Third Middle East Undersea Cable Cut

Just put that anchor anywhere, pal

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It appears another "anchor" has cut a third major undersea Internet cable in the Middle East, this time in the Persian Gulf. Quotes are around the word anchor because that’s the best explanation offered so far.

Sometimes things come in threes, but undersea cables being cut by anchors usually don’t. In this case, the cables – two in the Mediterranean, and one in the Persian Gulf –were cut in separate bodies of water, just days apart, supposedly by two different anchors. Three underwater cables in three days.

Or…an anchor from the same boat and the captain doesn’t know how to read his Internet cable map?

Stranger things have happened. But if there’s a fourth cable cut in the Indian Ocean we’re calling shenanigans. By whom?

Our best guess: terrorist sharks.

Dubai is in the same boat, so to speak, as Egypt, India, and much of the Middle East – no or slow Internet connections for some, but for most life moves on because of backup reroutes.

Stupid terrorist sharks.

Third Middle East Undersea Cable Cut
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  • BlackwaterJW

    hehe. I got a good laugh from your theory. I suppose someone chummed up the cables with guts. Or, there are some rogue merchant marines in the Suez Canal and the middle east disgusted with the whole economic experiment started under clinton, not so affectionately know as outsourcing. I heard the cost of these cables went way up too. Into the hundreds of millions, call it inflation but I suspect the companies involved know they have someone by the huevos. Make the outages permanent and I would be happy. Internet in that part of the world is overated. We get Osama Bin Laden video feeds out of the middle east, Nigerian Scammers hack our banks and send us spam and we send our jobs to India. I hear these sharks are union and mormon so they make big families and you can’t fire them. Expect the outage to last a long time. Cheers. Economic advice for India: go back to what you do best (curry and carpets). God Bless the Merchant Marines. Economics is and has always been warfare. JW

    • Winston

      You’re confused JW, get your head straight before giving advice of any kind, let alone economic, and that also to a country which has done more than most countries can in slightly more than a half century.

      Heck, it took 200 years for Democracy to work in the US, if it all it’s working.

      Fix your own economic problems (hint hint: the housing market, a basic need). Fix your fat, obese population, and then venture out.

      Oh, and btw, Indian curry and carpets will always rule the world :-) .. thanks for that compliment.


      • Guest

        The neocons and the Chicago School people would tell you that we need little more from our government than a nightwatchman state. Consider this a lesson, you can’t have cables stretching around the globe without a Navy to secure it.

        I guess the Indian Growth was just a bubble and nothing more. Innovate or die is what I have always subscribed to. Dr. Singh should have known better than to let his economy rest on its laurels. Maybe he should have been investing in American Submarines instead of Nuclear Reactors, it is tough when you need both, eh? The growth was obviously overheated. Lets have a funeral for the Indian Economy, eh? Or maybe a wake?

        Bravo for fifty years by the way, but you didn’t really think that the old money and the "establishment" in America would go down the tubes because we made one mistake under Clinton in building some fiber to India? Bravo to the IB as well for securing the telecomm links to India paying off Clinton. It is not easy to turn the man at the top.  Mr. Clinton did more for India than Dr. Singh, Dr. Kalam or any other Indian Politician, but it is time to end this experiment. I think we had two way trade in mind, but it was way to one sided. We have a war on after all, no time for gathering data on free trade experiments.

        Virtual Factor mobility in labor is what we got, but most people here didn’t want it. The tech support sucks over there and their English is really not that good. Call it a reversal of fortune, but those cables aren’t going to last. JW

  • http://www.webdev77.com webdev77

    Maybe it weren’t the sharks, maybe a bunch of Win32.Worms got loose on their way to some poor antivirus free computers … hehe.

    Now seriously. Seems someone doesn’t like all those $5/h web dev companies in India.

