This Bud's For You: Adventures in USB Flash Drives


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This folks, is what's known as "The Genuine Article." Yes, what you are looking at is, in fact, a Budweiser beer-themed USB drive capable of holding a six-pack's worth 4 gigabytes worth of data.

As pointed out by Geek Alerts, the drive in question is conveniently called the "Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer," at least by the blog pointing it out. The product page at simply lists it as the "Liquid USB 2.0 Promotional USB Drive - Beer Floater - 4 GB," which makes the unofficial description the winner by default.

Creativity goes a long way.

It should be noted, however, that the "Actual Beer" descriptor is something of a misnomer. Instead of containing a sample fresh from the "King of Beers," the drive actually contains what's described as:

...liquid filled promotional USB drive made to look like beer complete with tiny floating beer foam.

So yeah, no beer.

As one would expect, the jump drive works in the same manner as other USB flash drives do -- you plug and chug ... the files you want to carry around with you, that is. In the case of the Budweiser USB drive, however, chugging the contents, while inviting, is probably not the best course of action, at least until the "liquid" masquerading as beer has been identified.

Another point of potential contention is these devices are not available on an individual basis, at least not from In order to acquire one of these frosty drives, you have to order them in bulk. Currently, the Budweiser jump drives are available in quantities of 25, 50, 100, and 200. The site recommends calling if an order exceeds these numbers.

With all of this Budweiser talk, I felt the following trip down memory lane would be appropriate:

Yeah, it fits.