Tia And Tamera To End Their Reality Show

    January 2, 2014
    Tobias Roth
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Tia and Tamera first gained attention from fans as young child stars. For those who were watching the Disney channel during the 1990s, most people will probably remember the twins from their memorable roles in the show Sister, Sister.

Sister, Sister ran from 1994 until 1999, and starred Tia and Tamera as twins who were separated at birth, only to reconnect as teenagers. Since then, they had not been seen in much other than a couple of movies that were made for the Disney channel, and were not seen by many people.

Although it has been fairly recent since their reality series was launched, they announced recently that they would not be continuing with the show. It has aired for three seasons, and will not be coming back for a fourth.

The two of them launched the reality series about their own lives, and simply called the show Tia & Tamera. The show was launched in 2011, and focused on the two of them and their everyday efforts as they juggled motherhood and marriage with their careers.

The news of the show’s cancellation was revealed to fans originally through Tamera’s twitter. She confirmed the show’s cancellation, and then continued to tweet thank you messages to her fans for the support over the past three seasons.

Tia and Tamera have chosen to end the show as a way to stay out of the spotlight, and while they have been on the screen since they were kids, they may simply need a break.

Despite the fact that they will be ending their show, the two of them will not be completely disappearing from the spotlight, but will not be showcased in the way that they were before.

Each of them will continue being active with television while Tia Mowry-Hardrict is currently working on her new television comedy, Instant Mom, and Tamera Mowry-Housley is a panelist on new talk show The Real, which debuted in the U.S. in July of 2013.

Reality television is not for everyone, and while some stars may enjoy having their lives showcased for everyone to see, Tia and Tamera are ready to move on to other things.

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  • Randy

    Thanks for all of the years of entertainment that has been and for the years to come.Everything runs it course and ladies, you’ve provided us with a memorable ride.
    ~Dr. Randy Nichols

  • curtis perryman

    yes yes yes !!!!! its about time..the most boring show ever!!!!!

    • adele

      it only showed how really stupid they are, sad. sorry to say but I like them, it was just hard to watch when they were being so stupid and I know it might be their ages, but really, ugh!

    • anonymous

      AWFUL BAD show! watched an episode. all they do is nag at each other. and they just fight. save some room for a better tv show. but CANCEL IT! CANCEL IT!! GOOD! SO GLAD THIS SHOW WILL BE GONE!!!!!!!!

    • Thaddeus Buttmunch

      Tia Gonna sit on my KoKK Tamara sit no my Face, yo da KING o da Hyooman Race!!

    • mea

      then why were you watching?

    • Shawn

      Surprised folks actually watched the show…reality shows are stupid by default. How do folks get entertained watching the lives of another person (especially when most of it is created drama with poor acting with most shows) is beyond me.

  • http://Yahoo.com Sylvia Theis

    Was looking forward to their show coming back. I really enjoyed seeing them and their families. Was just waiting to see when it was going to return. I for one am disappointed. I just finished watching the Mistletones the xmas movie that Tamara was in, I think, I loved it!! What a beautiful voice. You need to do another holiday movie! Really going to miss the show!!!!!!!! You are beautiful young women with beautiful families. Will be looking forward to your other projects.

  • lab13

    YEAH!!! it was stupid anyway

    • anonymous


  • hhunter3

    Was it still on the air? I didn’t know…

  • Barb

    would have been better if the Kardasians were ending their show instead

  • P

    Twin Moment at 2min 05sec

    • Erik

      Stupid comment moment at January 2, 2014 at 9:36 pm

  • JF

    Funny how all the haters are dissing the show but took the time to read the story.

  • Bee

    Everyone was saying this show was stupid and boring….actually it wasn’t. It wasn’t. It was quite good actually. It was a reality tv show that wasn’t over the top ridiculous. Just because they are not partying wildly and getting into fights all the time does not mean that their show was stupid. That was actually more how everyday celebrities live their lives that are not being filmed. It is a shame that in order for a show to be considered quality nowadays it has to involve wild partying, drinking, fighting, immaturity, hypersexuality and vanity.

    • Nunya

      I agree. People who were bashing the show is just jealous b/c these girls are living a life that doesn’t revolve around demoralizing themselves. They grew up and stayed on the right path. How many child stars can say that about themselves? I’ll be 39 in a few weeks and I’ve been a fan of Tia & Tamera since the 90’s and being a fraternal twin myself I say kudos for them sticking together too!