  • Honestly


    The West hasn’t cornered the market on fat people…India once again copies the west and this time grows their own fat people.  Quite similar to all the pseudo techies that tried to emulate the western technical ingenuity but rather than do it the old fashioned way decided that copying and cheating to get credentials was the way to go…perhaps that’s why now there are only a couple of authorized testing centers left in india to take Microsoft and Cisco certifications they figured out that for five rupees the test center administrators were giving those sitting for exams all the answers.  Come people start doing something for yourselves rather than copy what everyone else does and then say how great you are…oh and for the record…the best carpets in the world come out of Iran (Persian).


    Six months ago, Vijay Chawla weighed more than 27 stone. He was unable to walk up a flight of stairs, and his feet had swelled up from a size 9 to a size 11 simply from the pressure of supporting his weight. His waist measured 65 inches, and he had to have all his clothes specially made. In his desperation to lose weight, he resorted to surgery to reduce the size of his stomach.

    Mr Chawla’s story is one that has become all too familiar in Western countries grappling with the problem of obesity. But he is not a fast-food junkie from small-town America, or one of Britain’s growing army of the overweight. Mr Chawla is from India, a country better known for images of stick-thin, undernourished children than it is for fat people.



    India grounds hostesses who are ‘too fat to fly’



    The cheating industry that is devaluing IT certification










  • Mark

    Allah Snackbar Batman! Fundamentalist oceanic predators are chewing their way through the amerikkkan global porn distribution network!

  • Guest

    dude, at least throw up a ‘chop of a shark rigged up with an explosive vest charging at an undersea cable next time, OK? that article needs something else to prop it up, cuz it was WEAK on its own.



    • http://www.webdev77.com webdev77


      no way …

  • Guest

    With freaking laser beams attached to their heads!!!!

  • Guest

    Four. I heard that a fourth cable was cut today and the Egyptians say there is no footage of any ships in the area for 12 hours before and 12 hours after the break. Curry and Carpets it is. BlackwaterJW

  • Guest

    The Sabot was the shoe workers threw in the machines to destroy the machines. Thus, we get the word sabotage. Terrorist no. Sharks no. My guess is this was sabotage pure and simple. I think it is more a marketing problem than an economic problem by the way, but there are lessons for both disciplines. Assertion: Sales growth is not sustainable if you can’t keep your customers happy. Outcome: Americans were largely unhappy with the tech support in India and the call centers. As I said above, their English sucks. Coupled with the economic ramifications of losing our jobs and losing more than just call centers but accounting, finance, and analysis jobs, what could the workers do? They acted in their own rational self-interest. I am an economist by schooling by the way. Good riddance to the plague of bad service by the way. I don’t expect you to go quietly, most savvy smart people go kicking and screaming. Cheers. JW

  • http://www.2all.co.il/Web/Sites/erezshlez/ ????? ??????

    whell it`s not thier fault, but good to know. i didnt feel any problem after the cut.

  • Guest


    You immediately say its people who lost their jobs to india , or you say it could be people unhappy with Clinton years ‘experiment’ .. notice that all your theories are from a republican perspective and is probably why they seem so quaint as well. :)

    In case you hadn’t noticed, theres a war going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps those with the resources that dont want an Internet connection between USA and the middle east , ..like say perhaps Zionists , or some pro-republican psychotic groups? ..  Use logic and it will show who is most likely to have the funds, resources, time and spoiled bratty personalities to try tocut underocean lines to the Internet between US and middle east.   Think about it, who is KNOW for that type of temper tantrum, Nazi-like behavior?!

    Three groups come to mind instantly :

    1. Zionists – afraid of bad publicity about the war going on

    2. Republicans – afraid of everything as their paranoid Daffy Duck MO

    3. Wealth networks – afraid the war will dry up and all their investment schemes will end

    • Jason Lee Miller

      I don’t know about your other theories (I have my suspicions, especially when anybody uses the term “zionist”), but my understanding is that the cables connected the mideast to Europe more than the US…are there European Republicans? If so, I bet they’re definitely in cahoots…;-)

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    i dont thing middle east have slow internet connection…

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