Threatening Facebook Post Following Zimmerman Verdict Lands Man in Jail

    July 22, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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If you happened to log on to Facebook or Twitter in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman not guilty decision, well, you probably saw your fair share of sharply-worded posts. The acquittal sparked massive social media protests – and to a lesser degree social media defenses.

But what happens when you take your frustration and anger a little bit too far? In the case of one 20-year-old New York man, you go to jail.

Shortly after a six-woman jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Remel Newson of Queens took to Facebook to sound off. He wasn’t pleased.

According to court documents, his post discussed proposed “let’s kill cops and neighborhood watcher,” and used the hashtag #killallwhites.

Shortly after Newson made the post, a NYPD officer who was monitoring Facebook for questionable social media posts spotted his rant. Within hours, Newson was arrested.

He’s been charged with making a terroristic threat. A search of his home also led police to a marijuana possession charge as well.

“He in no way was trying to intimidate anyone or coerce anyone into doing any illegal act,” Lloyd said. “He just was very upset with the Martin verdict,” Newson’s lawyer Tasha Lloyd told WNYC news.

But sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between venting, joking, trolling, and legitimate threats. Earlier this year, a man was sentenced to 17 months behind bars for posting “stop shooting up schools and start shooting cops in courthouses!” and “kill you local judges” on Facebook. He claimed he was just posting for “shock factor.”

Also, you may remember the Massachusetts teen who was charged with making terroristic threats following the Boston Marathon bombings. After a petition to free the teen gained nearly a hundred thousand signatures, officials decided not to pursue charges. The teen always claimed that it was just rap braggadocio.

Be careful what you post, guys. People are watching.

  • Overblown

    Sentencing people to prison for things that don’t happen is horrible. You can die in prison quite easily. If a crime does not have a real victim, a person should not go to prison.

    Most people have never set foot in a prison and do not understand how horrible it is. Most people also have never stepped foot in a courtroom and do not know how unjust our courtrooms are. Everyday innocent people are sentenced to prison and guilty people go free. It is sickening.

  • http://www.discdockingdevice Timothy

    Overblown –
    Is 100% correct!
    I have been in court & in jail. This country is very corrupt. I hate this place. I never, ever, deserved to go to jail. What I’ve experienced in the courts is corruption! You’re all a bunch of lying pieces of garbage. Police, attorneys, judges, the entire place. I want out of these United States! Inventor : u.s. patent No. 5,253,753

    • opie


  • http://www.discdockingdevice Timothy

    I’ve never seen such cruelty, and unjust behavior. That is precisely why my friends and I are leaving this country, and soon. I held a confidential, classified, secret, and top secret clearance with this United States government. You get my expertise no more. Eat garbage & die!

  • douglas oscar garner

    It’s about time they arrest one of Them,things.