Tim Armstrong Sees Toronto Agency Growth

    October 3, 2007

Google’s North American president of advertising, Tim Armstrong, is quoted in a Globe and Mail article today as seeing a proliferation of ad agency jobs as a result of Google’s dominance of the online ad market. Armstrong is in town to "meet with his Canadian team," according to the article.

Elsewhere in the article, Armstrong is quoted or paraphrased saying that "Google is working with retailers such as Home Depot Canada to try to boost its advertising presence by showing it ways that it can pitch more of its products for longer periods of time on the Internet."

No word from Armstrong on any agencies he might also see as qualified to deliver that message to the client.

Regardless, Armstrong agrees with Hotchkiss (and myself) that in Canada, "we’re underinvested compared to what the opportunity is."

Meta-question: how does a private talk, an internal speech by a VP or President of a division, to a regional sales team, get full-length article treatment from a retailing reporter in the Globe? It’s not a public speech, so someone got invited to be a fly on the wall, and to make it public. That’s Microsoft territory. But as we all know… Google is indeed the new Microsoft.