TicketsatWork and the World of Corporate Perks Programs

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Something’s happening in the world of company employee benefits and if you work in human resources or if you’re a business owner, I suggest you perk up (no pun intended).

Keeping the people who work for you happy and content is oftentimes not an easy feat for businesses. Some businesses are better than others, and the truth of the matter is that businesses that keep their employees the happiest are probably going to be the most successful. After all, anyone taking a look at costs associated with replacing and training new employees can quickly see that the phrase ‘employee retention’ should be posted in big, bold letters to the office door of business owners and managers who want their companies to be competitive and successful.

But, how do you go about keeping employees happy so that they stay around, and, by the same token, how do you go about attracting the highest talent in the market to your business? And the last question on the list – what’s this about something new happening in the world of company benefits?

Well, let’s explain. We know that employees care about health and insurance benefits. They certainly care about retirement-related benefits and 401Ks. Those are staple benefits that if you’re going to attract the best minds and talent in your field, your business should provide, especially at a time when the economy is strengthening and when hiring the best and the brightest is becoming increasingly competitive.

But, there’s another class of benefits that more companies in the United States are increasingly choosing – and that’s giving their employees access to special offers, and discounted rates on travel and family activities.

Recall what happens around the office when a manager offers free tickets to that nights basketball or baseball game? No matter the industry or field, people around the office get pretty excited, right? Now think about providing employees a website where employees can access discounted rates to hundreds of attractions and hotels across the country. Just think about the excitement that can create.

And this is exactly what a company called TicketsatWork is helping companies across the country do for their employees.

Since 2001, TicketsatWork has partnered with an expanding list of the top entertainment brands. The company was fortunate to begin with Walt Disney World® and Universal Orlando®, and now partners with hundreds of shows, theme parks and the top attractions across the country and, recently added thousands of hotels with discounts up to 60% off.

TicketsatWork contracts special offers from each of their entertainment partners and makes them available to the registered companies and their employees all through an easy to navigate website, Over 30,000 US companies currently offer TicketsatWork to their employees as a special entertainment and travel perk.

What’s particularly novel about TicketsatWork is the clarity and sophistication of their website, which is updated with new offers and product lines where employees can browse special discounts and special offers to all the nationwide attractions and entertainment opportunities available. Employees of participating companies can simply log-in to the TicketsatWork website, type in their login credentials provided by their Human Resources department, and begin planning their next family vacation, get away or to take advantage of entertainment options close to home.

Perks to help employees remain happy and stay with the company? Partnerships with some of the greatest travel destinations and hotels in the country and that lead to competitive and special-offer discounts? A simple-to-navigate website where employees can access these discounts? It’s no wonder that the world of corporate perk programs, as lead by companies like TicketsatWork, is booming.

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