Three Sisters Killed: Children Raped In India, Bodies Dumped

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Three sisters were raped, killed, and dumped in a well in India on Valentine’s Day; their bodies were found two days after their grandfather reported that they hadn’t returned home from school.

The girls, aged between five and eleven years old, are the latest victims in a wave of sexual violence to sweep India. After the brutal rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in New Delhi, more and more citizens are speaking out against the violence aimed at women and girls there. After the sisters were found, thousands of people from Murmadi, Lakhani reportedly blocked the highway in a protest, demanding justice be done.

The family of the girls say that the Police Inspector, Prakash Munde, was partially to blame for a delay in a search for the girls; he has since been suspended. The government has awarded the children’s mother a financial compensation, but she refused, saying instead she wanted them to use it to find the murderers.

“When my granddaughters did not return home on February 14, we searched around and at 9 p.m., we went to the Lakhani police station to lodge a complaint. But our complaint was registered only at 1.30 am next day,” the girls’ grandfather–who helped raise them–said.

Police have organized several investigation teams for the case and, as of this week, had three suspects in custody for interrogation. But, they say, that doesn’t mean the men are the suspects. They are also looking at people who knew the family, saying they suspect the girls knew their killers.

Three Sisters Killed: Children Raped In India, Bodies Dumped
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  • http://webpro karen davis

    What happened to these girls is horrible. BUT How does your stupid rant about GOD have to do with it? did I miss something. what I read just told the horriable facts about what happened. did not read one thing about GOD.I am PROUD to be a BELIEVER and you have your facts about my GOD all wrong,but lets blame peoples wrongs on GOD right so you can justify your own wrong thinking. when it is too late for you, you will finialy have the RIGHT knowledge so you really need to re-read what you wrote and think about it without a CLOSED mind

  • http://yahoo.com LouVerta Adams

    John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He(the devil)was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own:(not of God)for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    John 3:16-21 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

    18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

    19 And this is the condemantion, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

    20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

    21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

    • fred johnson

      word up, sista.

      • Kathy

        Amen, Fred. It is irrelevant that some here proclaim not to “believe” and actually quite sad for those who scoff. This is the truth and those who reject it and cause others to reject it will suffer the wrath of God. Period.

        • nightowwl

          Those little girls were raped and killed because the attackers believe women have no value. That is their truth.

          You believe in God. That is your truth.

          Truth is relative, not absolute.

    • Amber

      Stop quoting the bible, your religion isnt helping find these girls killers.

  • plainlyspoken

    To the “bible prophecy has come true” commentors: Seriously? That’s because zealots ensure that things will happen according to their concept of what should happen. It’s called “self-fulling prophecy.” Take a good look at the bible. It’s a beautiful (in some places) piece of fiction, full of fantastic tales and actions that are not possible. If, in a thousand years, someone finds a copy of Harry Potter, what would you think if they followed it as the guide for a society? Hatred, intolerance and tiny, closed minds scare me more than anything else and they typically come attached to bible thumpers.

    • suzette patrone

      It is a very unfortunate thing that those of us who are Christians have so many really awful, hateful people who say they are Christians as well. I believe that some of the deepest wounds are inflicted by “christians”. If more people would just respect others, show more kindness and not throw the Bible at everyone (metaphorically speaking, of course) perhaps we would do better with each other. I understand full well why so many people are disenchanted with Christianity and religion in general. Sometimes I am as well.

  • http://www.youtube.com/PoetryManTV PoetryMan

    I thought the real scumbags were in Afghanistan and Iran. India needs help.

  • http://gmail toni huntley

    aww so sad but i dont feel bad cause i hated them

  • plainlyspoken

    By the Way, Scientologists follow the same ideology of using a book of fiction to formulate their life plan–no different than people who use the bible as the end all and be all to explain (and defer responsiblity for) everything. It’s crazy to the power of a million.

    • Brooke

      This is hardly the time/place to try to correct people you don’t agree with. Have a little class.

