Tia Mowry Called A “Nobody” By Charlize Theron?

    August 10, 2014
    Val Powell
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Instant Mom star Tia Mowry is doing some damage control over what she claims are overblown reports that she’s in a feud with Oscar-winning actor Charlize Theron. In an interview with In Touch recently, Mowry talked of an encounter at a SoulCycle class where Theron snubbed her. Mowry is now backing up, saying the incident was “blown out of proportion.”

The original report had Mowry saying that she tried to introduce herself to Theron in the spinning class, but that Theron had rolled her eyes and said, “Oh my God.” Mowry claimed that she had approached the veteran actor politely, without being “over-the-top,” and that Theron was being “mean”.

This presented a feeding frenzy for media, with reports coming out later that Theron had lashed back at Mowry. A source told Dish Nation that Theron had demanded that Mowry be banned from SoulCycle because she was so angry that Mowry had spoken to the tabloids about her. SoulCycle reportedly refused, which made the 39-year-old star of Snow White And The Huntsman even more angry. She was apparently concerned about her privacy during the 45-minute spinning classes, and a source claims that she said, “This nobody who was famous for a minute 20 years ago can complain to the tabloids about me but I can’t expect you to protect me from hangers-on in your studio?”

However, sources are now coming out saying that the story is completely “fabricated and untrue.” Mowry herself is saying that she doesn’t know Theron personally, and admires her enough to even have a crush on her. “I absolutely love her, she’s my ‘woman crush Wednesday,’ you can even see it on my Instagram!” she said. “I’m obsessed with her, I love her, it was definitely blown out of proportion. So that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

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  • omgthatshizzcray

    omg that shizz cray!

  • Mason

    Kind of ironic actually. When I saw the title of this article I thought ” Tia Mowry vs …who?”

    • Jejomar DInay

      seriously, who is Tia ….?

      • Premier James

        Mr.JAy88, you must live under a “ROCK” if you do not know who Tia Mowry is. You know how to GOOGLE don’t you?

        • Jejomar DInay

          should i care?

        • Jejomar DInay

          anyway, it’s not because i don’t know her i live under the rock… You can worship her as long as you want….
          I googled her, yes she was famous for 15 minutes….

      • Celz

        A beautiful and talented actress who isn’t as famous as she used to be because she chose to have class and a family.

        • Mnzu Ris


          • Celz

            Yea she was paid a small fortune to be on TV fully clothed not ridiculing herself because she’s ugly and knows nothing about acting… Lol

  • Lorna Simmons

    Why did they show that pic of Tamera twice? Anyone catch that? I know they’re identical, but Tamera has a mole and they showed her pic twice, not Tia’s. I thought the Mowry twins were the last to ever have beef with anyone, that’s why I’ve always looked up to them. I do think it was Charlize’s fault, treating Tia like that. They (Tia and Tamera and even their brother Tahj) don’t seem to be about drama.

    • SJ

      i have to agree with you Lorna! The twins are not about drama, unless they are fussing between them self’s and even then it is about two sisters doing things that sisters do. I just love the twins and wish they had more of their reality show on. As a matter of fact we are watching HUB with Sister Sister as we speak. Charlize is a self important wanna be big star, as someone said earlier… seeing the head lines they were thinking Tia VS. Who? I couldn’t tell you the first thing the latter did. Not only that Tia is 10,000 times prettier then whats her name. and has more class also.

      • Lorna Simmons

        If I remember correctly, Tahj, said in an interview that he had/has a crush on Charlize Theron. I bet he doesn’t like her anymore since she dissed his sister. I think they’re a very close family and stick together.

  • Cokia

    Well, I guess Charlize wanted everyone to know that she really did roll her eyes at someone saying hello. She sounds like a douche.

  • wiseowl689

    I think that Sean Penn’s attitude is rubbing off on Charlize Theron. Maybe they belong together. I think that the Mowry twins are great and fabulous role models for young women.

    • SJ

      Yes they are! They are well educated, are wonderful mothers, and great wives! And they don’t do sleazy entertainment. Again have a lot of class!

    • Mnzu Ris

      Un-wise-owl-689…Those Mower Sisters expected that Theron will be with a Black husband because she is from South Africa. Let Sharlize alone!!!

      • disqus_BxcOvUQ88l

        If you don’t know how to spell their names, scroll up, they are in the article. Are you racist, there are white people in South Africa, you do know this right? Also in case you don’t know Tia & Tamera are of mixed race, one white & one black parent, born into a military family that has class and are well educated. Tia is married to a black man and her sister to a white man. Working, educated, good men.

        • Mnzu Ris

          I really did not know that. Therefore, to call one of the sisters a “nobody” is not a far-fetched comment.

  • Nina

    I hope they know some of those pics are of Tamera. Gheesh. They cant tell the two apart by now.

    • Warriorscribe

      Lol. I can’t.

  • Premier James

    Tia is such a beautiful,
    classy young woman I find it hard to believe that she would have a feud with
    anyone let alone Charlize Theron. I am
    not at all surprised that Charlize Theron is a Snob given her upbringing in
    Racist South Africa. The racist comments that Charlize made toViola Davis is
    just an example of her pompous, arrogance. Charlize told Viola to get over the fact that
    there is not enough racial equality in Hollywood. It should not be a shock that she would be a
    Snob toward Tia. Tia a word of advice,
    you can’t change racist people. Do not kiss her ass. No one is worth that and
    you are definitely better than she is.
    Tia hold your head up and Keep It Movin.
    Love you as an actress.

