Andy Cohen Is Turning Lady Gaga's Pee Into Perfume


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Obsession is a light word went defining the idea sparked by a man to scoop up Lady Gaga’s tinkle puddles for the sake of transforming it into perfume. After a recent visit to Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live, the American pop superstar had to urinate really badly, so she went in her dressing room’s trash can. After Gaga exited her room, she apologized to Cohen, as it was an emergency to quickly go without having to rush immediately to the bathroom. Instead of being upset, Cohen saw the disaster as a rare opportunity; he had now, in his possession, fresh celebrity urine, and he wasn't going to miss his chance; Cohen had an assistant collect the pee before it went bad, and had it turned into a perfume.

The fiasco was first reported by Lady Gaga on twitter a month after visiting the show:

On Tuesday, Cohen broke his pee collecting tale, and told late night TV host Jimmy Fallon confirming Lady Gaga’s tweet that it did happen.

Cohen said, "Lady Gaga peed in a trash can in her dressing room. It's a long story, but she did. She said on her way out, 'Look, I couldn't get my way to the bathroom, I'm sorry' - she's a superstar, she's Lady Gaga, she can pee wherever she wants as far as I'm concerned."

"And so I said to our PAs (Production Assistants), 'You guys, we gotta do something with Gaga's pee. That's a pop culture artifact. We could bottle that up and put it somewhere in the [set].'"

"I have a PA named Ryan and he emailed me and goes, 'Look, Gaga's pee is going to go toxic.' Not because it's Gaga's pee, but just pee goes toxic, apparently. But he found a recipe online where you can make it into something else using alcohol and stuff. He made it into perfume."

"So, we have it in a pretty bottle. I know, it's kind of gross, but that is a pop culture artifact, if you ask me. That is going to be worth something."

So there you have it, pop star pee is pop culture artifact certified. Vincent Gallo sells his own sperm for $1,000,000, Britney Spears’ hair gets sold on E-Bay, and Cohen makes Ryan collect the tinkle liquid of Gaga.

(Pictures via WikiCommons)