      • plainlyspoken

        I am exercising my second amendment rights by responding to other postings. You are out of line telling me what I can and cannot post YOU don’t get to decide who has or doesn’t have class or what other people write.

  • Carol

    Satan is having field day with his followers.
    Know God or No God
    Man has a choice and one life to live it out. Take the gift of
    accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord…..the only other
    option is hell….and it won’t take a murder or rape to end up there.
    It’s denial and refusal not to accept God and his mercy and grace; thus: you become Satans.
    Man has been given a choice and tomorrow may be too late.

    • Willins

      @Carol I agree that people have become more brutal and without self control as the bible states. They are definitely serving their master. I have already chosen Jesus!

    • nightowwl

      Carol not everyone believes in your God. The fact that men kill to prove their God is the one-and-only is a symptom of a greater disease.

      The men who raped and killed those girls felt justified because of their beliefs. People die every day defending their beliefs. To what purpose? My belief is better than your belief! No, my belief is right and yours is wrong! Until we start to question why we are willing to kill over a belief system, the world will never change.

  • Dick

    Clean out the evil…I’m ready to go…If end of days will bring this to an end…let’s do it…

    • plainlyspoken

      That is the kind of fatalist thinking that is hurtling us toward war that WILL end humanity. Selfish and narcissistic. How about a different approach? One that is NON patriarchal and doesn’t involve beating, killing, raping, or hurting others in any way? Society has to be retaught how to love and accept love. Taught that parenting matters. Taught that other people are of value. There has to be tolerance and acceptance instead of shaming and control of women, gays, children, sexuality and so on. This damage comes from an atmosphere of repression. MEN are destroying the world with their need for violence and control over everything and everyone (CHENEY, BUSH, NORTH KOREAN LEADER, IRANIAN LEADERS). Good grief…

      • nightowwl

        I’ve advocated a complete reboot of humanity myself, so I get where dick is coming from.

        You are right about the effects of a patriarchal society. The degradation and subjugation of women is the reason for our decline. We either evolve to the point where women are no longer devalued, or we continue down a path of hate, violence and greed. I don’t see any other options.

  • Amiris Waller

    I think that the girl’s knew their killers. This is an act that is so horrible that no should have been through that.

  • S

    It is a well known fact that females are considered 3rd class citizens in India. We may even be considered as disposable. What can we expect from a 3rd world country?

  • ErriCA

    India has a history of treating females as second class. It is ingrained in their society. There are many man who are upset that women are protesting because of unfair treatment, so they retaliate. The women in the United States experience something very similar not that long ago. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. If anyone is a true believer of Jesus and what he represented then you would not be quoting from scripture.

    • plainlyspoken


  • Rebecca

    The problem is there are to many people that think they can get away with crime maybe they do but there is the altiment answer will come from up above

  • Ana

    This makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine what this family is going through. Poor, innocent children.

  • Marlene

    No one should ever have to go through being raped, beaten and murdered. Especially 3 innocent children!! whomever did this should first have their hands cut off for they should have put use to them if they had to satisfy themselves. Then their eyes should be gauged out for they should not have looked for 3 innocent little girls then their penis’s should be severed. If they don’t die from that they should just lay there until they are dead. My heart aches, my eyes are tearful for what happened to these innocent little girls. May they be in peace and with each other and feel no more pain. I weep for them and only them. 3 INNOCENT LITTLE CHILDREN!!! No one should ever have to go through this. Its wrong, its digusting, it is what build hatred bitterness among people.

    • Brian

      That about sums it up.

  • http://webpronews.com John

    It seems to me some of you are confused about many things. First it is not free will it is called agency. the right to choose God over Evil. Second There are laws and conditions which Govern this temporal life ,that we are here to work out our salvation. It is our choice to become corrupt if that is what we choose. If that is our choice you or I cannot change this. As for the family it is Heart wrenching to anyone who has a grain of compassion left in their soul. We Always support our fellow man in Prayer because after all it is our greatest Power Given in this Life! As for the ones who choose to remain Filthy still, Such will have to reap what their rewards too! Remember friends There is not one Soul Who has or ever walked the face of this Mother earth that has Committed one thing against GOD and Gotten Away with it. Yes in my humanistic ways I prefer to see justice a little sooner than the next life but either way ALL WILL ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke

    This is truly awful. I pray for comfort for the family.

