn’t an NFL caliber quarterback. As a former doubter, I can tell you it won’t matter if the entire city is filled with al- Qaeda, Mossad agents or staunch atheist. Everyone loves a winner. And everyone loves someone who fights tooth and nail to be that winner. Tim Tebow is that guy. THEY ARE GOING TO LOVE HIM!!

  • Mimi

    So NOT a shocker-they do not deserve a class act like Tim Tebow. I hope he goes somewhere else to play football SOON, away from the rude nasty peple there.PATHETIC!!!

  • Cala King

    New Yorker are such a pack of asses!

  • http://WebPronews Kathie

    Another dumb article and pathetic writing to try and make a story out of nothing. Tebow has more class than the morons who try and make up stuff out of nothing. Elway never liked Tebow and chose a has-been in Manning. The Broncos may or may not do well with Manning but I think Elway is wrong not to appreciate and respect that Tebow brought the team out of the pits. I was not initially a fan of Tebow but he deserves respect for the class and determination he showed last year and during the whole trade process. He should get a chance to play with the Jets because Sanchez will never amount to anything…he’s pathetic and boring to watch. Tebow will bring some life to the team. As for his religious side, the media has made a circus out of it, not Tebow. There are plenty of players in all sports that routinely go through some religious rituals…mostly these are ignored, as they should be.

  • Harold

    It will not get any better, just shows people lack of good behavior.

  • Sharon

    Praise God, that Tim Tebow “knows” Who his Lord and Savior is! His God and mine gives Tim Tebow the grace to know how to respond to any negative comment that’s thrown at him. He will continue to take a stand for what and in Whom he believes in. Tim Tebow is among few well known figures in the sports world who is not embarrassed nor ashamed to stand up for his beliefs, no matter what the costs. Tim Tebow believes in God as his heavenly Father! Tim Tebow believes in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! Both, of Whom, are in heaven at this time. Tim Tebow also believes and “knows” that Jesus will return to earth one day soon. He believes and “knows” also that His very own Lord and Savior will take vengeance on all those who have refused to believe in/on Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior at GOD’S appointed time! Tim also believes in the Holy Spirit, Who is our Comforter and our Tour Guide, the very Spirit of God, Who’s willing to take His children through the Bible and teach all born again believers everything that God wants us to know and understand about His Word and our future. The Holy Spirit draws mankind to Jesus Christ. HE is here among us on earth, and HE lives inside the heart of Tim Tebow and inside the rest of us who believe and have experienced “new life in Jesus Christ.” Jesus saved Tim Tebow and myself from sin and eternal death. JESUS is the Savior of the world and you can be saved before Jesus returns to earth with all power and glory! Asking Jesus to save you is so very simple. Talking to HIM is like talking to your best friend. If you’re sincere in your talk with HIM, you’ll soon find that this Jesus is a “Friend Who sticks closer than a brother!” Simply share your story with HIM. Although HE already knows more about all of us than we know about ourselves, HE always wants to hear from us. Tell the truth! JESUS is the TRUTH that sets us free! HE will know if and when we lie about ANYTHING! HE will not listen to ANY lies nor will HE help us if/when we lie to HIM! Ask, invite, Jesus Christ to come into your heart now. Let HIM know that you believe HE is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. After this initial prayer/talk with Jesus, talk/pray everyday with God but always pray, praise, and give thanks to our heavenly Father, “in the name of Jesus.” Just before HE was led to the cross to die and pay the penalty for all our sins, Jesus Himself, instructed all of His followrs to pray to the Father, in His name, the name of Jesus. I know this is what Tim Tebow does, because I see the fruit of his labor. He is not afraid to let the whole world see and know that he is a Christian, a follower of Christ! Bless God America and God bless TIM TEBOW! Remember words are containers and they are in fact powerful! Words can and do hurt. The Bible truth is: Death and life is in the power of the tongue…

    • e

      you are efen $tupid for po$ting the mo$t outrageou$ comment tebow i$ playing the whole i love god act for fan$ he can give a $hit about being religiou$ he wa$nt $o religou$ when e had two bitche$ in hi$ motel

    • Megan

      Amen Sister or brother

  • brst

    i cannot believe this…it shows absolutely no class — what has tebow ever done to deserve this??? just because he gets on his knee and says thank you to GOD…his belief, his right…my gosh, when will all this stop.
    he should be able to enjoy living and being where he wants to be.
    come on, tebow – i would be proud for you to be a 49er!!!!!

