This May Be The Future Of First-Person Shooters


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Virtual reality was all the craze back in the early 90s. Too bad it was terrible, and didn't go anywhere. Now the guys at Oculus Rift are trying to bring it back, and early reviews all say it's the real deal. If you need more proof though, check out what happens when you combine virtual reality with motion controls.

In the below demo video, you'll see the Teddy Lipowitz, the developer, play through a demo for his latest game - HydraDeck: Cover Shooter. The game is displayed via the Oculus Rift and is controlled via Razer Hydra motion controller. Check it out:

The above video might make the player look a little silly, but this is somebody who has been using the Oculus Rift for a long time. It can be assumed that he's pretty used to it by now. What happens then when somebody totally unaccustomed to virtual reality puts on the Rift? On the official Oculus Rift forums, he says that people will actually try to support themselves on the virtual crates when lifting themselves back up from being in cover.

Going deeper into the forums, you see people saying that Lipowitz' demo is the best use of the Rift and Hydra yet. I can't personally verify that, but it definitely does seem to sell it better than a virtual roller coaster or a virtual French Revolution. I can't even begin to imagine how I would react to actually having to squat when going behind cover.

If you happen to have an Oculus Rift and a Razer Hydra, you can grab the demo here.

[h/t: Wired]