This Year's Tablet War Will Begin in September


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As shown by nearly every analyst's estimates, tablet shipments slowed during the second quarter of 2013. It turns out, though, that this past quarter was the calm before the storm, with this September slated to be, quite possibly, the biggest month in tablet computing history.

Google has already launched the refresh of its Nexus 7 tablet, getting out ahead of the competition. According to a DigiTimes report, Amazon is also readying a new lineup of Kindle Fire tablets, to be released in September. The report's unnamed sources "from the upstream supply chain" also predict that Intel and Google will wade even further into the tablet market with new tablets and "2-in-1 devices." Intel has scheduled an event on September 15.

While the Android manufacturers fight it out for market share, Apple will also be releasing its new iPad and iPad mini device this fall. The tech company is holding an event on September 10, and is expected to at least reveal, if not release, its new iPads on that day.

Beyond the third and holiday quarters of 2013, some interesting things are on the horizon for the tablet market. Wearable computing is expected to become a large segment, meaning companion apps for tablets are likely. Both Apple and Samsung are also rumored to be working pioneering the mega-tablet market - tablets with screens larger than one foot.

(Image courtesy PC Today Thailand)

(via DigiTimes)