Three Sisters Killed: Children Raped In India, Bodies Dumped

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Three sisters were raped, killed, and dumped in a well in India on Valentine’s Day; their bodies were found two days after their grandfather reported that they hadn’t returned home from school.

The girls, aged between five and eleven years old, are the latest victims in a wave of sexual violence to sweep India. After the brutal rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in New Delhi, more and more citizens are speaking out against the violence aimed at women and girls there. After the sisters were found, thousands of people from Murmadi, Lakhani reportedly blocked the highway in a protest, demanding justice be done.

The family of the girls say that the Police Inspector, Prakash Munde, was partially to blame for a delay in a search for the girls; he has since been suspended. The government has awarded the children’s mother a financial compensation, but she refused, saying instead she wanted them to use it to find the murderers.

“When my granddaughters did not return home on February 14, we searched around and at 9 p.m., we went to the Lakhani police station to lodge a complaint. But our complaint was registered only at 1.30 am next day,” the girls’ grandfather–who helped raise them–said.

Police have organized several investigation teams for the case and, as of this week, had three suspects in custody for interrogation. But, they say, that doesn’t mean the men are the suspects. They are also looking at people who knew the family, saying they suspect the girls knew their killers.

Three Sisters Killed: Children Raped In India, Bodies Dumped
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  • leonor shirkey

    We are truly in the last days, the devil is like a roaring lion. Soon though our Lord Jesus will come in the clouds and destroy all the wickedness that exists in this world!

    • http://yahoo Lynne

      I wish HE would hurry up

      • linda

        so true these are demons working overtime because time is running out for them and satan even if police don’t catch these animals jehovah and his son jesus will take care of them not only is this happening in other countries it happening here also but once again this will be taken care of

    • http://yahoo bobbie kelly

      I wish he did yesterday. People can be so cruel and uncaring.

  • Marisol

    This SEXUAL CRIME is so vile, so evil and so shockingly hideous! This is precisely why this hateful scourge of evil rapists in your society must be dealt with by the harshest of means and that is the death penalty! The entire world is watching this and now fully recognizes the poisonous infestation that is ravaging your country! These animals are worse than the TALIBAN in Afghanistan. INDIA, SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • XxXxXx

    10-1 it was a bunch fo muslims that did it , considering they marry people in that age group , which quite frankly is sickening.and they think there’s nothing wrong with it @ all , yukk

    • Michelle

      That was an ignorant comment. Are all the child rapists in the United States Muslims? Last time I checked a lot of the men on the sex offenders list are white American Men! Every race and religion has evil people, it has nothing do with religion or race! SO are the Catholic Priest that molest young boys, are they undercover Muslims? Not everything bad in the world is caused by Muslims. My heart goes out to the family of the little girls. I hope they catch the SOB that did this and castrate him or worse!!

      • Indian

        Thank you for being smart enough to not stereotype.

  • http://yahoo bobbie kelly

    This is awful. Whoever done this should also be killed. They were so young and had their whole life ahead of them. It is a shame.

  • Silent SeaWolf

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of
    the girls. This is horrible! :(

  • Ann

    This is disgusting! So now men are raping children? This makes me ashamed to be a human I hope they catch them castrate them and them kill them or send them to a horrible prison. I hope the woman there revolt, raise hell, come together and make change happen, or carry a gun…

    • Chris

      Those are NOT men…

  • samuel jackxman

    those murderers will never go unponished

  • Marisol

    IT STILL STINKS IN INDIA (1): 3-year old child was brutally raped in Kotu Kata area in Bhilwara, Jaipur on February 12. 20-year old Asharam Kumar, a resident of the area, kidnapped the sleeping girl from her Nomadic family, took her to a nearby forest, raped her, beat her up, and savagely chewed her lips and other parts of her face. She was found, crying, in a pool of blood. 14 year-old girl brutally gang-raped in Haridwar district, by Ankit Deshraj, Deepak and Ankit Naresh. 12-year old boy raped a 6-year old girl in Kiran Nagar, Bhopal. The victim’s mother found her daughter at a construction site with the boy. In Bihar, a 45-year old woman and mother of 4 was found gang-raped and hanging from a tree in Bhagalpur. In Punjab, on January 11, a 29-year old woman was travelling home on a bus. She was the last passenger on the bus along with the bus conductor and bus driver. They drove past her stop to a remote spot and, along with 5 friends, gang-raped her all night. 11-year old girl, still in hospital, was gang-raped by Suresh Jat, Ramesh Sharma and 4 others on August 20, 2012 in Sikar, Rajasthan. She was pulled off the street into a vehicle while walking with her older sister. She required 14 reconstructive surgeries to repair her vagina, rectum, and internal organs. She lays in hospital all day, crying inconsolably. Four little girls, one as young as 5, were brutally raped by a sadistic 40-year old grocery store owner, Rabi Lochan Dey, in West Bengal’s Bankura district on January 3. The little ones had gone to his grocery store to buy a cake. On the pretense of getting them cake, he lured them to a side room and savagely raped them. The incident only came to light when one of the little girls passed blood in her urine. 2-year old toddler monstrously raped by 32 year old Keshav Joshi in Halol town, near Vadodara. After barbarically raping her, he threw her away into the bushes. The toddler passed away 3 days later on December 25, 2012. In January, a 7-year old little girl was raped in the school toilet at Deepvihar High School in the city of Vasco da Gama in Goa state. The 20+-year old male dragged the child into the toilet during recess where he raped her. School management tried to cover up the rape by washing the girl and the toilet where the heinous sexual crime was committed. 3 young girls, aged 6, 8 and 11, went missing February 14 in Lakhani village, Bhandara district in Maharashtra state. Police failed to take action and shamefully ruled the deaths ‘accidental’ or ‘suicide’. Two days later, a villager found them dead at the bottom of a well. Villagers had to demand action, by blocking the roads and burning tires, before a medical examination revealed the girls had been brutally raped, sodomized, and murdered. (cont’d)

