Thomas Gibson "Catfish" Video Released

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Thomas Gibson, former star of "Dharma And Greg" and current star of "Criminal Minds", has reportedly been busted in a "Catfish" type relationship with someone he made a steamy hot tub video for.

Gibson, who is married, had reportedly been having an online relationship with the woman for two years. Her identity hasn't been released, but according to TMZ, she's a woman from North Dakota who sent Gibson photos that she'd taken from porn sites claiming to be of her and told him she was a big fan; that was all it took for Gibson, who became involved in an online relationship with her until he found out the photos were fake; she says his lawyers sent her letters telling her to back off, and she hasn't heard from him since. She did give TMZ this video that Gibson shot of himself in a hot tub, however.

Gibson allegedly tweeted a response to a fan who called him out on his actions, calling the story a "spliced bunch of lies" and "no one's business", but it appears his account has been deleted.

The art of "catfishing"--or having a false online identity--became famous when the movie "Catfish" was released in 2010 and took viewers behind the scenes of a man unraveling the sordid tales his online girlfriend had told him. It has since spawned a television show.

Amanda Crum
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