Third Middle East Undersea Cable Cut

    February 1, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

It appears another "anchor" has cut a third major undersea Internet cable in the Middle East, this time in the Persian Gulf. Quotes are around the word anchor because that’s the best explanation offered so far.

Sometimes things come in threes, but undersea cables being cut by anchors usually don’t. In this case, the cables – two in the Mediterranean, and one in the Persian Gulf –were cut in separate bodies of water, just days apart, supposedly by two different anchors. Three underwater cables in three days.

Or…an anchor from the same boat and the captain doesn’t know how to read his Internet cable map?

Stranger things have happened. But if there’s a fourth cable cut in the Indian Ocean we’re calling shenanigans. By whom?

Our best guess: terrorist sharks.

Dubai is in the same boat, so to speak, as Egypt, India, and much of the Middle East – no or slow Internet connections for some, but for most life moves on because of backup reroutes.

Stupid terrorist sharks.