    This story is not intended as a forum of religious debate. I pray because I believe and worship God. If another person posted kind, thoughtful words representing their own beliefs/religion/traditions, I feel would not be offended. There is quite enough evil in the world (and then some). Please have a little class and save your idiotic rants.

  • Priya

    John, SILENCE!
    I am a Christian and you are preaching HERESY! EVERYONE has a choice, and if it is a choice, they can CHANGE it! That’s why every single one of us is accountable to God! Pray for the family and, by some miracle that God would turn these monstrous hearts toward Him, but for GOD’S sake, read your bible before you start pontificating!
    And, the earth is not our mother!

    • tim

      I am sorry for this. God(s) are not going to fix this problem. We are. Do it.

    • Aunt Linda

      Priya, two things. First, you are assuming everyone is christian and therefore they read a bible. Typical of a bible thumper. I am not christian (and thankful I am not) and I do not go by what the bible says.

      And two, there are those of us out here who practice older religions than christianity and to some of us, YES the earth is our Mother.

      Yes, everyone has a choice and a lot choose not to be christian, usually with good reason. So you can stop preaching at people and telling them what to do and by that how they should feel.

    • Matthew

      Hey Priya, you can be a Christian all you want, but please don’t think that just because you state you’re a Christian, that means you’re almighty. He is entitled to be heard as much as you. You don’t have to silence him. Even though, that does sound silly because we’re all typing anyways. If John believes in Mother Earth, let him. John, not sure who you addressed, but they must have learned something other than you. But Priya, please don’t force your beliefs over his or anyone else. If you don’t like what you read, stop reading it. What if someone doesn’t have a Bible, but a Tibetan Kangyur, Buddists texts, the Book of Mormon, or the Quran? Why is your book better that their readings? There are other religions out there. And why? Partly due to not all Christians believe in the same things. Christianity is a tree trunk while others branched off in a different direction. But I would like to think that others agree when I say you’re not acting very Christian-like. Whoever doesn’t agree, I’m okay with that. As far as the Pope position, I didn’t know John was on the election ballot since the job is available. But I hope you have a wonderful day and there’s no reason to yell at him.

      As for the main topic, that was a horrible act. I can say to give them the same treatment and justice would be served, but that is my initial angry reaction when I read this article. But I would not really wish it on anyone. I would hope justice is served quickly to get the person(s) who did this off the streets.

  • Norene

    The men in that country is out of control. Maybe the law should change. Rape and kill children and you are hung . Maybe if the penalty fit the crime those men and boys will be able to keep it in their pants. OR get it cut off. It is so out of control in that country. Makes me sick what those men and BOYs are doing.

    • noneyabusiness

      ARE YOU BLIND ..its not men in “That Country” in men and women in any country. Take your rose colored glasses off and see whats really going on. They were three babies and for whatever reason a beast killed them they will definitely pay.

      • melrog

        Although I agree it isn’t just that this is India, I agree that there is something seriously wrong over there. GANG rape is on another level. Rape, murder – BAD, Gang Rape, murder – in human. Why is this so prominent there? Rather than fight with people that agree with you (that this is wrong), focus on WHY it is happening in INDIA weekly? There is something going on, so they need to freaking figure out what.

  • Joe Juarez

    India is a land of great ancient scientific discovery, cultural arts,outstanding ancient and modern Architecture, mathmatics (they invented Arithmatic), and soon a Mars mission. Yet, Innocent women cannot go home from work and innocent school girls cannot walk home from school with a general feeling of safety.

    Now here in USA we do have tens of thousands of unsolved rape and murder cases. We have sex offenders being arrested and later convicted for their crimes almost every day.
    It seems as if, maybe on a per capita basis, that these crimes have always happened with regular frequency. However, now this bad news is not only a community or regional problem. Instead sex offences have become more and more a World Wide Problem. Not that these problems were ever less prevailent, but that (through a modern electronic communication system) we as a Human Race have been made even more aware of this, truly, Psycho-Pandemic Human tragety.