  • pattymaxx

    It had its moments but all in all I enjoyed watching them. As I always have since they were kids. Even as adults siblings fuss and fight and yet they learn from it and become even more closer. It was so sweet watching them both having babies and how different it was for each one.
    I really enjoyed when they went in search of their family history. It is not until we are older that things like that mean more to us.
    I really will miss the show, and sad to hear its over, but they have plenty to keep them busy being Mothers and careers and such…..nothing last forever but Sisters are forever !

  • Johnni

    I enjoyed watching the show and appreciate you all sharing and opening your lives to us. I believe it has made us better.

  • Jen

    Great girls who became wonderful women…right before our eyes. And get this, they did not twerk, showed their who-ha, become alcoholics, did drugs or went from man to man! Class is class. Wishing them all things good and long and happy marriages. Well done ladies.

  • Cheryl

    I’m very sad to hear the show is ending. I will miss both of you and your lovely family and friends. Thank you for allowing us to see two wonderful, positive young beautiful ladies enjoy life. I’m glad I have a few apisodes recorded. I wish you the best and ‘YES’ you will be missed by your ‘REAL’ fans. Blessings.

  • Jenn

    I really enjoyed watching the show.

  • http://MSN Jenn

    I enjoyed watching the show. I love Tia. Tamera is a bore and very selfish.

  • Gwendolyn

    I am age 53 and I jus love their show. Please rethink this!

  • Ian

    Truth be told, I never watched the show. The only reality show I can stand is Duck Dynasty because the Robertson family,despite getting on each other’s nerves quite often, is a family at the end of the day. They don’t engage in hooliganism and other sorts of foolish behavior just to get attention and make the show interesting. That being said, I have always thought both Mowrys were hot and wish them the best with their future endeavors.

    • Brianne

      Oh yes Duck Dynasty the Kardashians of the A&E network. Proving that money is valued above all else by putting their ugly mugs on every piece of cheap made in China product they can at wal mart. Pretty sure God wasn’t materialistic and money grubbing if the Bible that I read was to be believed unlike these people who claim to have strong Christian values. Honestly people like you are weak minded and uneducated if you truly believe anything you watch on that show. Selling their souls and values for money is hooliganism and foolish.

      • r barr

        i agree 100%, esp after the dad made a total ass of himself with the gay/racsist commentary :)!

  • friendlyone20

    Who was watching this anyways? No offense. -_-

  • Pat

    I think they are adorable still. Watched a couple of episodes and as some commenters said, it is wholesome, clean TV. I enjoyed the episodes I watch. Don’t get much clean TV these days.

  • Neicy

    So because it wasn’t a bunch of women fighting and throwing glasses, you all think it was boring? What a world we live in! I enjoyed the wholesome show, it was definitely refreshing to see.

  • Michelle

    I think Tia’s going back to the Game!

  • carolyn

    I loved Tia and Tamara and everything about them. I loved what they represented to young girls. That it’s okay to be wholesome, good-natured and you don’t have to want to kick everyone’s butt to be cool, cute and likable. I wish you girls all the blessings in the world and look forward to watching anything you guys are in. P.S. I stopped watching the “GAME” after Tia and Derwin left. They made the show. God Bless!

  • Shawn

    Love when folks don’t allow others do have DIFFERING OPINIONS/TASTE. I mean don’t dare disagree with their precious taste because surely if you do then it must be because you’re jealous, you’re a “hater”, and other nonsense. I mean surely it can’t be because you just don’t agree with the item in question.

    Why can’t folks take others disagreeing with them is amazing, folks just like to hear themselves speak and echo chambers. NEWSFLASH: Not everyone agrees with your taste/opinion, it has nothing to do with some bizarre jealousy.

  • Mary

    I hope Tia is going back to “The Game” because her classy ways are missing. Then I hope they come back after going their separate ways unite again in another episode. They had a clean reality show. It is so sad that there are not more reality shows that I can sit down with my twelve years old granddaughter and watch besides Nick Jr. I wish them the best. I wish their marriages to best and hope the best for their families and friends.

  • Alexis

    I see this stupid website didn’t post my comments, and I two comments. Well screw you….