Thousands Of Sites Returning After Major Snafu

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Earlier this morning, NaviSite put up a notice: “The ARP request and name server issues are now largely mitigated and continue to subside as more and more customer sites come live.”  The owners of over 100,000 websites might have preferred to see this happen three or four days ago, though.

Mark Clayman, NaviSite's senior vice president A small period of downtime was scheduled to take place on Saturday, when NaviSite, a Web hosting company, attempted to replace a number of servers powered by Alabanza (a recent acquisition).  But the process didn’t go too smoothly, and hours eventually stretched into days due to various issues.  (“If there is one little problem, they multiply because there is a lot of dependencies,” a company spokesperson told Linda Rosencrance.)

NaviSite’s customers became understandably angry, and although many websites were offline, they protested the state of things as best they could.  One individual – Cynthia Brumfeld, the president of Emerging Media Dynamics – even planned a trip to NaviSite’s Andover, Massachusetts headquarters.  And Emerging Media Dynamics appears to be based in Maryland, around 450 miles away.

The trip became unnecessary, however, because of a statement from Mark Clayman, NaviSite’s senior vice president of hosting services.  A snippet of it is what you saw in the first paragraph of this article; in the rest of the 80-word update, he emphasized the word “live” twice more.

Yet while that adjective may finally (re)apply to some NaviSite properties, Clayman and his coworkers are probably hoping that it will also pertain to their company.  NaviSite’s taken quite a PR beating, and its stock appears to be slipping, as well.




Thousands Of Sites Returning After Major Snafu
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  • http://www.duttonandsherman.com Joseph Sherman

    Cynthia Brumfield site may be up because she was the squeaky wheel that was threatening to go to their headquarters with a camera, but I am still down and so is my host provider’s site, hostingct.com. This is our is our 5th and a half day of outage. NaviSite’s incompetence is overwhelming.

    NaviSite, run FROM us.

    • Liny

      We have lost our business over this, shame on Navisite. If anyone gets info on a lawsuit, please help

      • nogo

        I am so sorry. I can’t believe the level of incompetence, and probably bravado thinking they could do this in one fell swoop. Yes, there is talk of a lawsuit and rightly so. See http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=646844&page=10

  • navialahoster

    If your site is online, don’t be surprised if it goes off again. We were up for 10 hours, now down for 12. No contact from Navisite AT ALL. Nothing. Zero correspondence. No support.

    • webcapino

      120 Hours after the migration started:

      “Alabanza Clients – 11/08/2007 12:00 a.m. EST

      We continue to bring up more servers on-line. More than 65% of the servers are now live, and we currently estimate to have all of them on-line by later this evening (11/08/2007).

      We appreciate your patience and want you to know that our engineers are working around the clock to bring your sites back up as soon as possible.

      Customer support lines are also open through the night to answer general questions and concerns you may have (see below).

      Please visit this page for updated information at 8:00 am in the morning.

      Mark Clayman
      Senior Vice President of Hosting Services”

      They don’t reply to emails or phone support requests

  • marky mark


    I have read a lot of the news coverage on this black eye, and one thing I have been challenging bloggers to do is to share their experience about what they would have done in the same situation?

    You read and write a lot and see a lot. Care to enlighten us as to what your thoughts are on how this could have been avoided?



    • Doug Caverly

      My colleague David Utter may have phrased it best: “Bring up the new resources in parallel with the existing stuff, make sure they’re working, and then do the migration.  You’re asking for trouble otherwise.”

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