    • melrog

      Rape and murder generally is horrific. GANG rape and murder is on another level of disgusting. Add in that these were children and it is absolutely unbelievable. What kind of freaks are in India? I love the Indian people I know here in the U.S., so cannot understand what the hell is going on over there. These are not men, they are selfish pieces of crap. They deserve to die in whatever way the justice system over there sees fit. None of these ‘men’ should ever see the light of day again. Garbage.

  • Vanessa


  • silent


    • Maxine


  • plainlyspoken

    To the other posters including BROOKE who stated “Have a little class” regarding my post: I am exercising my second amendment rights by responding to other postings. You are out of line telling me or anyone what we can and cannot post. YOU don’t get to decide who has or doesn’t have class or what other people write. If you don’t agree, then post your opposing viewpoint, that’s fine, but you not so powerful as to overturn our second amendment rights to post our viewpoints. YOU are disrespectful and have no class.

    • C Williams

      2nd amendment is the right to keep and bear arms. 1st amendment is freedom of speech.
      Our liberal education system truly stinks today.

    • Boone

      The second amendment is the right to bear arms. Free speech is in the first amendment. Just fyi.

      • brian

        As a rule I have found liberals are in favor of funding initiatives for public schools, conservatives want vouchers and lower taxes. I want my taxes lower too, but not at the expsense of the education of future generations.

  • Dawn

    This treatment as secound class people (women)has to be changed .Indians veiws as to women are ONLY good for breaders has got to stop!!!!!I have seen it myself,my grandchildren are half Indian and the way their father treated his daughter as opposed to his son is deplorable!Please women make a stand and change things! Before its your daughters pulled from wells!

    • Betty

      Women in India have no rights and cannot change the way things are and the way they are treated. That is why there is so much murder and rape of women in that country. They are treated worse than the animals they have. It’s a very sad heartbreaking story and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to those poor little children and their families. How horrible that the men who did this could do it in the first place and then live with themselves like it was nothing.

  • Lee

    Reading this article made my stomach hurt! Why, again, India? Do they not respect their mother, grandmother, sisters??!!!!!

  • plainlyspoken

    I am tired. I wrote a post saying that I was exercising my second amendment rights but I meant my FIRST Amendment rights…I watched a PBS documentary on the CT shootings and my mind was still on that…

    • what me worry


  • lats

    India is becoming one of the highly unsafe places in this world, with perverts let loose. Rape in India is so rampant and funnily there are no laws to apprehend and punish the culprits. If the earlier culprits had been punished severely, the so called desperate, perverted, sadistic evil specimen in the disguise of MEN will not even attempt, leave alone dream on this heinous crime. Are the law-keepers and law-makers sleeping? Why are all these incidents being taken so lightly and why does the so called system takes ages to trace and punish the culprits? Hear only heated debates and big talks about RAPE, RAPE VICTIMS, RAPE CULPRITS and empty promises by the government, in reality no steps are taken to curb and wipe out this horrendous crime. Heart bleeds whenever we hear such incidents and fear our daughters safety in India.

    • melrog


  • http://yahoo emliy

    that is so so so very very very sad i almost cried

  • David McNamar

    India’s population is 1,241,491,960. The land area is 1.91 times as big as alaska. Over population of a land area will cause people to commit crimes more offten. Over population cause crime. that why us americans want to raise our children in lower populated suburbs or small towns. Shall we invest in populating Mars now? If we don’t China will.

  • Tommy

    Why dont they allow the women there to carry firearms and protect themselves.

    • melrog

      Ridiculous isn’t it? The reason? Because MEN make all the laws. Until that changes, this will continue to happen. SICK!

    • Betty

      you must realize that country is different than here in America. There women and girls are treated as dirt beneath the men’s feet. Women there have no rights and are not valued. This is so terribly sad and barbaric. I hope they catch the men who did this horrific thing and burn them at the stake. How could anyone do such a terrible thing to a child or any female?