  • Ms. B.

    I wouldn’t have a crush on or look up to anyone who blew me off as a nobody from 20 years ago and tried to have me banned from a spin class. I can’t stand actresses or any other celebrity who act like this. Snobs are the worst. She might feel like she’s on top today but her fall will be a hard one. I am definitely “Team Tia” as for Charlize she can kick rocks!!!

    • Marie

      Thank when is the last movie Charlize been in again????Tia does not need kiss her back end. Really she is not all that special.

  • GHF

    Disingenuous and ludicrous of anyone to call Charlize Theron a racist. Her adopted son, to whom she’s a loving, devoted mother, is Black. Why do Black people make everything a racial issue. Maybe Charlize just didn’t like Tia, whoever she is, and it has nothing to do with race.

    • Warriorscribe

      Who’s said that?

      And don’t you see the irony in your question “Why do BLACK people…?” as if all black people are represented by ONE person’s opinion?

      • GFH

        I don’t see anything ironic nor am I referring to one person’s opinion. I think it would be a rare occurrence if the race card wasn’t played when the issue is between a Caucasian and a Black person. Generally speaking race always becomes an issue even when a situation is as trivial as this between Charlize and Tia.

        • Maria

          Maybe the race card would not have to be played if you did not make it about it anyway. I get so tired of people that think like you thinking the world is the way you see it. You will never know what you refuse to have an open mind to!

      • Maria

        Thank you!!!If that is the case why do white people always say how blacks make things about race. See how backwards that is well it is the same when they say it.

    • Maria

      Says the non Black person?

      • Happy

        I suppose if you have to talk about race using the phrase “the race card” you are probably not intelligent enough to understand the full effects racism disproportionately puts people through.

    • Thandiwe

      As a black woman who grew up in Apartheid South Africa i can tell you shes racist. Black kids r an accessory to hollywood, they r raised by nannies. Besides a few exceptions, those kids grow up to tell you themselves how they were treated differently. She has said other racist comments before, dont talk about things you don’t know please…..if u had walked an inch in my shoes you would understand…we r trying to come together but some pple just love oppressing

  • delwilliams

    One of those tabloid stories of yet another woman vs woman thing. In this case two C-listers, at best. IF Tia did go to the tabloids, she was out of line, and it would basically be showing she was doing it for the publicity. I hope she has more sense than that.

    • Mnzu Ris

      Where is that C-list you are refering to? I would like to take a look :-)

  • brooklyn23

    I dont know if its true. But if it is true about Charlize, I no longer like her. Whats wrong with being humble and chill. SInce when does someone making small talk or trying to at that account for being a stalker? I just saw Charlize the other day on Monster ( which IVe seen a few times and cried all those times). I could picture her having her nose in the air like that. I had read a blind item about someone who has an adopted black child and mistreats it behind closed doors. People guessed it was either charlize or sandra bullock. Tsk. So many mommy dearests that exist

  • LindsayTS

    Sorry, but Ill watch all of Tia’s shows, but I haven’t been to a Charliez movie, in probably 20 years.LOL

  • Slaughtr

    It is Charlize fault she acted an ass stop trying to find other reasons if she was disrespectful and on balloon head status that was uncalled for be professional.

  • kells

    if she was simply speaking to her and she behaved the way she did not only is she arrogant and ugly on the inside but the fact that she called her a nobody shows how absent of any redeeming qualities she is. and not just because Tia is an actress too but because she is a human being and was obviously a fan. the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!

  • S Davis

    Tia don’t worry its just Miss Theron South African Blood coming to the surface when she starts to cuss you out in Afrikaans then you should start to worry….

  • Mnzu Ris

    Roger!??? Go home!!! Tia M. you need to respect adults. Charlize Theron is so not in your level!!! Need some spanking, Mowry?

  • http://www.twitter.com/iambcole bobby cole

    wowww this sh** is crazy

  • disqus_BxcOvUQ88l

    Tia is much prettier than Charlize. Tia has been acting since she and her sister were teenagers. For the poster who said she needs to respect adults, you are not to smart, Tia is an adult she’s in her 30’s. She just happens to look young. If you ever watched their reality show these two women have good hearts, they are ladies and have not slept around in the business like Charlie girl! I have never seen a movie with Charlize, never cared for her acting. Yes Tia has been in the business for 20 years, and is still in demand, we’ll have to see if the same can be said for Charlize in 20 years. Maybe that’s why she’s now latched onto Sean, he’s probably set for life since he’s been around forever, and she wants to make sure she can stay living the same lifestyle, cause lord knows she’s not with him because he’s handsome. I think I’ve read he’s also not so nice so she’s not with him for his charm. Or maybe nobody else will have her because of her attitude or they don’t want to be sloppy 50th! Charlie girl probably didn’t realize Tia was also an actress and rolled her eyes because she thought Tia was an average person saying hi and she felt she was to above her to be polite to a fan. For an actor to act like this is a sure way to lose fans

  • http://www.twitter.com/iambcole bobby cole

    who ever knew charlize was such a bitch

    • Mnzu Ris