Tiger Kills Worker In British Zoo

    May 25, 2013
    Shaylin Clark
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A zoo worker mauled by a tiger at a British zoo died of her injuries at the hospital yesterday. The worker, 24-year-old Sarah McClay was in the big cat enclosure when the tiger attacked her. She was airlifted to nearby Royal Preston Infirmary, but did not survive. She reportedly suffered numerous head and neck wounds.

The zoo, South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Dalton-in-Furness, closed early and sent all visitors away after the incident. Zoo officials said in a statement that the tiger had been secured in its cage, and that at no time was there any danger to the public.

The circumstances of the attack remain unclear, though area authorities and zoo officials are investigating.

  • rova

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    • maya

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    • Scott

      You’re next! “Cool lol”?

  • rick

    Nice kitty, nice.

  • Ld

    tiger: 1.
    stoopid humans: 0

    we have destroyed their habitat.
    we have ripped them to pieces.
    we have put them into slavery.

    would this continue if this was another genetic human being.?
    (look at Africa and the Middle Eastern Muslim states.)
    not to mention that predominantly muslim cesspool Malaysia.
    if the barbarians act like this toward humans, they never care about animals.

    we have raped another being (the tiger) in the name of profitable development because men can’t keep their cocks in their pants and women won’t be sterilized.
    human breeding is disgusting.
    results in rape, no birth control, and habitat destruction.
    religion is a major criminal in this: Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, all are guilty of raping the planet.

    anytime they (the animals) get the guilty parties (us) i applaud.

  • https://twitter.com/IKECSA IKE

    Was it a Muslim tiger? Meow…rawr!

  • John Flores

    Payback for all the tigers killed by people. Karma is a bitch.

    • Scott

      Nowhere did it say the zoo worker killed any tiger fool. You’re obviously too ignorant to know what karma really is. Karma is not biting the hand that feeds you dippy.

      • Chad

        I have rescue cats,supposedly domesticated. You cant change the fact that they are predator’s,pure and simple. NUFF SAID

        • Doug

          EXACTLY CORRECT ! If she was not a victim of foul play then she was either careless,stupid or dellusional!!!!… like ALL cat owners. Cats are NOT domesticated proven by the fact that tens of thousands ( or more ) of birds are murdered by them each year because selfish and lazy owners let them out of house unsupervised !! They feed their cats SOOOO the cat does not kill for food but for sport OR BECAUSE THEY ARE WILD….EVEN IF THEY ARE TRAINED !!!!! We all suffer the loss of beautifull birds because of these people !! They care about themselves their cat and screw the rest of the world !!! The bees are almost gone lets kill all the birds !!!! Will lazy and selfish cat owners be able to pollinate our crops and spread wild seed so we can have beautifull flowers and food ??????

          • http://yahoo doubting tom 2

            Murdered? Animals may kill each other for a variety of reasons but ‘murder’ is not one of them. I saw a black snake eating the eggs from a Robins nest one time but infanticide never crossed my mind. Cats kill birds, dogs kill cats, fox kill mice and rats, humans kill cows, chickens, pigs, etc. and the beat goes on.

          • Adrienne

            Doug, You need to relax. It is NATURE we are talking about, and yes, cats are natural hunters, and they will hunt birds, etc. Do you feel bad for the worms that the birds viciously kill because the birds are left to fly freely?

          • Tony

            You have watched wayyyyy too many Disney movies. The natural world is kill or be killed, end of story. Also, do you REALLY think that cats ORIGINATED inside houses? Cats and dogs will naturally bring their loving people tokens of obeisance such as birds, chipmunks, green herons and spotted fawns. If you want the most succinct summation of the natural world, I suggest you watch Bambi vs. Godzilla. A tender and touching flick.


        OH HOW SAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phil

    What kind of idiot goes strolling thru a tiger cage???

    • Lonnie Sanders Jr.

      Some one have to maintain and keep the cage clean for visitors to see and enjoy. This tiger must be put to sleep.

      • Jeff

        Sanders, you’re an idiot.

        • Scott

          No Jeff, you’re an idiot. Sanders is right.

          • Doug

            No Scott YOUR an Idiot along with Saunders…YOU would have failed the “test” !!! Jeff was RIGHT…I bet you are one of those lazy,selfish cat “owners”( a misnomer to begin with)who lets their cats out!!!!?????

        • Doug

          You are right Jeff she IS !!! Everyone who posts should have to take a basic intelligence and loogic test— you gave a much more direct response !!!

      • http://tigerkillsworker....... james

        hell, no. she should have kept her ass at a safe distance. one more fool gone.