    • nightowwl

      These were girls aged 5 to 11. It’s offensive to trivialize this crime down to a talking point.

      Until we are willing to question when, why and how the human race lost it’s humanity this type of evil won’t end.

  • Michele

    They will rot in hell, and have unimaginable torment, suffering, & pain, for what they did to those innocent little girls !may they rest in peace together,my prayers are for those babies and their family!!!!

    • Raz

      God will punish those who did this, but not intervene to save the little children from this rape and torture in the first place? Wow. God is truly evil.

  • Rochelle

    Bet the are Muslims

    • Christine

      Of course they are Muslims. Only sick F*** S*** ugly disgusting Muslim pigs would rape a child of five.

      • marcus

        You are an ignorant American. Go get help you dumb idiot.

        • nightowwl

          Christine is an American in name only. She does not represent the values of my country. She will never look inward; she will continue to hate, all the time wondering why the world is so hateful.

      • wendi

        not at all true..happens in america everyday..that they are sick f*** s*** ugly disgusting pigs is VERY true!!!

      • Melissa

        It is that exact ignorance that you expressed in your comment that will never turn around the direction this world is headed in. A person’s religion DOES NOT determine the capability for violent/heinous crimes, a person’s mentality and lack of morality are the cause for this.
        I personally have friends who are Muslim, Hindi, Catholic, Baptist, etc. and not once, have I questioned my security around them based on our religious differences. IF anything, the RESPECT we have for each other’s religious differences has united us.
        I suggest you open your eyes, open your heart, better yet, open your MIND out to the world around you. It just might surprise you.
        GOD BLESS (regardless of what religion you call yourself) :)

      • JD

        Whoa, that’s not a statement that you can back up with facts and it’s a pretty awful thing to say.

      • Shade

        Christine are you aware how much Christianity/Judaism/Islam share with eachother? For a Muslim to do something like this would be on par with as if a Christian or Jewish person went and performed this act they would face the ” Same Eternal punishment” The 3 are some of the most simililar religions and yet people seem to Demonize Islam. Its not Islam thats evil there are just people who are evil UNDER Islam’s banner. As the kids may say , “Hate the Player Not the Game”.

        Thats is all.

      • brian

        Wow somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed. Muslim does not equal sick or depraved. Radical Muslims are just as screwy as radiscal christians. This was a story about a sexual assault on three little girls. Your response denegrates them.

      • ciara

        so the hundreds of Catholic Priests and Christian pastors that have been molesting young boys for so many years just go unrecognized to you bigot! smh, get a life, people like you are part of the worlds ugliest problem.

    • marcus

      That was a very racist comment and one very foolish as well. Why don’t you just grow and pray for the victims’ family.

      • Tom

        Marcus, Islam (being a Muslim) is not a race, it is a religion. In India this kind of crime has been rare until recently. The girls were going home from school. Only one group in India objects to girls getting an education and believes that rape and murder are appropriate punishments.
        So whether you like it or not, they were probably fanatic Muslims. They are doing this kind of thing all over the Middle East. But not all Muslims are guilty, just the fanatics.

    • mia

      rotchell why is that the first think you think? Look back in this countries history who owned the slaves and raped killed and maimed them Christian this has nothing to do with religion this has to do with stupid ignorant people

    • Jessica

      I guess all the child molesters here in the United States are all muslim as well. Their is enough hate going around without you adding to it with your hateful unintelligent comments. I suppose the man who molested and killed Jessica Lunsford here in Florida was muslim as well? Keep your idiotic comments to yourself!!

      • Jessica


    • 1GYPSIE


  • http://yahoo.com LouVerta Adams

    I would rather go through life believing in God and die and go to heaven, than not believe and die and find out I was wrong and find my self in the lake of fire for eternity. God does not send anyone to hell, we chose where we spend eternity by the way we live and believe. If you want to spend eternity in the lake of fire keep on denying God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost.

