Thor: The Dark World Gets A Character Poster


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With Iron Man 3 signifying the official start to Marvel Studio's Phase Two, the next leg leading up to The Avengers sequel, Thor: The Dark World, is due out on November 8. With that in mind, it's about that time for promotional materials pushing the Thor sequel to start popping up. While there's no specific order dictating how these materials start showing, usually, the first things to appear are a trailer and a movie poster. The trailer has already been released, and it certainly looks promising, which means the poster isn't far behind.

That being said, the first trailer was released in April, which makes the slight delay between it and the poster's release a little puzzling. Nevertheless, the poster was released this past weekend, and while it looks nice, it features the same design as previous Marvel movie posters. More on that in a moment, however. First, the trailer, just in case you missed it:

Now, the poster, which can be enlarged by clicking it:


To some, this is almost an exact recreation of the Iron Man 3 poster, which features Tony Stark and Pepper Potts as the centerpieces, surrounding by the supporting cast, much like Thor and Jane Foster pose in the new one. The article goes to great lengths to point out the similarities between the two, finally saying Disney and Marvel are the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" train, which may, in fact, be the case.

But then again, most, if not all of the posters released for Marvel movies that tie into The Avengers fits that particular style. Observe:




While there are subtle differences between all of the posters, the look and feel is certainly similar. It appears as if Marvel is following the same suit George Lucas used when all the posters for his re-releases and his new Episodes featured artwork by Drew Stuzan, and therefore, looked really similar to each other.