      • Doug

        Put her supervisor to sleep osviously the CLEANER was poorly trained-the tiger was just a tiger !! Unless a victim of foul play ,which means not her fault,did she think she was that Indian dude on Life of Pi?????

      • Lori

        The tiger should not be put to sleep for being a tiger. I work at a zoo. The tigers are kept in a cage when the exhibits are cleaned. The worker made an unfortunate mistake that cost her her life. That is not the tigers fault. Tigers are predators and are meant to be in the wild. But sadly man has killed many tigers in the wild. Zoos are trying to protect the animals from becoming extinct.

    • Scott

      You’re an idiot and would probably do best as cat food.

      • Ariana

        Yes you are completely right, it is a wild animal therefore it should be Left In The WILD not caged and expected to act like a beautifully trained house cat. You walk around looking like a T-Bone steak, you’re risking your life no matter what.

        • larry

          tell that to the poachers

        • Vanessa

          What WILD? The Only Safe Place for our Animal Brethren is SADLY Caged Zoo’s.Us Humans are too busy Destroying our Planet, we have gone TOO far. There is No Wild Left. dont kid yourself.

        • Kim

          Left in the wild we wouldn’t have some of these lovely creatures because mankind has chosen to kill them to almost extinction. Those kept for preservation should be cherished and not punished for people that don’t take precautions when caring for them. They are indeed still a wild beautiful creature.

      • Doug

        There you go again …typical example of putting your own cat and and selfish desires ABOVE HUMANITY,,,you sir are not only illogical and stupid (not ignorant..too nice for you)…but you are exposing your cruelty to the world,,,shame on YOU!!!!!

    • Ivy Blue

      Before you make ignorant comments, ever thought that that is apart of her job description? To keep the cage clean and tidy for paying visitors. When you’re dumb, you don’t know what you don’t know.

  • http://yahoo hombre

    I don’t care how long you’ve owned the tiger or any wild animal it is still a wild animal and should be treated as such. we had the same thing happen here in fresno safty first always

  • http://webpronews.com Patrick

    This young woman dies and the six responses ( so far ) to the article are written by callous,dimwits. This says much about today’s society and the numerous twits that inhabit it. Obviously parenting skills are lacking in today’s my child is never wrong world.

    • Robert

      Patrick , most of the posters are in fact supercilious cranks .. They manage to amuse themselves with their assinine comments , but little else !

      • Doug

        I agreee with Rob and Pat (and Jeff)!! NUFF SAID !!!!!

  • Lusi

    Condolences to Sarah McClay’s family and dear ones, including the other staff at the zoo. This is very sad.

    • Vanessa

      Sorry pressed wrong button!!!! Condolences agreed.

  • David

    This is sad news all around. This may be one of two tiger attacks in Europe this week, the other in Berlin. The other tiger was apparently shot, which may have been necessary. Clearly, there need to be different safeguards in dealing with such powerful animals as these magnificent Tigers!

    • Vanessa

      Why is our First Response to Shoot the “Killer” animal or go on a massive Shark Hunt cause someone swam in THEIR see? Humanity suffers from a HUGE PERSECUTION COMPLEX!Funny That! seeing as WE ARE THE PERSECUTORS!!!!

  • Audrey

    David, I agree with you.

  • claud balls

    Definition of Tiger—600 pound pussy that eats you

  • http://webpro Destiny

    Beautiful cat. Hasn’t anyone told these trainers that they are territorial and dangerous? To me it doesn’t sound as if the safety measures were used or not used properly. I am sorry about the trainer, rest in peace. That cat though shouldn’t be put down. He is in a contained area and not a risk to the public. I didn’t say that he wasn’t a threat to trainers or people who enter his domain. TRAIN THESE PEOPLE!!!

  • http://www.theelementsbooks.com TK McEachin

    Animals have instinct, not intuition as humans do. No matter what you better always have your gun…

    • Ivy Blue

      These zoos should allow their workers, who have to work in that environment, to carry Tranquilizer guns.

      • Maria

        It would be wise to have pairs working together when dealing w/ big and
        dangerous animals, so one can ‘help’ the other if necessary (whether a tranquilizer gun, club, Taser etc).
        As Lori said, dangerous animals are kept in a cage when the area is being cleaned, so something must have failed..
        Condolences to the family for such a terrible tragegy. RIP

  • http://WebProNews tobymom

    Not the tiger’s fault. I am very sorry for the loss of the trainer, but obviously somebody slipped up with the safety rules.The animal was only following his instincts.He should not be on display for a period of time, perhaps, but he should not be destroyed.

  • lynne

    Why were these two in the tiger cage at the same time ??? Isn’t there some sort of system to keep these things from happening. Condolonces to the young woman’s family.