    Matthew 10:33 But whosoever therefore shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

    Romans 10:9-10 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath reised him(Jesus)from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    It is all up to you where you will spend eternity.There is only two places you can go, THAT IS TO HEAVEN WITH GOD,OR TO HELL WITH SATAN. There is no in between.

    • Ronnie

      that is so right about that.

    • Maggie

      There in lies the problem. People have no fear of GOD. And everyone now thinks they are immortal.

    • brian

      This is so inappropriate to this story that it saddens me that this is how you would choose to respond. First of all, there is no word in the original Greek or Hebrew texts for a place of continual punishment. That is a lie perpetuated by Christianity. For these girls, hell was here on Earth. For millions of women world wide, hell is here on Earth. There are many devout believers in India, not perhaps to your way of thinking religion should be, but they are true to their faith. For you to throw your particular brand of religion as a solution to their social issue is seriously sickening. Go beat your bible somewhere else.

      • Voice of Peace

        I am not here to preach hate but love. Gehenna is the Greek word for “Hell” which jesus talks of as the place “where the fire is never quenched and the where the worm does not die.” Christianity is not the “correct” religion or the “true” religion because there is no such thing as one true religion. As all people were made equal in God’s likeness and image so all relgions are equal too.

    • Jenna

      Your idea of god is a very scary one. I would hope that if there was a just god or gods in the universe, they would judge a person by the good that they did in their life, and not whether or not they went to church every week.

  • a past child victim, myself

    There is a special place for the people that commit these crimes, much less a crime like this involving children. God bless and protect all the children, and I pray that these bastards will be found as ALL the vermin that are hiding with the same crimes on thier hands or those with any intent to harm children. You siken me and you sicken God and believe me, you WILL pay for your crimes in this life or the next, not even you will live forever, just keep that in mind if you have sense enough to read this.

  • Bill

    Damn Obama!!!

    • Len

      What does President Obama has to do with this? When will the hating stop? I suggest you try Jesus.

      • Squeakers

        What does Obama have to do with something that happened in India?. He’s the president of the U.S.,and it’s about time you got over it!. Pray that nothing like this hideous crime happens to someone in your family. (Idiot)

  • Voice of Peace

    We are no one to judge, as humans, for those who judge shall be judged and those who condemn shall be condemned, but let God be judge over all things and he will decide the correct fate for every being that walks this earth. Justice will always prevail and the Lord will decide how to bring this about for the Murderers. It is not our right to say that this man or this murderer should be killed but God knows what is correct in all ways of life. Do not be so quick to judge others that you also do not judge yourself. There is no one greater than the other and no being greater than God. To blame this on someone else of a different religion is wrong. Just as you cannot blame all Muslims for the actions of one terrorist so you cannot also blame every Christian for the actions of one who does not follow the teachings of Christ yet calls themself “Christian” and speaks hate to others. I say I am servant to all whom Christ has willed it and bless all who see this. Peace,Shalom and Salam Alaikum to every soul. Amen.

    • Trish

      Blah, blah, blah. These people are despicable. There is NO question about that.

      • Voice of Peace

        Christ has said not to judge no matter how evil someone may be it is still never right to make a judgement about someone else. You wouldn’t like someone calling you these things so don’t say them to others

      • Voice of Peace

        The greatest commandment of the ten is this “Love others as you love yourself”. So love one another and submit yourselves to God if that is the path you choose to follow.

  • Len

    After this life comes judgement.

  • Gia

    The mindless monsters who carried out these abominable acts and murdered the three little girls, don’t deserve to breathe the air we all breathe.

    The childrens’ lived were brutally cut short for the brief sexual satisfaction of a gang of subhumans who mistakenly call themselves men.

    India needs to act now and find and destroy the perpetrators, along with the six in December last year whose actions stunned the world.

    The fact that a number of males have no respect for females or children and dispose of them the way they do, is shocking and executing those men is the only appropriate course of action.

  • Bill

    I did that as a joke. Because it never fails, no matter what happens, people blame him for everything. I assumed he caused this, some how.

