Tilda Swinton Honored at MoMA's Annual Film Benefit

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Tilda Swinton was honored Tuesday night in New York at the Museum of Modern Art's annual Film Benefit. The tributes highlighted her 20-plus year acting career and her contributions to the world of modern art and fashion, according to the New York Times.

The guest list at Tuesday night's event was nothing short of astounding, and included everyone from Mayor Micheal Bloomberg to David Bowie, who was a chairman for the gala and also performed with her in his music video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)".

Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, was there, as well. Vogue featured Tilda Swinton in the early 90's, and she has been a Vogue favorite ever since. Wintour said of Swinton, “She’s fearless and she’s so diverse in her choices. Many movie stars or celebrities tend to get comfortable in a certain role and a certain type of film, a certain style of dressing. Tilda is very adventurous.”

Karl Lagerfeld, the photographer for that first Vogue shoot in the 90's was there, and he said of Swinton, “She’s not one of those girls in the fishtail dresses. No, no, no. She has more style than that. And people think she’s like a chic fashion victim. She’s the most down-to-earth person you will ever meet.”

Even Michael Bloomberg sang the praises of Tilda Swinton as he attended her tributes, even though some major political election night goings-on were happening. “I’m going to be here for the entire evening enjoying myself,” he said. “And later on, whoever wins, I’m going to call them and congratulate them.”

Also attending the star-packed evening was director Spike Jonze, who worked with her in “Adaptation”, Tony Gilroy, the "Michael Clayton" director for whom Ms. Swinton played a lawyer, and highly-respected actor, Ralph Fiennes, who was among the gala’s chairmen.

During the evening, Swinton made her way through reporters as well, expressing her thanks for the kind tributes and words on her behalf. "How lucky I am." she said.

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