  • JANA

    Tragic for Sarah, the trainer. But what is it going to take for society to learn that caging up a wild animal is nothing other than CRUEL. Would you like to spend your life in a cage so some species could look at you? Zoos need to be done away with, as circuses and Water shows with Whales, Dolphins, etc. It is so incredibly unfair to the animals. What is wrong with us that we don’t see this?

    • http://webpro Destiny

      What is wrong with you that you can’t see that these are often homes to extinct and endangered animals? I suppose you had rather just let the species die out. No, zoo’s aren’t ideal especially for the larger animals that need more room. But most are trying to remedy that by building species friendly enclosures. At the rate we are going zoos, aquariums, etc are going to be the only place that our children are able to see these animals in the flesh. Human kind has killed off or over run their habitat. You know there is a reason a tiger is called a man eater. Find something else to blast. You really aren’t informed enough for this discussion. In the wild isn’t exactly a perfect place for animals to be either.

  • Lisa Pate

    Unfortunately, anyone who deals with wild animals is risking their life, no matter what good intentions they may have. Wild animals do NOT belong in zoos. They are stressed, and with stress comes insecurity and aggression. I’m sorry for the death of that worker though.

  • Myra Beattie

    I find it constantly baffling when people are confused about why the tiger would attack, IT…IS..A..WILD…ANIMAL…, this is not a domesticated toy, why on earth do people insist on going into the enclosures? was she alone?? another stupid idea, and the end result of course…. either the animal will be put down, or stronger and securer safety meausres taken around this incredibly beautiful.. please stop treating these creatures as though they are cute little toys, there is no such thing as “knowing” a wild animal

  • robjiza777

    I don’t mess with tigers and they don’t mess with me.

  • http://webpronews toya

    Why kill the tiger? People are so unfair to animals. This big cat should be in the wild, not in a cage. Instead of killing him let him go free

    • Vanessa

      Noble thoughts Toya. Free into what? chinese medicine? There is No Safe Freedom for our Planets Beings. Die isolated in a zoo or die slowly, strung up upside down in a cage while being stripped of your teeth, nails,bile etc.Our Race – Humanity – Disgusting.

  • http://yahoo doubting tom 2

    Never could understand the emotion people expend over an animal–wild or domesticated. Thousands and thousands of tons of animals pass through our super markets and our bowels on a weekly basis, and with the exception of a few weird people known as vegetarians or members of a cult named PETA, no one minds at all. But if is a dog, cat, horse, or exotic animal, it is right up there with torture and the burning of witches. People are weird.

  • Kim

    There are rules and guidelines at zoos to keep both the animals and care takers safe. Obviously someone messed up and it’s not the Tigers fault they act on instinct. For the person who keeps talking about selfish people letting their cats out to kill birds. I have cats don’t let them out. However, quite naïve to think it’s just cats let out killing all the birds. Try raccoons other birds eagles Blue Jays snakes and on and on. Dogs will too if they can get to them. Animals don’t kill or your words murder just for fun it’s their instinct. Animals kill animals what fantasy world do you live in? Lock up all the cats and birds would still be getting killed take by perhaps your car even.

  • Gomer

    Tigers are not pets.

  • tiana

    when are people going to learn wild animals should not be held captaive and forced to live in zoos. unless the zoo has 6000 miles of land for each animals

    must be like the other person who was cleaning the cage on the phone and didnt close the tiger cage right

    its not the tigers fault he is a born predator and cannibal

    • Kim

      Well tigers are shot killed and this isn’t Born Free Movie. Perfect world all animals would roam free. But guess what there are people out there that shoot kill hunt skin these animals in the wild. So I am not a huge zoo person but understand the preservation of them. So to say they all should roam free why don’t you take on all the poachers and protect them all. Because it isn’t happening in the re real world enough to fear losing many of them.

  • Nicole

    Condolences to Sarah’s family, but, it’s a risk that is taken when dealing with WILD animals. This is why we shouldn’t keep them locked up in a cage. They rely on instinct….doesn’t matter how well “trained” they are, or even how long they’ve grown up in a secure, domesticated environment. At the end of the day, these are WILD animals, who don’t deserve to be locked up for entertainment. It’s not fair to put the tiger to sleep for being the predator that it’s programmed to be.

    I didn’t say all that, to say that her death means nothing. It is tragic. But unfortunately, it happens. Just like the whale that killed its trainer at SeaWorld a while back.

  • http://YAHOO BOB

    survival of the FITTISS!!!!!!

  • joe Dopp

    everyone knows you only enter there cage after they been fed and they are sleeping. Its a TIGER!!!

  • Lol

    Fuck the furry fuckers! Kill them all! I want a new rug.