  • Stephanie

    What the hell is going on in India!? My friends who live in the US that are from India are very upset about these incidents, as am I and my family, has this always happened and not previously been in the media, or has there been a change in social structure? What gives?!

  • George

    Do not lump all muslims as murderers. THe basic muslim belief parallels that of christianity. The individuals responsible for this unspeakable act are murderers and will be termed as such and hopefully suffer the consequences of their actions. I am a white, christian believer who has experienced a greater knowledge of Islam through one of our ministers whose doctoral program conveys such knowledge.

  • j

    3rd world garbage ppl. how many thousands of years of culture and you just dont know how to act. time to get some real education outside of your crap universities in your crap country.. anyone there should simply look for a way out. tell me im wrong. realistically.

  • roberta

    st rape is a crime of violence, not sexual gratification. It is brutal and senseless . and anyone who could do such horrid things to children are not human they are monsters. You wouldn’t think twice about killing a rabid animal. these guys don’t rate that high. It’s been said and I agree, humans are the only animals who kill simply for the pleasure of it. If there is no deterent , major deterent it’s going to keep happening. As is obvious by the rise in rapes in india lately.

  • danielinman@sbcglobal.net

    Most Indians follow Hinduism. There are comparatively few Muslims. To assume the attackers were Muslims is ignorant.

    • Michelle

      Thank You. I thought that comment was also ignorant.

  • John

    This is amazing this even made the news. There have been millions of girls who are raped and murdered in india. When stupid people believe that the only way to get cured of their sexual disease is to have sex with a virgin, it is no wonder that these girls were targets. Philiospies and respect for women needs change in India and the rest of the world too. Stop the violence, go and make a difference in somebodies life by getting out of your comfort zone, and touching their life with yours.

  • Sammie

    We are living in out last days it is extremely sad that these babies had to fall into the hands of jerks, I hope they find these Jack-A$$ soon so they can be put to death as well those who sat on their butts for lack of humanity to file the report. One thing is to take their innocents but to murder them are you serious was it necessary to do either one.

  • http://www.accurateinvestigation.com Gladys Brierley

    Dear Lord Jesus, please send REVIVAL to India and save the children from the hands of these demonic forces. Lord God save the children all over the world from evil demons who want to use our childrens’ body’s for their own perversion and expose the darkness.

  • connie

    What a sad,sad story. Just breaks my heart. I really hope they find the jerks who did this. Just plain Sad! And, may those little ones Rest in Peace.

  • Shelli

    This is more than sad, it’s testiment to how little India is doing to help stop these crimes. They’ve treated women so poory for so long, the men act as if they are allowed to do whatever they want and it’s only when there’s a cry from the public will the law do anything.

    Men outnumber women so greatly, there are so many orphans who live on the streets it’s no wonder there are so few with any moral values. Its sickening.

    Check what you’re buying, if it says Made In India, put it back on the shelf, don’t support any country who treats their citizens so poorly. Same goes for the garbage made in China.

    • John

      Right don’t support the countries and then watch them fall into further turmoil. Yeah, that’ll really help the situation.

  • Laura

    As a survivor of sexual abuse from the age of 3 to 18, by four different men, two of which were family, I am deeply saddened that the world is still stifled when it comes to recognizing this problem and taking action to find treatments for potential pedophile and sick people. I once read that vaccines cause brain swelling in areas that may control sexual impulsivity. It has made me wonder if the rise in attacks is the effect but the cause is due to brain damage. Functioning brain scans f-spects do show damages to this area. If we want to protect our children we need to address the cause of the problem at a mental and physical level. My prayers are for all innocent children who live with the ptsd caused by childhood sexual abuse. May this tragedy bring awareness to make change happen because no child deserves this and no parent alone can help heal this. Do check out the EFT therapy for healing this type of ptsd. As a 48 year old survivor I know we need to do something world wide. Thanks for listening.

    • Rhonda


      Thank you for sharing.

  • John

    This is one of the most horrible things I have read in an age…I hope they find those bastards and string them up. I am the father of a three year old and if anything like this remotely happened to my daughter, god help the scum if I ever found them. Evil bastards

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