Tim Cook Called Apple Watch the iWatch, So I Guess You Can Too

Josh WolfordTechnology

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Other than hundreds of people giving a man a standing ovation for putting a watch on his wrist, the most shocking thing you possibly witnessed during Tuesday's big Apple event was the death of the "i".

Death may be a little harsh – there's still the iPhone and the iPad. But Apple clearly moved away from the i-everything path that it's been on for years with the release of Apple Pay and the Apple Watch.

Yep, the Apple Watch. Not the iWatch, like people had been calling it for months. Surprised by what Apple ultimately decided to call its new wearable?

You're not alone.

That's Apple CEO Tim Cook slipping up and saying "iWatch" in a backstage interview with ABC News. Even Tim Cook knows, deep down, that it probably should've been called an iWatch.

Image via Apple

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