Tickle Launches People Search

    April 22, 2004

Tickle.com, a social network, has launched Tickle People Search. This feature was designed in order to “provide Tickle’s members with targeted introductions to new friends, romantic partners and business contacts, as well as qualified referrals to products and services.”

Tickle’s people search gives users the ability to keyword search with the results containing not only relevant sites, but also a list of friends who have expertise in the topic of the searched keyword.

From Tickle’s description: “Tickle members have the ability to share and compare Tickle test results – a feature unique to Tickle that leverages the company’s scientific foundation to create deeper connections among members.”

If your friend wants to refinance her house and searches for “mortgage” on Tickle People Search, she will get web links for mortgage information, plus a list of people she knows – or people who know people she knows – who have expertise in mortgages. She can then contact them directly for advice, making it much easier and more personal for her to find the information she needs.

Tickle’s People Search results are pulled from more than 2 million profiles in the Tickle Social Network. The web search results are powered by AskJeeves.

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