  • Marisol

    IT STILL STINKS IN INDIA (2): 18-year old girl was gang-raped in Punjab state November 13. Police harassed the girl, refused to take action, and, shockingly, pressured the girl to marry one of her attackers. She swallowed poison and died. In December, 2012, a playschool was sealed in Paathshala, at Sagarpur in West Delhi after a 3-year old girl was allegedly sedated and raped by the owner’s husband. On February 11, in Rotary Nagar in Kodichikkanahalli, Madiwalli, near Bangalore, 5-year old little Mamatha was lured away from her home with a promise of chocolates by 19-year old Mahesh Nanjundaiah, a neighbour. In attempting to rape her, she screamed and he strangled her to death. That evening, he threw little Mamatha’s body into a bush near a construction site. She was found the next morning in a mud heap covered in bruises, severe external injuries and bite marks. One eyeball had popped out. On February 9, a 50-year old man was attempting to rape a 2-year old toddler in the courtyard of his house in Pratap Nagar Sector 9, Jaipur. Chhotu Harijan, the accused, is the girl’s grandfather. Neighbours came to the toddler’s aid. The body of a 22-year old mentally challenged girl was found with her head smashed by a stone in Karauli’s Hindaun town on February 9. Her body was found, naked, the next morning in a mustard farm. 7-year old girl was repeatedly raped by 32-year old Shashikant Ojha in Sahar’s Sai Nagar in Mumbai. For over two months, he raped her several times and threatened to slit her throat if she told anyone. After the child began feverishly screaming in her sleep, her parents coaxed the story out of her. Ojha had the sick audacity to not only admit to having ‘intercourse’ with the little girl, but also shamefully said: “There’s nothing wrong with it.” 2-year old infant was allegedly raped by an 18-year old male in Minapara village near the city of Raigani, West Bengal on January 5. The sleeping infant was left unattended when the mother went to wash clothes in a nearby pond. 6-year old girl found at Gurgaon-Delhi border, howling, in a pool of blood. She had been kidnapped, brutally raped, sodomized and dumped by the side of the road on February 10. She suffered extensive internal and external injuries and is currently undergoing major reconstructive surgeries. 1-year old infant raped by 15-year old neighbour who barged into the home on February 13 in Nuttam Nagar, West Delhi. The mother was in the next room and, upon hearing her infant’s cries, was alerted. By that time, the infant had been raped and the teenaged had fled.

  • Robert Hall

    @Ronald Thomas

    1. What crime? If there is no God and we are all just here by time+matter+chance, then why is anything right or wrong? There is no meaning or grand design right? We are just organisms dancing to our DNA

    2. Why is it wrong for them to have done this to these girls? If there is no God, then how can we assign intrinsic value to these girls whereby we say their suffering is evil? Oh, but we have established that there are no objective moral values already so there is no intrinsic value. They are just random mutations of cellular life.

    3. Define ‘bad’? If there is no God, then there is no meaning, so no moral objective values so there is no good or bad for that matter

    4. How can we demand our freedom from God so we aren’t robots and yet get angry with Him when we abuse that freedom?

    5. Again, if we are just random mutations of cells, why should we care what happens to anyone regardless of age or gender?

    6. Why must we rely on each other for help? We have established we aren’t of any value or design, just random mutations.

    7. Why must we be good to each other? That is assigning objective moral values to humanity.

    8. Again, why is it the right thing to do?

    9. You say you don’t want anything to control you or dictate what you are supposed to think and feel and yet you are angry that God did not do just that when He allowed this to happen. And it should be noted that you are doing that very thing by dictating to us what our morality should be without a source other than your own personal preferences for that morality.

  • Indian

    Quite depressing to see how people go about bashing Indian men and blame the culture,morals,the government and what not!Seems people feel they are the only ones who understand what human rights are.I would suggest you people to read “rape statistics” on wikipedia and read statics for every country(your own too.I hope you will realize that it is a problem which is existent in both developed and developing countries.Also,it would be great if people realize that we are not lesser humans and have respect and love for our women.-An Indian male.

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