  • john

    football should be god free

    • Emily


  • brst

    i cannot believe this…give this guy a break. this shows no class or consideration for another human being. just because he gets down on his knee and thanks GOD…his belief, his right.
    leave the poor guy alone…he deserves to be able to go out anywhere he pleases and enjoy a day to himself with this crap!
    tebow…please come to sf and be a 49er–promise no boooooooing…!!

  • Timdog

    Wow. Sodom booed the devout Christian. Big Surprise.

  • Timdog

    Jets who are they? Eli poops on Jets.

  • don

    the fans were booing Wade

  • don

    sure they were booing Wade!

  • Tebow is an average back-up

    Tebow is an average back-up quarterback who gets way to much publicity.

  • http://yahoo Karen H

    I am sure he took it like the gentleman he is in a classy way…..unlike New Yorkers who showed what little class they have. It is embarrassing that they would act that way. The Jets have gained a lot of fans coming into this year because of Tebow… that means money for the team….I know that I personally changed teams because of him….and while I will cheer him on….I doubt I will buy any Jets merchandise to fill the pockets of a state that is so rude and ignorant to manners.

  • Ty

    I live in upstate NY and am a diehard Patriots fan and Miami Hurricanes fan, but overall a fan of football. I’ve never been a fan of Tebow’s quarterback skills in college or the NFL, but find myself cheering for him nonetheless unless he’s playing my beloved Patriots. I’ve never met him personally, but I do like how he carries himself as a person. His dedication to God is admirable. He is a true role model for today’s youth, and I commend him and wish him eve greater success.

  • Ursus Magnus

    New York SUCKS. New Yorkers are SCUM.

  • wayne

    they are just JEALOUS that you are sincere and a man of the lord and you give respect to others and YOU, are still single. I would not be surprised if the ones who booed you, are UNhappily married or going thru a nasty divorce…good for them!

  • jeff

    Im a Knicks fan, that was for talking to Wade.

  • ja webbis

    of course NY is classless and their sporting fans are bottom of the barrel (Philly comes up short again!) but the booing of Tebow isnt so much about him as it is this idea of the perfect “god-loving christian”. If you want to believe in a myth thats your right. It doesnt entitle you to assume that the huge majority of the rest of the people on earth agree with you or need your advice, example or permission to live their lives as they wish.

  • Emily

    I am a big fan of the Yankees. But this is COOL!

  • Dave

    People obviously don’t understand the divide in sports teams in NYC. It’s fairly telling based on the comments and the article itself. In general, but not always, Yankees fans are Giants fans. Mets fans usually swing the way of the Jets. I’m not entirely sure why it is this way, but it is true about 70% of the time. Hence, it is not surprising that a Jet (Tebow) and an ass clown (Wade, who just beat up on the Knicks) gets booed by a bunch of pro Giant fans. This isn’t a thing about NY not liking Tebow. It’s more about a bunch of Giant fans, who hate the Jets, not liking Tebow.

  • Megan

    Who ever booed Tim Tebow dosent know who God is because this man shows that he is proad and a religious man he is and he gives honor to God not man. He really loves Jesus if more of us was like Tebow the whole world would be full of Christians. I’m proud of Tim Tebow.

  • Christine

    This just shows ALL that “some” people truly need to do their “own” soul-searching.. It’s apparent that these narow-minded topics covered in the media, certainly do not address the true issues We ALL face that truly concern Us ALL and OUR Futures!!!!!!! Tim Teebow IS one to be admired in soooo many ways! So REALLY, before U start to “Boo” or talk some “Un-TRUTHS” about someone else, do Us ALL a favor AND “Look at URSLF in the mirror”…. and if U still feel the same way about whatever/whomever it is afterwards- “GO back to that mirror, ’cause U apparently aren’t done yet!!”
    GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!!

  • mary coleman

    Just confirmed what I already knew: New Yorkers are nasty and vile.